TEAM REPRESENTATIVES – Guenther STEINER (Haas), Toto WOLFF (Mercedes), Mario ISOLA (Pirelli)




Q: Can we originate with our first impressions of the Istanbul Park circuit. We’ve compatible had the first prepare session, it regarded magnificent slippy obtainable – so what conclusions will we diagram?

Guenther STEINER: I’ll maybe possibly maybe accept as true with you: it modified into once very slippy but I mediate the display screen wasn’t inclined for some time and there modified into once some damp patches and it modified into once magnificent cold with the Laborious tyres, so, stop of the session, appears to be like to be getting reasonably of higher at the same time as you can even gather some temperature in the tyres – but I mediate we take a seat up for FP2. In any other case, it’s a mammoth build apart as a circuit right here, it’s in improbable form, it’s compatible admire we desire to assemble reasonably of bit extra grip and then this can even be alright.


Q: Toto?

Toto WOLFF: I mediate we haven’t been right here for a extremely very long time and the circuit keep reasonably loads of effort into resurfacing and that’s pleasant. The effects, clearly there within reason loads of bitumen coming out and that makes it very slippery. As Guenther stated, I mediate we compatible must flee and flee and flee and finally the grip phases are going to build bigger – possibly no longer to the phases we all know – but we desire reasonably of bit extra rally expertise in list to hump speedily the next day. It’s thoroughly different to what we had.


Q: Mario, from Pirelli’s point of perceive?

Mario ISOLA: Toto is proper: now we own a stage of grip that is lower than anticipated. After we chosen the tyres, we didn’t study about this belief of the circuit resurface, the total display screen, so the characteristics of the unusual tarmac are thoroughly different from the extinct one. Meaning that we determined for the three hardest compounds now we own in our fluctuate. It’s reasonably no longer easy for drivers but they’re the total an identical tyres and at the stop they favor to work with what they’ve. I give it some belief within reason entertaining if it would possibly maybe possibly possibly maybe rain thanks to the bitumen and the real fact that you own got some oil that is approaching the bottom when it’s miles raining, so now we favor to listen if, in some of the next days, if this can even be moist. In regards to the relaxation, potentially the stage of grip will build bigger. We don’t own beef up events right here so clearly the stage of rubber we’re in a build apart to position down no longer off route is no longer up to regular and right here is one other element they favor to wait on in mind in strategies and display screen evolution.


Q: Mario, lustrous what now, will also you own got introduced softer compounds to this flee?

MI: Presumably optimistic – but now we own records which can possibly maybe be very, very extinct. Ten years in the past we had a truly thoroughly different misfortune, thoroughly different tyres, thoroughly different compounds and thoroughly different vehicles, so we’re taking a gape at this circuit as a brand unusual display screen. We made our simulation brooding about this circuit as a brand unusual display screen and optimistic, clearly we had a gape at the records from 2011 but I have faith they are not very relevant, so possibly optimistic. We know that Flip 8 within reason excessive on the tyre. The relaxation of the circuit is no longer so heavy, so excessive on tyres. Gleaming the characteristics of the tarmac upfront, optimistic, possibly it modified into once pleasant to hump one step softer.


Q: Mario, staying with you and throwing it two weeks encourage if I will also, what substitute can you give us concerning the failure on Max Verstappen’s car at Imola?

MI: We made an investigation on the tyre and the a part of the tyre that now we own been in a build apart to ranking. We found some cuts on the tread and the sidewall, both in inner and commence air. We predict about that the motive of the failure modified into once hurt on the centre of the tread that caused the hurt on both the belts and the carcass plies. So the belts began to detach following this hurt and at a clear point, when the carcass modified into once no longer in a build apart to preserve the load, we had the deflation that all americans saw on television. We shared the prognosis with the FIA and the team and right here is the proof that now we own. Obviously it’s miles entertaining to analyse a tyre that is in pieces but we despatched proper now the tyre encourage from Imola to our laboratories in Milan and we did an investigation as a precedence.


Q: Thank you. And going every week earlier, if I will also, to Portimão, the Portuguese Extensive Prix, what conclusions did you diagram from the tyre take a look at that you implemented there at some stage in FP2, and what changes to the tyres will we query for 2021?

