(Motorsport-Total.com) – “That pisses me off!” Kevin Magnussen finds clear words after the Formula 1 qualifying in Istanbul. His resentment, however, is directed not only against his performance, but above all against the behavior of his fellow drivers. Specifically against not slowing down under yellow flags, as they were shown at the end of Q1 after incidents.

Kevin Magnussen

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Haas driver Kevin Magnussen has the impression that there are rule violations Zoom Make a selection up

What happened as soon as battle? Shortly before the end of the first qualifying segment, Daniil Kwjat flew off in the AlphaTauri before Turn 3, which is why the sports attendant raised the warning flag. A little later, Williams man Nicholas Latifi ran aground at turn 8, and the stewards waved yellow flags again correct canceled before Magnussen’s arrival at the relevant section of the route. It was different in turn 8: Magnussen was presumably the first to enter the double yellow zone.

This is how Magnussen explains Direct

“I have respected the rules, I’m off the gasoline and have canceled the round, “says Magnussen. But he believes: He was the only one who acted as prescribed and therefore gave away his chance to advance.

“Everyone else”, he says , “We pushed and improved. And I’m kicked out.”

In fact, double-waved yellow flags from Magnussen’s onboard camera at the Latifi accident site are closed see. But: They were apparently only shown shortly before Magnussen’s arrival. Magnussen had already been passed back from P7 to P at this point in time.

And: Magnussen’s onboard briefly shows an alleged mistake by a sports attendant who falsely waves the red flag.

Who could have violated the rules?

Daniel Ricciardo from Renault and Pierre Gasly directly in front of Magnussen may only have seen a few yellow flags. Her onboards are blurry, revealing only a green conceal at the end of the danger zone. And after Gasly has passed the finish line, Magnussen is already on P 16, which seals his departure .

Nicholas Latifi

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Trigger of the yellow phase: Williams driver Nicholas Latifi stranded in turn 8 Zoom Make a selection up

Magnussen stays with his model, probably in ignorance of the exact facts and with the assumption that it must have turned double yellow before arriving at turn 8. He says: “There was definitely a double yellow flag. Someone was standing on the outside of the curve in the gravel bed.”

“The rules say: cancel the lap, not easy just go off the gasoline or something. They say you have to cancel your lap. I did that. I battle three seconds slower than on my best lap and the track got better. “

Later Punishments don’t help anyway, says Magnussen Nicholas Latifi

He did everything right, Magnussen asserts, but “nobody otherwise “. Who exactly he blames, however, remains unclear. Magnussen simply says:” I no longer drive [weiter im Qualifying] because other people do not respect the rules. So yes, that pisses me off quite a bit. “

Any subsequent punishments against competitors wouldn’t help him.” These guys get stop [eine Strafversetzung über] three or five positions. It doesn’t make a difference to me. “

He only draws a clear conclusion from the experience for himself:” The next time in such a direct, I have to stop and continue push. I’d rather get three penalty positions from P7 than from P wherever. “

Indeed: Race stewards punish Norris

Magnussen also states in ‘Ziggo Sport’ that the conversation with Formula 1 – Race director Michael Masi. “Because if that is the norm, then I cannot justify having left the gasoline. Then I’d rather drive on and get a penalty afterwards. But: That’s stop dangerous. “

In fact, the stewards examined the drivers retrospectively. McLaren man Lando Norris, for example, was found to have violated the rules, as outlined by Magnussen But: Norris had already found himself in front of Magnussen before the final round and did not contribute anything to Magnussen’s Q1-Aus with his violation.

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