(Motorsport-Total.com) – Marc Surer can well imagine Sebastian Vettel at the start of the season 2021, his first race for Aston Martin, will finish on the podium: “I would trust him! If the car does that, used to be he wants, then he’s someone who does it also implements “, says the Formula 1 expert in an interview that was published on Saturday on the YouTube channels of Motorsport-Total.com and Formel1.de was published.

Sebastian Vettel im möglichen Outfit von Aston Martin 2021 (Fotomontage)

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Sebastian Vettel in the possible outfit of Aston Martin 2021 (photo montage) Zoom Download

“He knows how to win races and he knows how to bring that home He has not forgotten that. Even if he is now going through the low, “says Surer and suspects:” That only strengthens him in the end. When things get better, then he knows that all the bad experiences that he did, maybe even help. “

The season 2020 have already written off both Vettel and Ferrari mentally, believes the 82 – multiple Big Prix participants: “I noticed that when you said that Vettel actually has it no problems, everything runs smoothly “, Surer wonders about the statements by sports director Laurent Mekies after the 14. Starting place in Imola .

“You actually gave up on him. I don’t think you are deliberately discriminating against him. But somehow you just saw that you were him don’t bring it forward “, analyzes the Swiss and sees” clear parallels “to his compatriot Thomas Lüthi in the Moto2 World Championship:” The guy usually always competed for victory. Just because he didn’t trust him. “

With Vettel and Ferrari the exertion is similar. The SF 620 is becoming “more and more of a Leclerc car” , says Surer, because Charles Leclerc gets along with it much better than Vettel and Ferrari consequently goes more in the Leclerc than in the Vettel direction with the updates. That makes the exertion “obviously even worse” for Vettel.

“But that he is now getting through the season, that he is not throwing in the towel, that also shows his size. I think it’s strong from him “, praises Surer – and gives Vettel hope that 2021 everything getting better. At Aston Martin, he is convinced that “everything will be done to give him the car he wants. Ferrari has not been doing that since Leclerc was here.”

Vettel: Why Aston Martin for Success will

Marc Surer trusts Sebastian Vettel 2020 a podium with Aston Martin and sees Pat Fry as a key person in the Renault Turn More Formula 1 movies

“Because you just saw there is someone who is our future. And at Aston Martin it will be in such a way that they fully rely on Vettel and will respond to his wishes, “believes the Formula 1 expert – and explains why:” They have now bought a four-time world champion and are paying real money for it. “

In addition, Vettel should also check the driving behavior of the “pink Mercedes” ( the 2021 will be green ) better be: The Racing Point, Surer analyzes, is “from a good-natured car. Because a Stroll can also drive fast with it. “This is positive for the four-time world champion,” because we will continue to drive more or less the same cars next year ” Red Bull probably not shine too much either. But he can do it with the car. Even beat Perez a couple of times. That means used to be. But I think that’s also because the car is relatively easy to drive – like a Mercedes end, where many others would probably be fast too, “says Surer.

By the way: The whole interview with Marc Surer (55 minutes) is available in the unabridged version as a “Beginning-Grid” podcast , at iTunes or directly at our cooperation partner meinsportpodcast.de . Further video clips from the podcast will appear in the next few days on the YouTube channels from Motorsport-Total.com and Formula1.de .

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