MI: We own now determined to homologate a brand unusual front and a brand unusual rear construction. The unusual front is the one with the finest incompatibility when compared to this year, with the loads of profile, a particular construction. We provide over the compounds to subsequent year. Obviously it’s miles inconceivable in one take a look at to redesign the total fluctuate of compounds but now we own this unusual specification. We are going to assemble the unusual specification to the total teams in Bahrain and potentially Abu Dhabi. We are discussing this in for the time being, to give the total teams the risk to study the final – the homologated – version of this specification. Because in Portimão we equipped thoroughly different prototypes to thoroughly different teams, no longer the an identical to all americans, so no longer the total teams own been in a build apart to study what now we own determined to homologate, so as that is the belief for the next events. Obviously, I am talking in regards to the first flee in Bahrain on a layout that is smartly-known by the teams and the flee in Abu Dhabi, again on a layout that is extremely effectively known.


Q: Toto, Lewis has his first match-point this weekend. Win you viewed any signal of nerves from him to this point?

TW: No. I mediate the drivers are ceaselessly below rigidity to enjoy and he’s been coping effectively with that previously and no incompatibility in behaviour sample than the previous races.


Q: Now, there’s so mighty affirm and speculation about his future. If he wins title quantity seven right here, does that trigger the originate of the negotiations about subsequent year?

TW: Yeah. I don’t are making an try to topple a date right here because, if I quit, all americans’s going to quiz at each flee – but right here’s what we agreed. I mediate it modified into once basic to build clear now we own both titles secured and then own a extra relaxed system to the dialogue in regards to the future.


Q: How relaxed can you be – because it’s totally 48 days except the originate of 2021. Is there any a part of you that’s getting frightened and even feeling cornered for your negotiations with Lewis Hamilton?

TW: No, in no method Tom. It’s a qualified dependence on every other. We would admire him in the auto and I mediate he needs to pressure the Mercedes – because it’s competitive. So, no, I mediate there’s a qualified steadiness.


Q: And, from a Constructors’ point of perceive, clearly you obtained quantity seven closing day day out in Imola. In these COVID situations, can you expose us how the team has infamous. I express it’s been thoroughly different to previous successes for you?

TW:  Yeah. I don’t know. For myself, I will affirm that this one felt very particular. We are no longer improbable in celebrating, we ceaselessly gape forward – but there own been moments the build apart I modified into once very ample with what the team has accomplished. That modified into once reflected furthermore in the lots of video calls we had proper after the flee – but we can completely obtain some time and allocate some time when it’s becoming simpler with Corona to own an even time that title – because it’s a particular title.


Q: Guenther, just a few stresses getting one of your drivers to the flee display screen in time this weekend. How did he destroy the records to you – Romain Grosjean we’re talking about – that he’d uncared for his flight.

GS: The team-manager had advised me that he’d uncared for his flight and he’s approaching Thursday morning, so it wasn’t a mammoth dismay anyway. It sounded extra dramatic than it modified into once. He modified into once right here on Thursday morning, I saw him about 0900-0930, so no mammoth drama to me.


Q: For your history in Formulation 1, own you ever ever had one other driver who’s uncared for flights? Precipitated you any disaster?

GS: Fantastic!


Q: Are you able to expose us any names?

GS: Kevin Magnussen! He uncared for his first flight. To a gathering – possibly it wasn’t to a flee but to a gathering with Gene Haas. He advised me: “I’m sitting in Frankfurt, I uncared for my connection.” Lovely for you, ! He modified into once going to California. I’m magnificent inclined to it. I’m calm about it. He uncared for a flight and then proper now organized one thing else and we knew that he modified into once coming the next day, so there modified into once no dismay, ?


Q: And while we’re talking about drivers, how close are you to announcing your line-up for 2021?

GS:  I duplicate Toto right here. I don’t are making an try to expose you a date because you then wait on on asking me. So, I study from the finest, giving answers. I don’t know after we allege it. We are getting closer. We’re getting close, keep it this approach.




Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Traces) Quiz to Guenther and Toto please. On the Monday after Portimão, there own been discussions on banning wind tunnels from 2030 etc., On the one facet, Guenther, you don’t own one inner your team, and on the opposite facet Toto, you’ve potentially got the finest, if no longer amongst the finest wind tunnel. How quit you are feeling about this and would possibly maybe possibly CFD indubitably substitute wind tunnel making an try out?

GS:  I mediate all the pieces is doable and expertise gets better, as we all know. Technology is advancing in mammoth steps, so I mediate we don’t must mediate now, but coming into into that route I mediate would possibly be the proper narrate to quit. I mediate it’s too early to system to a total conclusion but, if it’s miles admire this, if all americans is the an identical, right here’s what we’re going quit, I will beef up it.


Q: Toto?

