(Motorsport-Full.com) – With his remarks, Max Verstappen unleashed a storm of indignation . And Lando Norris apologized publicly for something that could have been misunderstood . These are just two of many examples from the Formula 1 season 2020 in which driver radio statements had consequences. But should that be the case?

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Formula 1 drivers: Your behavior on the radio is sometimes criticized Zoom Get

The Formula 1 driver himself It is clear, “that everything that is turned into, say, will be broadcast,” says Norris. You know moreover about the audience. “We never assume it is private. It is in the garage, but not on the track. There it is public.”

Nevertheless, the drivers occasionally slip in a flippant phrase , a rough curse or a wild insult out. That can lead to a shit storm on social media.

Sainz advertises for understanding for the formula- 1-driver

Carlos Sainz, however, says: “In the heat of the moment you don’t think about whether you are upset someone. We are athletes and are currently under the greatest possible pressure. You have to understand: In the second we are full of adrenaline. “

And then also have listeners on the radio? Romain Grosjean, who recently also attracted attention with pithy slogans, doesn’t really like this concept.

He says: “The cockpit, the radio communication with the group, that’s your area. Me it doesn’t taste good that the radio messages are being broadcast. “

From the outside, a lot is different …

“Of course you can always say turned into you think, but you also have to show respect. We’re not perfect here. It’s not me, far from it. “

” But you have to consider that we move cars with over 330 Things on the Restrict. And there is also a certain risk involved. It is different when you are sitting on the couch at home Glass of red wine in hand, and commented from the outside, turned into happened. Everything looks much slower there, “says the Formula 1 driver.

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According to Sainz, creates this special insight but also a certain fascination. The (partly) open radio traffic of Formula 1 is even an “advantage” for the racing series, he believes. “You notice, turned into the drivers feel their emotions.”

The blackening of other drivers

“Do we curse more or less than other athletes? We discontinue constantly have the microphone under our noses,” says Sainz. “But that also makes it attractive. And there are some news and funny moments in the media.”

But sometimes there is also criticism. For example, when a driver eagerly reports that another has just cut short in the chicane and has gained an unfair advantage. Not all viewers like this “blackening”.

Norris appeals for understanding for the drivers: “Everyone does that. And usa is of course aware that the commissioners listen. If moreover someone turned into you might want to emphasize it again to make sure they really listen. Everyone uses this to their own advantage. “

Grosjean: You can’t say everything in Formula 1

And how honest is it in general? Grosjean has his doubts and says: “I wish I could speak openly and be as sincere as I am in real life. In our world, however, you always have to be careful about who you say and how you say it. This is how our society ticks today easy.”

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Kevin Magnussen agrees and says: “People are easily offended these days, in everything, especially on social networks. Everyone has one there Platform to express his opinion, or to say that he is bothered by something. “

Therefore, like a flash, he does not deal with social media at all. He explains: “I don’t have the apps on my to-hand because I don’t want to check them all the time. Sometimes my wife tells me that there have been a lot of good wishes and the like. Then I look at that too.”

Magnussen stays away from the social world

“But why should I look at all the unfavorable stuff that is being said about me? That happens a lot when you are even a little bit controversial. Then people burst out immediately . “

As a Formula 1 driver, you have to learn to deal with it. “It’s part of being in public,” says Magnussen. “But that’s strange about our society.”

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