The rookie title of the best newcomer in ADAC Formula 4 was won by Tim Tramnitz from Hamburg , who starts for the US Racing Team of Gerhard Ungar and Ralf Schumacher, secured early at the Lausitzring last weekend. But used to be, in addition to the numerous podium finishes this year, was still missing a victory in the junior class of formula drivers. And this is exactly what the ADAC Sport Foundation driver actually fought for in the last race of the season, in the motorsport arena in Oschersleben, and thus put the icing on the cake for a more than successful first Formula 4 season, which he saw in the overall Championship ranking in fourth place.

“I’m so happy that I was finally able to stand on top of the podium. Above all, I’m happy for my boys, for my engineer, the mechanics and the whole team. They did a great job and supported me monumentally throughout the season. It was only with their help that I was able to develop to where I am now, ”said Tramnitz happily after the season finale in the Magdeburg Börde. During the entire second half of the race and after a safety car fragment, the freshly minted rookie champion had to resist the pressure of the new Formula 4 champion Johnny Edgar, who wanted to secure himself with a victory due to the tight points situation at the top. But in the end, the man from Hamburg kept his nerve, made no mistakes and crowned himself the winner.


Before the Victory in the third race was a real show of strength, because Tramnitz had to fight through the field from the very back in the second race. “I stalled the engine during the Birth and stopped for a while. Then the journey started from the very back and I knew that in the best case scenario I would have to move up to eighth place, ”he reports. What is meant is the reverse grid regulation according to which the eighth-placed driver in the second race can start from the pole station into the third race. And the trembling game was successful. The US racing driver overtook his opponents station by station until he found himself in eighth place a good four minutes before the end of the race. “It wasn’t that easy. In Oschersleben there are only a few places where you can overtake and at first I didn’t make any progress. But then things got better and better. The most important battle, I think, was that I remained frigid after the initial anger about myself, “he reports.

Tramnitz also showed a sovereign performance in the first race of the weekend. With fifth place he crossed the finish line again as the best rookie in the field. “I had hoped for a little more, but somehow the car doesn’t bolt that well,” he explains afterwards. But these points also contributed to the fact that Tramnitz can look forward to fourth place in the championship standings at the end of the season, in addition to the rookie title, which he was able to win with an impressive margin. “I’m really gay over fourth place! That is more than I had hoped for the first year in Formula 4, ”he said with a smile.


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