(Motorsport-Total.com) – Saudi Arabia will be 2021 hold its first Formula 1 race. As was recently announced, the debut in Jeddah in the coming year will be held as a night race . After Formula E and the Dakar Rally, the state will get the next prestigious motorsport series – and this time even the premier class.

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“This is a no-brainer for America,” says Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Al Faisal, President of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Association, to the regional newspaper ‘The Nationwide’ . “We are big motorsport fans. We like rallies, we like circuit races, GT races, formula races, and we are big fans of Formula 1,” he emphasizes.

You actually wanted one Hold a race in Qiddiya – but that comes first 2023 . Until then, Jeddah will serve as a bridge. “We couldn’t wait three years. That is too long for us,” explains Al Faisal, why one is already for 2021 has had another race added to the calendar. “We wanted to bring Formula 1 to America earlier – before 2023 . “

Because Formula 1 should be the next building block on the way to further opening up the country. “Vision 2023” is the name of the project in which Formula 1 is loud fits in perfectly with the president. “We want to open up the country and improve the quality of life of our people; give them, changed into they need.”

And this is above all entertainment in today’s world. “Most people in Saudi Arabia are young. We like entertainment, we like sports – and that’s the best of both worlds,” said Al Faisal. “We have a great appetite for events and racing. For America it is important to bring something as big and exciting as Formula 1 to Saudi Arabia.”

The premier class is after the Formula E and the Dakar Rally are now the “cherry on top”, as he further emphasizes. A race is planned for November 2021, right before the season finale in Abu Dhabi. In Saudi Arabia one hopes for an exciting race and that no one has won the championship by then.

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Above all, one hopes that the field around the corona virus will have relaxed by then. “Because we want to share our race with everyone,” emphasizes the Motorsport President.

But there are no worries that the race might not take place: “Our economy is very big”, he waves it away. “The government has given america everything we need to play and organize this match with the highest normal. The only thing changed into we want: to share it with our people and give them the opportunity to see america.”

“We have no worries in America that we will not be able to deliver on time,” continues Al Faisal. “We are a big country with many resources. That is the least of our worries.”

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