(Motorsport-Total.com) – Podium or failure – that’s how tough Max Verstappen’s balance sheet is in the Formula 1 year 2020. Whenever the Red Bull driver crossed the finish line, he was also among the top three. Nine times it was the drop so far, four times the Dutchman retired prematurely.

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Always being number 3 does not turn Max Verstappen on Zoom Earn

“The failures are of course not great, but otherwise we were always on the podium – that’s all I can do, “says Verstappen, summarizing his performance so far. He knows that third place is the most realistic for him on most tracks. “And basically we’ve always managed that,” he says. “Mercedes is simply too dominant this season.”

Verstappen was able to beat both Mercedes once this season and take the win – but nothing more. But he doesn’t want to let that frustrate him. He’s just trying to get the best possible result and is happy when he’s close to his opponents, like in Imola, and can even overtake them. “That was really fun.”

“If your turn is within a second or two tenths of a second, then you’re also motivated to try to stick with them and overtake them,” he says . If, on the other hand, the Mercedes simply move away and Verstappen is in no man’s land, then he likes it less: “That is not, used to be you want.”

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Then all the podium places don’t lift him: “Of course it’s nice to be on the podium to be, but if you are only third, then not, “said the Dutchman. In a way, he feels like the fifth (third in the drop) wheel on the car next to the Mercedes drivers – like having dinner with a couple.

“That’s not very great. Me I’d rather be the one who has a nice romantic dinner instead of being third, “says Verstappen.

But statistics fans watch out: Although Verstappen seems to have subscribed to third place, it was him 2020 actually not that often. He finished bronze in only three of the previous 12 races.

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