(Motorsport-Whole.com) – When Haas officially announced at the end of October that one could not 2021 neither with Kevin Magnussen will continue with Romain Grosjean , the sympathy, at least for the latter, was limited. As he reveals in the run-up to the Turkey Sizable Prix, only one driver sent him a message.

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The reactions to large jeans from Haas were limited Zoom Win

It was Williams driver George Russell. “I’ve always had a good relationship with George,” says Grosjean at ‘ Formula1.com ‘ and explains: “As When it became known that I would no longer be part of the team for the next season, he was the first and only one to send me a WhatsApp message. “

” That really shows that he’s a great guy, “says the Haas pilot. He himself had recently sent supportive words to Russell after he had an accident at the Sizable Prix of Emilia-Romagna during the Safety Automobile portion and thus awarded his first World Championship point.

“I know, how painful it is to crash during a Safety Automobile serving – especially when it comes to the first point of the season. I think it was a battle for me 2018 in Baku as well. In the back of the field you really have to work a lot with the tires. I have said it many times: If I were back in Baku, I would probably do the same thing as I did before three Seasons. “

From his point of view, Russell” didn’t do anything crazy, “emphasizes Grosjean. “He just lost control of the car. It was a tough day for him, but he will still have many good days ahead of him.”

Grosjean’s days in Formula 1 are on the other hand counted. The Frenchman, who joined Haas and previously drove for Lotus, will almost certainly leave the premier class at the end of the year, as there are only places left at Red Bull and AlphaTauri.

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