(Motorsport-Total.com) – For the remaining four races of the Formula 1 season, Racing Level is thinking of shifting its focus to qualifying. So far, the set-up work has concentrated on protecting the tires, which impaired the speed over a lap.

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Racing Level wants to go one step further in qualifying in future Zoom Download

“I still believe that there’s even more in the car. And we have shown in the last two races that we are definitely performing very well on a Sunday afternoon. The car is really, really fast on a Sunday afternoon, “says Andrea Green, Technical Director at Racing Level with ‘Motorsport-Total.com’.

“So I think we’ll take stock of where we’ve been in the last few races and then see if we need to make some adjustments, maybe more towards qualification than race. “

No updates meh r on the current car

The development of the RP 20 is as intestine as set for this year, the focus is already on the model for 2021 – despite the worsening fight in the overall ranking , where Racing Level is fighting for third place with Renault and McLaren.

“Significant aerodynamic changes will be required for the car next year,” said Chief Technology Officer Green. “So we’ve been looking at usadas for quite a while. For the last few races we haven’t planned anything regarding the current car, as much as we would like usadas.”

The battle for third place is still far from over. “We’re still right in the middle,” says Green. “It’s close. We’re working on this arrangement. And it’s going to be a good fight.” Racing Level is currently only one point behind Renault and on par with McLaren.

Racing Level wants to tick off bad luck

“It’s intense in this group. We fight hard and mistakes will happen. But I think what you see in this part of the field are real races We are fighting for something that is really very important, namely third place in the championship. And you can see that in the way the drivers and the groups deal with it. They are really full of it. “

Andrew Green

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Andrew Green sees every chance in the fight for third place in the World Championship Zoom Download

The most recent streak of bad luck, especially in the Racing Level On the side of Lance Stroll wrote some zeros, Green sees it as checked: “We left all that behind us. Without this tough phase we should be clearly in third place, but we won’t. And we won’t sit back and cry because of it . “

” We keep doing our best and when luck is on our side then it’s great. But sometimes you have to create your own happiness, “continues Green.

Green: “Bahrain could be intestine for usasein “

Regarding the challenge of the remaining stretches, he adds:” Actually there are no concerns. I believe that Bahrain could possibly be good for us. It’s really tough on the tires. The asphalt is very uneven. So I think the way we are naturally gentler on the tires could help. “

The new route variant for the second race in Bahrain is “unknown to everyone,” said Green. “We don’t know exactly how that will develop. It’s going to be pretty exciting. Turkey has a high proportion of high-speed. We don’t have any major concerns about the upcoming courses. We look forward to you usa. “

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