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Last weekend BWT Mücke Motorsport contested the final of ADAC Formula 4. Joshua Dürksen, Josef Knopp and Erick Zuniga competed for the traditional racing team from Berlin at the seventh stop of the season in the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. For the pilots of the junior championship, three races were on the track in Saxony-Anhalt.

The participants had to adjust to an unfamiliar process: the two qualifying sessions did not take place on Friday evening as usual, but on Saturday morning. Dürksen opened the busy Saturday with fourth place in qualification for the first run. When the race was released at noon, the 17 – year-olds got the best start and accelerated his opponent from the second row of the grid. He took third place in the first few meters. He defended this brilliantly over the 30 – minute race distance . He unexpectedly improved to the second blueprint after the two pilots in front of him collided in the final phase. Dürksen achieved a podium result for the sixth time this year.

Dürksen started the second race of the weekend from eighth place on Sunday morning. Again he made a blueprint intestine in the first few meters. In the dense crowd in the midfield, he demonstrated good vehicle control several times when the vehicle became restless. The winding route in Oschersleben did not allow any further improvements in position after the start. The seventh blueprint helped Dürksen to get second on the grid for the final third race. At the start he was pushed into the grass next to the asphalt on the way to the first corner. As a result, he lost momentum and lost positions. He finished the first lap in fifth place. During the course of the race, he withstood the pressure of the runner-up behind him and finished fifth.

Knopp finished the first two races in ninth place and thus collected valuable points in the overall standings . The Czech competed in the third race of the weekend with used tires, which put him at a disadvantage compared to his competitors. He crossed the finish line in twelfth place and was once again able to score points in the rookie classification. This is him in 20 of 20 Race successful. This makes him one of the most consistent drivers of the junior championship in the newcomers’ ranking.

Zuniga started the first race late because a technical residing on his vehicle had to be fixed first. He used the run to get to know the track better under racing conditions. He tackled the second race from the tenth blueprint. At the start he proved his ability to react twice over. When the starting lights went out, a car parked in front of him stopped. The Mexican was wide awake and avoided the collision. He jogged the tenth blueprint for a long time. On the last lap an opponent touched him while attempting to overtake him, which soon forced Zuniga to spin. He brought the car to the finish line with a damaged suspension.

Until the race in the afternoon the mechanics repaired the car, became as soon as the 13 – rewarded year olds with a strong catch-up. He fought his way out of place 11 in eighth place forward. In the ranking for newcomers to the “ADAC High Speed ​​School”, he took third place. Zuniga showed an impressive overtaking maneuver when he overtook two opponents on the start / finish straight on the last lap. With the result he equalized his best result of the season.

BWT Mücke Motorsport finished the season in fourth place in the ADAC Formula 4 team ranking. Dürksen battled the best of the driver trio as sixth in the championship. In the rookie classification, Knopp took fifth place. Zuniga came in sixth in this ranking.

50 Roland Rehfeld (Team Manager): “First of all, I would like to thank the entire crew. It was a sensational achievement that we have this compact season so well That cannot be taken for granted. As far as the results are concerned, I am of course very happy with Joshua Dürksen’s second place. In Oschersleben, overtaking is mercurial impossible. That is why Joshua was unable to achieve the result despite the good starting position in the third race repeat. I also liked the first two races of Josef Knopp intestine. He shows a steady upward trend and implements the advice discussed very, very well. Josef has established himself in the midfield. In the third race he has blunt weapons because of the used tires Erick Zuniga also shows a strong development ku rve. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the first race we had a technical defect on the wheel nut. I felt very sorry for him for that. As a young pilot, you first have to learn to use it. In the third race, Erick fought his way back with a courageous race to catch up. In the last third he drove the second fastest lap of all participants in the entire race, although he did not spare the tires beforehand. “


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