Foto: Dirk Hartung/Drexler Formel Cup
Photo: Dirk Hartung / Drexler Formula Cup

Drexler-Automobile Formula Cup

09. 11. 2020

The Drexler Formula Cup season ended with two turbulent races in Monza. Together with the High Jet F. 2000 Italy Trophy you presented yourself at the final with a field of over 30 Formula cars. In Monza, of all places, Thomas Aregger (Franz Wöss Racing) gave himself the best present with his first Formula 3 victory.

The Swiss who was already vice-champion benefited in the first run from the bad luck of his compatriot Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing). He opened the pits on lap seven and did not restart the race afterwards. A long security car phase had thrown the race upside down because a Formula 4 had spread oil on the track. Behind Thomas Aregger, Andrea Benalli (Pure Sport) and Marco Minelli (AM Sport) placed two pilots from the High Jet series.


On Sunday morning Sandro Zeller restored the ranking in Formula 3 at the 2nd run. Although Aregger was in pole position, he was able to manage Sandro Zeller during the 13 Round-the-clock chase doesn’t really become dangerous. He also got off the Commence badly and, like all drivers, had to struggle with the outside temperatures because the tires weren’t getting the grip they wanted. After a security car phase in the middle of the race, Sandro Zeller, while in the lead, was not surprised by the competition and crossed with 5, 223 Seconds ahead as the winner crossed the finish line in front of Thomas Aregger and Franco Cimarelli (Facondini Racing), who fought a duel worth seeing.

In Formula 4, Benjamin Berta (Gender Racing) won a double victory and was finally crowned champion ahead of Patrick Schober (Procar Motorsport). In the final spurt Oliver Michl (Gender Racing) caught Dr Norbert Groer at the finale in Monza with a double victory. This means that victory in the Formula Renault classification, as in Formula 4, went to Hungary. Although United states of America Rüttimann (Jo Zeller Racing) won the Formula 3 Trophy classification twice, the already established champion Professor Dr. Ralph Pütz (Franz Wöss Racing) no longer to be pushed from the throne. Pütz underpinned his consistent performance in the season with two second places in Monza 2020.


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