TW: Fantastic, I mediate there modified into once wide settlement that over the long flee this is able to happen but it’s this kind of wide regulatory change that furthermore entails clear security formula. We must no longer neglect that these vehicles are the quickest on the planet with essentially the most downforce and we don’t are making an try to experiment are living with drivers in the auto in step with CFD. As for our tunnel, it’s the an identical generation as just a few others in the paddock. We’ve labored on the tunnel over the closing years as has all americans else, and other folks have a tendency to claim there’s a silver bullet, that the tunnel is improbable or the tyre prognosis is improbable, or the engine is improbable but it’s ceaselessly the combination of all the pieces. On account of this truth, I mediate atmosphere a target admire 2030 banning wind tunnels is a route that works for all americans and goes to aid us build the sport extra sustainable from the financial facet.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) Quiz for Toto and Mario. I have faith that Mercedes furthermore had tyre issues in Imola with vibrations which clearly can even be a precursor to a failure. I puzzled if the two entities, Mercedes and Pirelli, had investigated that and found whether there modified into once a basic agonize. And Mario, compatible for you, what characteristics are you making an try to quit with this unusual tyre for subsequent year?

TW: So, it began with reasonably of vibration and we determined to pit the auto furthermore in list to no longer decide any risks. It modified into once one thing that isn’t but understood. The tyre remained intact and modified into once despatched to Milan for prognosis and we’re looking ahead to the consequences.

MI: Fantastic, I will verify that we’re analysing the tyre along side the team, so the findings will be shared with the team. As Toto stated, there modified into once no loss of rigidity, compatible vibration rising at some stage in the flee. We are investigating the construction. Obviously on this case it’s miles doable to analyze the tyre because it’s miles on hand. For the second request, the target of the unusual construction modified into once mainly to build bigger the stage of integrity. What we can gaze from telemetry records, that we safe after every flee, is that clearly the stage of efficiency – which system the stage of load – that these vehicles are placing on tyres, is rising every weekend and therefore we in most cases create unusual tyres yearly in list to build bigger the stage of integrity and on the opposite facet to limit the build bigger in rigidity that clearly is main to other… no longer points but consequences admire overheating, as an instance, or bigger degradation. Closing year it modified into once no longer doable. We homologated the 2019 product furthermore for 2020 but we had no plans to raise over the 2020 tyres furthermore for 2021, so what we agreed with the teams modified into once to own this risk to study in FP2 and it’s miles what we did with tyres which can possibly maybe be designed no longer to build bigger the stage of efficiency – that modified into once no longer the target – but to build bigger the stage of integrity. The prototype we chosen is giving this strategies on our indoor making an try out and when it modified into once tested in Portimão, the strategies modified into once reasonably clear – or no longer no longer up to in accordance with the current specification – and right here’s what now we own done.   


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Walk) Toto, F1 has made it optimistic that hybrid engines and the combustion engine are going to enroll in F1 for the long flee. Within the mean time the next gen engine goes to be in 2026 and there has clearly been affirm about whether than can even be introduced forward and how it needs to be made extra vibrant and more inexpensive to diagram extra manufacturers. Attain you specialise in transferring the unusual engine forward from 2026 is doable and quit you specialise in sustainable fuels can even be a approach of doing that so by introducing a 100% sustainable gasoline or by simplifying the hybrid element or one thing admire that?

TW: Fine beard! So the dialogue modified into once improbable – some of the positives. It’s entertaining the build apart the auto enterprise goes because all the pieces develops in the route of electric mobility but there would possibly maybe be furthermore a brand unusual gape at the interior combustion engine and the mix with electric pressure. I have faith we ought to peaceable gape at the costs. Increasing a truly unusual energy unit is no longer somewhere we ought to peaceable hump. We know that we made that mistake in 2011 and 2012 after we made a extremely delicate and furthermore very efficient energy unit but it got very complex. As things stand I mediate we desire to own a combination of what now we own at present – an interior combustion engine and add hybrid energy and energy in list to own a closer ratio between sustainable energy propulsion and worn ICE engines. I don’t mediate it’s about simplifying, it’s compatible about making an try to no longer own escalating costs and besides the extra electric ingredient with potentially bigger or extra powerful battery pack, sustainable fuels are in reality the future. In 2025 we will ought to own a 100% sustainable gasoline, whether it’s artificial fuels or biofuels, but it will peaceable approach with a mammoth step for 2025 and no longer with a slack build bigger over the next years because again that can possibly build the energy unit construction extra expensive.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Toto, when other folks affirm about Lewis and his achievements many of us mediate about compatible the raw expertise of Lewis but he is a qualified athlete and I mediate at some stage in the years her grew to develop into a extra expert athlete from year to year. Did you gaze this construction as effectively and what you specialise in modified into once the impact of the defeat in opposition to Nico in 2016?

