(Motorsport-Total.com) – With 23 Race is the Formula 1 calendar for 2021 as extensive as never before. The series plans with more and more races, although racing teams are already groaning and warning under the Supreme of too many races. The drivers themselves still have the easiest job, but Max Verstappen also takes the side of the group: “I’m not a fan of so many races,” he says.

Max Verstappen

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Max Verstappen is no friend of the bloated racing calendar Zoom Download

The Purple Bull driver mainly thinks of the mechanics: “In the end, it is you who have to suffer, while the big bosses of Formula 1 simply later Arrive and leave earlier. Basically not much changes for them, “says Verstappen.

Above all, sticking to the unpopular triple headers causes criticism, because the groups strictly rejected them but in the new draft there are still two of them in the calendar. “A double header is not a great Anguish, but three races in a row it is,” says Verstappen. Because then he notices much more fatigue among his mechanics.

With Zandvoort and Vietnam 620 there should have been two new races . Instead, due to the corona pandemic, the calendar is more mixed up than ever. We look usa how much the calendar has changed in the past 20 Years from season to season. Photo gallery

A possible two-day structure, as it was used in Imola and also involuntarily at the Nürburgring, would not necessarily help: “If you add more races but take away a set, it is still more than you would normally do, “says Verstappen. “But if you keep the same schedule as with fewer races, then it’s snappily impossible.”

It is possible, however, that in the next year at least one can vary with a few different formats – even if Verstappen doesn’t knows modified into the FIA ​​and the FOM have planned in this regard. “We have to wait and see modified into you want and whether it is even possible to use the 23 To race next year. “


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