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3 aspects · 46 minutes ago

Any one know if there’s gonna be gravel on the sides of the song?

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1 point · 19 minutes ago

Would not peep love so. No longer a appropriate listing however, you might perhaps perhaps take a look at;


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2 aspects · 26 minutes ago

I am hoping they chew up them tyres

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1 point · 15 minutes ago

Surface appears to be to be like love shit.

Wouldn’t be bowled over if its now not drivable after fp2

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-21 aspects · 1 hour ago0 kids

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Kimi Räikkönen

31 aspects · 1 hour ago

Its istanbul now not constantinople

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Crimson Bull

4 aspects · 38 minutes ago

No thought why this gets downvoted so out of the ordinary. I made a identical comment closing time anyone posted about this song and no person, reputedly, got the joke.

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Normal Poster6 aspects · 1 hour ago

You has to be enjoyable at parties

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