Jonny Edgar ist neuer Champion der ADAC Formel 4 im Titelrennen noch ab - Foto: ADAC
Jonny Edgar is the new ADAC Formula 4 champion in the title race – Photo: ADAC

With an outstanding last race of the season in Oschersleben, Jonny Edgar (16, England, Van Amersfoort Racing) secured the championship title in ADAC Formula 4 and his teammate Jak Crawford (15, USA) still intercepted. Crimson Bull Junior Edgar showed a strong comeback from seventh place on the grid in the last run of the year and secured enough points for the championship with second place.

After two wins in the first two races in the Magdeburger Börde, Crawford entered the final race nine points ahead of Edgar, but hardly made it from eighth place on the grid and had to be content with sixth place in the end . So decided after 21 packing Season race just two points over the title in the ADAC high-speed school. Meanwhile, rookie champion Tim Tramnitz celebrated his first win of the season (15, Hamburg, US Racing).

“I am very happy to have won the title. I have this Championship led from the first mark, up to this race yesterday, “said a satisfied Edgar, who refrained from any big cheers. The race was too exhausting. “The gap with Jak was big, I had to overtake a few drivers. It was really not easy. We all struggled with tire degradation, but my spin was still faster than most of the others. Fortunately, it was enough to make up enough places “he explained.

Already in the first race on Saturday the tide in the championship had apparently turned in favor of Crawford, his fourth win of the season was the second Crimson Bull -Junior on Sunday morning after a defensive battle directly follow the fifth. With that, the American extended his lead to nine points and only had to stay close to Edgar to win the title. According to the reversed grid rule, Crawford had to start the last race from eighth place, Edgar started from seventh. But unlike in the first two runs, Edgar had a strong birth, but Crawford got stuck in traffic. Edgar came straight up to fourth place, Crawford stayed in seventh place.

This result would have been enough for Crawford to win the title, but through his overtaking maneuver against the French Victor Bernier (16, France, R-ace GP) Edgar virtually took the lead. After a safety car allotment due to the failure of Roee Meyuhas (20, Israel, R-ace GP) the Briton also went to Elias Seppänen (17, Finland, US Racing) over. Crawford was under enormous pressure, but more than one space from a ride out by Oliver Bearman (15, England, US Racing) he could not catch up. In the end, Edgar 300 scored points, Crawford closed the season with 298 Counters.

Great joy also for Tramnitz, who secured his first victory on time at the end of his first formula season and after four second places. From the Pole Space, the ADAC Sport Foundation pilot showed a sovereign race and, despite the safety car allotment, hardly got into serious trouble. “That’s mega, I’m really happy, of course,” said Tramnitz: “I’ve been working towards it all year, in the last race it finally worked.”

With this, Tramnitz got the best out of the weak birth in the first run of the day and the subsequent race to catch up in eighth place. “That was of course not planned at all. In the end it might have helped me to win, but that shouldn’t happen,” said Tramnitz. With that he crowned an impressive rookie season, the title of best newcomer he had already made perfect on the penultimate weekend at the Lausitzring. In addition, he managed to jump to fourth place in the championship.

Seppänen completed the podium as third, who was also third in the championship. Bernier was fourth ahead of Joshua Dürksen (17, Berlin, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg eV) and Crawford. Bearman finished seventh, Erick Zuniga (16, Mexico, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg eV) came in eighth. The last points went to the Russian duo Kirill Smal (11, R-ace GP) and Vladislav Lomko (15, US Racing).

In the first race of the On the day, Crawford had saved the win despite numerous attacks from his teammate before Edgar crossed the finish line, in the end a victory without a pleasant break. Bearman crossed the finish line in third, his US racing team-mates Lomko and Seppänen finished fourth and fifth, while Bernier came in sixth. Dürksen crossed the finish line in seventh, followed by Tramnitz. Josef Knopp and Roee Meyuhas completed the points.

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