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44 aspects · 3 hours ago

I’m delighted that Will purchased paternity leave and the likelihood to be residence. But I’m additionally delighted he is aid this week. The two of them appear to work well together.

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Pirelli Onerous

56 aspects · 4 hours ago

Okay, however disclose… I’m 21

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8 aspects · 2 hours ago

Pretty definite Will sang Contented Birthday in Spanish for Alonso

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Carlos Sainz Jr.

8 aspects · 3 hours ago

Lol I peruse you are busy engaged on the other automotive, however would you mind singing to me? Admire Lando

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-2 aspects · 23 minutes ago

OMG, the shatter is going to be sooooooo prolonged between seasons. Can’t wait to envision Ricardo and Lando and the recent mess that can approach out of that…..lol. Serene laughing at the presser, when Ricardo ask Lando if he grew pubes. Lando misplaced it.

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