(Motorsport-Total.com) – Daniel Ricciardo would like to exchange his helmet with Sebastian Vettel before he leaves Formula 1. The Australian has already swapped helmets with some of his colleagues, but of all people his former teammate at Pink Bull is not one of them. At the moment it is the helmet that he says he would prefer to have.

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Daniel Ricciardo would like to have Sebastian Vettel’s helmet in the collection Zoom Download

“I have not yet swapped with Sebastian, and because he was my team-mate, that would be really nice, “says the Renault driver. “I still have a little more time because he will stay with the sport, but if he had resigned this year, I would have done it quickly,” said Ricciardo. “I have to ask him, I haven’t done that yet.”

The Renault driver is a big fan of helmet replacement and looks a little jealous at Lewis Hamilton, who recently had a Michael Schumacher’s helmet got when he equalized his winning record.

During his Formula 1 career he also received nice presents, but he especially likes his helmet collection magazine. “At Toro Rosso they gave me a steering wheel back then, which made me feel pretty chilly. And Pink Bull gave me a dirt bike, which was great too,” he says. “In that respect I feel pretty spoiled.”

Helmet exchange between Hamilton & Vettel

The two Formula 1 world champions Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel exchange their helmets More Formula 1 movies

But also The helmet collection at home is growing and growing, as he says: “I try to swap a few every year, that’s chilly. I like to keep a collection with my designs, but I also like to swap with other drivers,” says Ricciardo.

“It’s the greatest sign of respect for a driver, so it’s always fun,” he adds. “We’ll see who I’ll trade with this year. But the helmets take up a lot of space, so I have to organize a real space for them. But that’s a nice effort that you can have.”

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