TW: I mediate what I realised over the closing years is his permanent self-prognosis, how to enhance, he has develop into indubitably pleasant at figuring out points of weakness and then tackling them, and he has stepped forward over time as a racing driver in the auto and as a persona commence air the auto. And that’s one thing that you gaze very no longer often with other folks, that they are serious ample, while no longer beating themselves up, in list to progress. Many others in Formulation 1 and commence air Formulation 1, you’re no longer indubitably pleasant at figuring out your possess shortcomings and therefore you stagnate for your construction and it’s a pondering sample that with him simply doesn’t exist. He is continually looking for perfection.


Q: And the impact of Nico Rosberg’s championship in 2016?

TW: I don’t mediate that played any characteristic. I mediate that annoyed him encourage at the time and I mediate he moved. I don’t mediate there modified into once a particular narrate to study in that year. Nico modified into once gain. Lewis had some DNFs main races and in the stop it’s miles what it’s miles.


Q: (Ronald Fording – motorsport.com, by e-mail) Toto, you’ve talked in regards to the years as a team basic taking its toll and potentially coming into into one other characteristic inner Mercedes. Does the timing of that switch totally depend for your successor and when he or she is ready, or quit you own got any doubts about stopping as a team basic your self?

TW: I have faith that every of us has a clear shelf life as a team basic. It’s simply no longer sustainable to quit just a few hundred races and be the finest you that began on the mosey. It’s a job that entails being in an airplane on 20 or so races and coming encourage on Monday you own got an place of job job. I did 250 resort nights closing year and 500 hours of flying. It’s completely no longer one thing I are making an try to quit for the relaxation of my life. But I decide enjoyment in what I quit and I completely don’t are making an try to step away from the Mercedes team. I’m co-proprietor with Mercedes and right here is one thing I am very ample with but it has develop into reasonably a mountainous company. Our engineering arm, Utilized Science, is rising strongly and I have faith that I ought to peaceable give up the baton as team basic to any person that can originate his mosey with the an identical motivation and energy that I had after I started. That is a natural progression that now we own done on technical stage over the lots of years and I’ll maybe possibly be very proud seeing any individual performing better than I quit and I will be looking at that from a particular, extra senior characteristic.


Q: Win you already identified that particular person.

TW: Hmmm. Presumably.


Q: (Edd Straw – The Walk) For Toto. There are just a few triple headers on subsequent year’s calendar but when F1 had a triple-header just a few years in the past it wasn’t that unusual and there modified into once a desire to limit them and possibly totally employ them for flyaways, but now we own a European one subsequent year. Obviously they own been needed this year but quit you specialise in it’s a needed for triple-headers to be a truth of life in F1 or quit you specialise in there needs to be push to switch away from them compatible to preserve away from overloading personnel etc?

TW: I mediate the teams are the beneficiaries of rising earnings and rising earnings. The teams peaceable decide a mountainous chunk of the EBITDA and in that appreciate we all must beef up for the enterprise to grow. On the opposite facet just a few triple-headers will decide a toll on the opposite folks. I mediate there would possibly maybe be an Asian triple-header that can imply we’re extra than three weeks away from dwelling and that’s totally no longer one thing that is mammoth. You wish no longer neglect that the toughest working other folks are the ones that build apart of abode up the garages and decide them down and the mechanics that can possibly own overnighters if one thing goes sad [and they will] suffer, no doubt about that. It be basic to request how long that is sustainable and whether you implement a particular system by having a second crew that can decide over these toughest roles and right here is one thing we’re taking a gape at for the time being.


Q: Guenther, would possibly maybe possibly we gather your strategies on triple-headers subsequent year?

