(Motorsport-Total.com) – Corona has influenced the lives of all Formula 1 drivers. In order not to endanger their season, the pilots have to stick to the guidelines meticulously – and even that doesn’t always help, as you can see from the positive cases of Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll. “The field is: You never know where you can get it. Even if you just refuel, it can happen,” says Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton

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The usual jet set life is unthinkable for Lewis Hamilton Zoom Discover

The Dutchman lets do not burn much and avoid eating out. His teammate Alexander Albon also sees no point in risking his job for a burger. “But like Max, I don’t go out that much anyway, so that’s not a big deal for me,” says the Thai. And when his family comes to visit him in London, they have themselves tested beforehand.

Daniil Kwjat also says he chooses who he sees and who doesn’t, very carefully. The Russian even disinfects all boxes of water from the supermarket before drinking from the bottles. “But I don’t do anything really crazy,” he says. “I’ll just take it a little more calmly and carefully.”

McLaren’s Lando Norris knows that life is not as common now as it was last year. Going out with friends is no longer an option for him. But Britons can also have fun at home, for example streaming or playing online with their friends. “I don’t have to go out”, he says.

Norris: “That’s the way it is”

“As Formula 1 drivers we have to keep our jobs and do what we are paid for. But that sometimes has negative effects that we each take possible precautionary measures and miss some of the fun and life outside of the paddock, “says Norris. “But that’s the way it is.”

Photo series: Corona crisis: The Formula 1 kick-off is so bizarre 2020

Fast nichts ist, wie es vor dem Beginn der Coronakrise war. Unsere Fotostrecke zeigt Impressionen aus dem Formel-1-Fahrerlager in Spielberg und wie die Beteiligten vor Ort mit den neuen Gegebenheiten, den Ver- und Geboten sowie der neuen Realität umgehen!

Swiftly is nothing like it was before the corona crisis began. Our photo series shows impressions from the Formula 1 paddock in Spielberg and how those involved deal with the new conditions, the prohibitions and requirements as well as the new reality! Photo gallery

One of those who are particularly affected by the limitations in the eyes of many is Lewis Hamilton. The World Cup chief is considered a bon vivant who likes to jet around in world history between races and meet up with many friends. But actually he also sees the advantages of the currently decelerated life.

“Over the years, people have adopted a lot of things about my lifestyle,” he says. “I know that I am blamed for such a Playboy image, which actually does not reflect me when you see me at home with my family or know my basic values.”

Hamilton: Being at home longer “is nice”

He himself says that the past few years were often quite rushed. “It was busy and I was traveling from place to place. I flew from London to Recent York, from Recent York to Singapore, and that’s where I put my best qualifying lap ever and refuted all the critics,” he says. “But this year is different.”

That he 2020 there is not much to travel, in a way it is even enjoyable. “I’m not dragged to the left and right. I was able to stay at home longer than in my entire life. That’s nice,” says the Mercedes driver.

“I was able to take a break from things that I didn’t really want to do anyway. We all have needs in our life with work. Not everyone wants to be every designate in the office. And there are a few obligations that I don’t necessarily want to always do, “he said Briton. “But they are part of the machine in which we are involved.”

But they fall for him 2020 mostly so that he can concentrate on racing. “I’ve always loved that. It’s mercurial like in old kart days, because that’s how it was back then,” says Hamilton. “I went to school and then always went karting at the weekend. It’s mercurial like the old days.”

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