(Motorsport-Full.com) – Second place with Charles Leclerc and eighth place with Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari won the Practicing for the Turkey Colossal Prix Got a better Formula 1 Friday in Istanbul. Why? Vettel is “not sure” of himself, as he says.

Sebastian Vettel

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Vettel continues: “I don’t think there is a special reason. It was so slippery that it was more it was about finding a rhythm and staying on the track. “

In the end, Leclerc was four tenths of a second short of Crimson Bull driver Max Verstappen’s fastest time. Vettel came within 1.7 seconds of this benchmark.

Vettel’s conclusion on Friday training

His conclusion on the Istanbul comeback on Friday: “Battle not easy. The asphalt is pretty new, so it was very slippery. Against At the end of the day it got better and I guess it’ll get better and better from now on. “

” The main difficulty was getting the tires up to temperature think that has worked quite well so far. We still have to tinker with the car a bit, then tomorrow may not be that bad. “

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However, he reckons that the distances in the field will be reduced towards qualification. Also because on Friday perhaps not all groups would have used the tires optimally.

How do the tires play in the Qualifying with?

“We were on the slightly better side today,” says Vettel. “Today it worked out well at americaganz, and I hope that tomorrow will be the descend as well.”

The one quick lap in qualifying is a question mark for everyone. “I don’t know how many laps we will then stay outside,” says Vettel.

“At the moment it still looks like every lap will be faster. The new tire doesn’t have it definitely an advantage if you get even faster after three laps. But we’ll see how it looks tomorrow. ” From his point of view, Friday was “okay”.

Vettel’s new helmet design

Vettel caused a stir with a new helmet design that he presented on Friday. The main features of its previous design have been retained, but some new elements have been added: a human chain at the bottom and the words “Together As One” at the top, for example. Vettel promotes, among other things, more international understanding and tolerance.

“It is the message that is decisive,” says Vettel, referring to the Formula 1 campaign “We Shuffle As One “. He got the impression that their message was not as strong as it was at the beginning of the season.

Photo gallery: Photo gallery: Sebastian Vettel’s helmet design “Together As One”

The new Formula 1 helmet from Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel: Instead of the Germany flag, a rainbow is now drawn over the head protection, the … 1605267902 Photo gallery

Vettel explains: “As always, something is often quickly lost. So that it doesn’t happen, it is also the right place to send the message. Keyword diversity. “

” I believe that you take off your blinders and on the one hand accept that there are differences, but that you don’t make any differences and take everyone as they are , and not already in a box because of some different external features. “

That is exactly what he wanted to express with his new helmet design.

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