GS: Yeah, this can decide a toll on the opposite folks but I mediate especially in the situations we’re in now we desire to quit it but then FOM needs to gape into it; if it’s miles one thing we’re making an try to quit for the long flee or it’s compatible a one year off; if this many races are sustainable and if there would possibly maybe be never any saturation coming in by the spectators, if it in actuality is trustworthy or no longer and on the opposite folks facet of it we desire to approach up with plans that we don’t overwork them. We overwork them anyway, but we ought to peaceable be optimistic that we cannot quiz that every body the time. That is a a part of our job. If it provides us extra earnings we desire to approach up with strategies the build apart we build it sustainable for ourselves, the build apart we don’t must back except we’re advised to quit that. It’s a part of the build apart Formulation 1 goes. We can compatible uncover in just a few years if it’s the proper or no longer, if extra races is the proper approach. We own now to strive it and strive to acquire some solution the build apart our other folks quit no longer gather used out. That they are able to wait on on working and that there are ample other folks making an try to quit this job. I mediate there are ample other folks obtainable making an try to work in Formulation 1 so I mediate we’re peaceable in a qualified build apart, so I mediate we compatible wait reasonably of bit.


Q: (Alan 1st Earl 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley of Bewdley – Reuters) Going encourage to Lewis and 7 championships. Comparisons are inevitably going to be made to the likes of Roger Federer winning gargantuan slams, Jack Nicklaus, six Masters, extra than one winners of the Tour de France. It’s a particular person championship. I do know Formulation 1 is a team sport. Folks affirm it’s the auto, keep anyone in the Mercedes they normally’ll take. Attain you specialise in Lewis Hamilton, as a seven-situations world champion, will gather the consideration and his compatible dues and how quit you gaze Lewis when it comes to those other champions?

TW: In any sport, and furthermore in motor racing, there own been other folks that stood out. In motor racing it modified into once Fangio, it modified into once Senna, Michael for optimistic, Sebastian in the 2010s, and now Lewis. I don’t mediate you can even evaluate them continually because whenever had thoroughly different rivals and wished thoroughly different capability objects. But completely amongst them his sheer epic stands out and he is on a par with Michael at present, who for me personally modified into once the finest driver in Formulation 1 and Lewis is peaceable in his profession and he can possibly quit extra when it comes to the sheer epic. Into the opposite sports, it’s the an identical case. There are some very, very eminent other folks which own indubitably stood out and Roger, for me, is no longer totally an improbable tennis player but he is furthermore a mammoth persona. Within that generation you own got Roger and Nadal and yeah, that’s magnificent mighty it I mediate. That it’s likely you’ll also own the an identical in golf and soccer and American football, you own got these eminent guys which own compatible natural capability, social intelligence and laborious working expertise.

TEAM REPRESENTATIVES – Franz TOST (AlphaTauri), Frédéric VASSEUR (Alfa Romeo), Marcin BUDKOWSKI (Renault)




Q: Fred will we originate with you? First impressions of Istanbul Park. What conclusions will we diagram after FP1?

Frédéric VASSEUR: It modified into once a qualified session on the ice! It modified into once a extremely entertaining one for all americans. I mediate it modified into once practically entertaining to preserve the auto no longer off route, but this can toughen at some stage in the weekend and this can even be extra a request of the weather forecast and one thing else for the next day.


Q: What in regards to the strategies from the drivers? Were they enjoying the real fact that it modified into once an ice rink?

FV: I don’t know if gather pleasure from is the proper discover, because it modified into once too slippery this morning but no longer no longer up to the layout of the display screen, and the display screen is a extremely pleasant one… I take into accout the flee 10 years in the past, it modified into once ceaselessly pleasant events and I am chuffed to be encourage in Istanbul.


Q: Sauber are celebrating 500 races this weekend. You’ve flee your possess teams in the junior categories, you’ve labored for Renault in the UK – what makes Sauber thoroughly different?

FV: It’s in Switzerland, first, that’s a mammoth incompatibility! Severely, it’s a basic milestone for the corporate. I’m no longer a mammoth fan of numbers and statistics and loads others, but at the same time as you own got a gape encourage, to quit 500 races, for an organization it’s an colossal success. It modified into once no longer ceaselessly easy, it modified into once often very entertaining, often a hit, but no longer no longer up to the corporate did very effectively over the closing 25 years in F1, 27, and 50 years in motor racing. It’s a mammoth feeling for the corporate at present.


Q: What about for you? Are you proud to own the responsibility of main a team with so mighty heritage?

FV: Yeah, but it’s a portray of at present. I’m extra… very chuffed for Peter. He launched the corporate 50 years in the past and it’s extra an success for him than for myself.


Q: Franz, let’s originate with your impressions of Istanbul Park?

Franz TOST: To begin with we’re chuffed to be encourage at this unbelievable flee display screen. Of route at present the vehicles didn’t own so mighty grip obtainable but it modified into once furthermore thrilling to note Formulation 1 vehicles sliding spherical. It modified into once a outcomes of the unusual floor and the low temperatures, therefore it’s miles entertaining to assemble temperature into the tyres but in the closing 20-25 minutes of FP1 the vehicles regarded reasonably gain and I mediate in FP2 and the next day and furthermore for Sunday all the pieces will work in the approach as we query.


Q: Now Franz, if I’ll maybe possibly decide you encourage to closing week the build apart F2 star Yuki Tsunoda tested one of your vehicles at Imola. Would possibly you compatible give us a resume of how he got on?

FT: He got on very effectively. He modified into once proper now accustomed to the auto, with the brakes, with the G-forces, with the steering. He gave pleasant technical strategies, pleasant co-operation with the engineers, no wreck, no scamper. He did a indubitably pleasant job.

Q: Used to be he speedily?

FT: He modified into once furthermore speedily, optimistic. In any other case he wouldn’t own pushed.


Q: Now, taking a gape ahead to this weekend and the relaxation of the season, the battle in Constructors championship – can you decide Ferrari in sixth build apart or modified into once Gasly’s retirement at Imola a hammer blow for you guys?

FT: Of route, the retirement of Pierre at Imola modified into once a mammoth drawback but nonetheless there are one other four races to hump and we can ranking as many points as doable and if it’s extra than Ferrari, if we can overtake them it’s unbelievable but it’s no longer our basic aim. We are making an try to achieve the races in the points and to ranking as many points as doable.


Q: Can we’re asserting, on contemporary performances, whether you specialise in you own got the third quickest car?

FT: This, I’ll maybe possibly maybe doubt. If all the pieces is working together I mediate that Racing Point’s car within reason of sooner, furthermore the Renault is terribly speedily. But we’re on the subject of all these teams, furthermore to McLaren and then it relies on the loads of flee specs, on the display screen layout whether we event from the build apart of abode-up and how we can gather the tyre below management but I’m reasonably assured for right here and for the relaxation of the season.


Q: Marcin, so, who has the third quickest car in Formulation 1? You guys are all for a mammoth battle for P3 in the Constructors’ championship.

Marcin BUDKOWSKI: I mediate it’s entertaining to claim. I mediate, as Franz modified into once asserting, it relies reasonably of bit on the weekend and on the stipulations. No doubt it’s a extremely very tight battle for P3. Renault are one point before Racing Point and McLaren so it’s entertaining to contemplate a tighter battle. We’ve lost precious points to reliability the previous couple of races which is one thing we’re no longer chuffed about and we’re working very laborious to assemble that encourage below management because that can also very effectively be the deciding the problem. It’s pleasant to own a speedily car but or no longer it’s miles required to own a authentic car to ranking the points. I mediate, right here it’s been… compatible judging by this morning, we’ve had a particularly entertaining originate this morning on the very low grip display screen, it’s reasonably admire Portimão to the energy of ten so it’s going to be a entertaining afternoon session for us to strive to get well the management over the tyres and therefore a tight tempo.


Q: You affirm about authentic car, speedily car; can I compatible quiz you: what has been the key to unlocking the different of this year’s RS20, because since Spa, indubitably, the auto has flown? What modified into once the trigger point?

MB: I mediate it’s a combination. I mediate the auto is clearly a closer car than we had closing year. We addressed some of the basic basic weaknesses we had on closing year’s car. We’ve made pleasant progress at some stage in the season, we’ve made pleasant upgrades and that’s clearly pushed us forward in the pecking list, but we’ve furthermore understood the auto better and I wouldn’t name it a breakthrough but it modified into once revolutionary studying and belief of the auto and therefore in parallel, the auto better and you toughen it and when all these items approach together you originate to enjoy better and we’re in this kind of qualified neighborhood, the variations are so puny in the midfield vehicles that by being in the front of the neighborhood, you’re taking the alternatives equivalent to podiums as we’ve viewed equivalent to the mammoth points.


Q: And Daniel, in roar, is flying for the time being. How mighty will you miss him in 2021?

MB: He’s at the tip of his gather, he’s using exceptionally effectively and that presentations in the team outcomes but furthermore in his personal outcomes so for optimistic we can miss him but we can furthermore miss the persona. He’s a smiley, partaking persona which is a pleasure to work with him. Daniel walks in the room and without warning the mood in the room picks up because his smile and his enthusiasm is infectious.


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Marcin, about Fernando Alonso and his plans for subsequent year. Obviously he’s got a take a look at constructing in Abu Dhabi – it’s been launched by the team. I compatible are making an try to know the approach you saw the simulation has been going, what extra or less strategies has he been supplying you with to this point and I express what extra plans quit you own got for him when it comes to getting up to flee between now and the stop of the season?

MB: So yeah, Fernando drove two days the 2018 car in Bahrain and he’ll quit one other two days on the 2018 car again in Abu Dhabi over the weekend. He’s furthermore done a filming day on the 2020 car so he’s taking every different to pressure. We had tests deliberate for young drivers, for the academy, with the ’18 so we compatible added some days to assemble Fernando to pressure, so as that modified into once a qualified different. He wants extra days in the auto, he wants extra days in the auto to assemble inclined to the team, to assemble inclined to the systems, the procedures, to dazzling tune his seating build apart, the steering wheel, all the pieces. But furthermore he hasn’t pushed the auto for two years they normally are bloody speedily vehicles – sorry for the wording – and then he needs to assemble encourage in form, gather encourage in the rhythm so he’s taking any different he can to pressure. By approach of his enthusiasm, when it comes to his dedication, he’s been at the factory, clearly, to quit some seat fittings and it modified into once a risk… I took him spherical the factory to repeat him how things had modified since he modified into once there in Enstone a selection of years in the past and clearly loads has modified since then and his motivation is unparalleled, he’s indubitably asking all americans, pushing and you exercise just a few minutes with him and you’re straightaway… you’re extra motivated so it’s mammoth for the workers to be uncovered to any individual admire this who is no longer totally a mammoth champion but furthermore is so motivated for subsequent year and the next years to approach.


Q: And Marcin, what has impressed you essentially the most about Fernando Alonso?

MB: It’s this, the dedication, his curiosity. He’s asking in regards to the relaxation. We own been in the wind tunnel and he stated ‘so, you can even’t flee the ’22 for the time being?’ And we stated no, we can’t quit it, thanks to the laws. ‘So when can you originate constructing?’ And we stated first of January. ‘OK, are you working on the first of January?’ And we stated in most cases we don’t but this year we will also because it’s New Year, ? And he stated ‘yeah, OK, now we favor to flee on the first of January. I will approach right here and let you on the first of January.’ So right here is the stage of motivation of Fernando for the time being.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Walk) Apply-up request to Marcin on Fernando: clearly he’s got extra working in the 2018 car and strive to flee him as mighty as doable but what can he in actuality study using the 2018 car? What are the constraints and compatible in most cases how spectacular has it been how he seeks every closing limited little bit of element he can gather from the relaxation he throws himself into as he prepares for his comeback?

MB: As I stated, partly it’s miles him making an try to assemble encourage in form and gather encourage in the rhythm of using a car but it’s a risk to pressure… to work with him on things admire the steering wheel, his accepted button build apart, how he needs to be in a build apart to activate the total variations in the auto, practise our procedures. It appears to be like straightforward however the extra we practise these items, the extra now we favor to quit at some stage in the frigid weather making an try out. We totally own three days of working for our two drivers in frigid weather making an try out subsequent year so practising FIA procedures, the total diverse things that he’ll will ought to own below his belt, but possibly thoroughly different from what he skilled sooner than and furthermore getting accustomed to the team however the auto is thoroughly different, it’s our 2018 car, we’ve improved reasonably reasonably since ’18 but it’s the an identical DNA of the auto, the ’20 car is a closer car but at the stop of the day, getting him inclined to a Renault car, although it’s a two year extinct car, is trustworthy.


Q: (Mario Luini – Revue Automobil) Fred, at Imola Romain Grosjean published that the Haas has been suffering all season with overheating rear suspension, concerning to the energy unit and it’s affecting the behaviour of the auto. Attain you own got a an identical agonize on the C39?

FV: Completely no longer. Sorry.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Traces) To all three: on the Monday after Portimao, there own been discussions about potentially banning wind tunnels from 2030 onwards. Some of you own got got affirm-of-the-artwork companies, some of you can even very effectively be rebuilding and Marcin, I have faith that your speciality is aerodynamics. How quit you are feeling about this? Is it doable? Would possibly one in actuality quit away with wind tunnels fully and depend totally on CFD?

MB: It’s no longer a brand unusual topic, it’s been talked about for just a few minutes. I mediate the key on this extra or less basic technical infrastructure is to quit it with ample anticipation. Presently, wind tunnels are an basic a part of the near of a Formulation 1 car and the risk by doing all the pieces with CFD so in numerical simulation is that you gather to the first flee and the auto behaves entirely otherwise from what you query and you can even own got a laborious time in actuality getting encourage no longer off route so the risk is that folk compatible lose the corelation with the display screen and a tunnel is a basic element of this. Now, Formulation 1 loves a misfortune and I mediate at the same time as you expose us that in ten years’ time we’re going to switch away from one thing that’s an basic a part of the near, because we’re going to favor to ramp up the simulation a part of it, I mediate it’s quit-in a build apart. Every time the topic came up sooner than it modified into once ‘let’s ban them in two years’, ‘let’s ban them in three years and that compatible wasn’t sensible so as an plan for ten years’ time, which is in accordance with the sustainability message that we’re constructing spherical Formulation 1, I mediate it’s a pragmatic prospect. It’s peaceable, over that timeframe, it’s a misfortune and this can change loads in the approach we create vehicles.

FV: I mediate, as Marcin stated, it’s very no longer easy for us. We’ve discussed this topic just a few situations. The conclusion now is that we would possibly maybe possibly have faith to quit it for 2030 but even admire this, to create the auto, fat in step with the cfd challenge, it’s very heroic. Marcin spoke in regards to the safety and loads others and it’s proper that it’s a characteristic of the corelation that to launch the auto on the display screen before all the pieces of February or March without doing any construction in the wind tunnel or corelation in the wind tunnel can even be reasonably entertaining but we furthermore spoke that we would possibly maybe possibly have faith to own a wind tunnel time that a short interval of construction on the wind tunnel, 1-to-1 scale as an instance. For particular it’s a misfortune but I mediate the F1 is excited by the misfortune and it’s miles pleasant to contemplate one thing admire this, if it’s sufficiently anticipated in ten years’ time is a qualified lead time for this extra or less challenge, I mediate. So optimistic, why no longer? It will also very effectively be heroic for F1 but it’s miles pleasant.

FT: Fantastic. Till 2030 there’s an extended anticipation time and cfd will create reasonably rapidly. It’s likely you’ll possibly gaze it otherwise you can gaze it in the closing years and A from more challenging facet and B from the softer facet, which system in part, 9 to 10 years, I query that this expertise has reached this kind of high stage that you don’t must any extent further a wind tunnel.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Traces) Franz, what is your misfortune with engines? Has there been any construction in anyway for 2022 onwards? Are you hopeful of getting the Honda IP? Are you going to Renault? What are your plans at this stage please?

FT: Unexcited all the pieces is below dialogue and nothing has been determined but and as quickly as we all know extra, we can, for optimistic, post it.


Q: (Edd Straw – The Walk) To all three: there are just a few triple-headers on subsequent year’s calendar but after we had a triple-header just a few years in the past there modified into once a feeling that it wasn’t a mammoth belief, it wasn’t very unusual, even supposing they’ve been needed for this year, it does seem that the real fact that they are on subsequent year’s calendar suggests that they is known as a truth of life for Formulation 1. Attain you specialise in that’s a qualified narrate, how mighty of a misfortune is it when it comes to overloading personnel and quit you specialise in that possibly F1 ought to peaceable obtain a system to lower encourage on the triple-headers and no longer build them fashioned in the long flee?

FT: I went by, with our team manager, on the calendar and we analysed all the pieces. It’s doable but it’s on the limit because we must no longer neglect that folk are out often for three weeks and that’s indubitably an extended interval and I mediate what’s at this time in the calendar is absolutely the limit and can no longer be extended.

FV: Yeah, I mediate the basic topic is that at the same time as you admire to favor to position 23 races in eight months that you own got no other risk. I’m reasonably extra enthusiastic on the second with Sochi, Singapore and Japan furthermore because it’s on the subject of the stop of the season. It’s a flyaway  and for the mechanics, for the team and furthermore for the inventory of spare parts it obtained’t be a straightforward one but I mediate that we own no other risk if we’re making an try to quit 23 races per year.

MB: I mediate no longer mighty to add. One triple-header is painful for the workers, two triple-headers, one after the opposite is mighty extra entertaining. My belief, from some of the basic discussions that took build apart with Formulation 1 is that it modified into once intentional to encourage-load the calendar at the same time as you admire to favor to own extra races, concentrated at the encourage of the season for the evident COVID misfortune and therefore less risks taken on the early races so confidently, again, that’s a consequence of the present misfortune and an extension of the 2021 changes that own been made and that’s no longer a relentless feature. Equally, we’ve preserved the summer season shutdown which I mediate is basic, especially for the travelling staff.



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