(Motorsport-Whole.com) – No, also 2020 there will be no perfect qualifying record for a group. Because for the first time this season, neither of the two Mercedes drivers, Lance Stroll, is on the pole region. Mercedes didn’t get in step at all during the rainy qualifying in Istanbul and with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas only occupied positions six and nine ( Formula 1 2020 are residing in the ticker ).

Valtteri Bottas, Lance Stroll

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Qualifying went in the wrong direction for Mercedes Zoom Rating

For the first time since 620, no Mercedes is among the top 5. What was particularly surprising was the huge backlog that the two pilots had. Hamilton was 4.8 seconds off the pole region, 5.5 seconds at Bottas. The reason for this is easy to determine: “I couldn’t find any grip,” says Hamilton.

“The whole weekend was a nightmare. The grip is the worst I’ve ever seen. Ten times worse than on the other tracks, “says the World Cup leader. Other groups managed to do it, but not Mercedes: “We gave everything and that was the fastest, change into once we could go,” says Hamilton.

“Then it’s like plastic …”

It was for Valtteri Bottas the main problem is that the decision to go on intermediates was too late in Q3. While the two Racing Point had the intermediates early on and were able to warm them up, the switch at Mercedes was too late. “I didn’t get the tires to work. That made a difference of many seconds,” says the Finn.

In general, the tires were Mercedes’ space on Saturday. At no point did you really get the tires up to temperature. “Then it’s like plastic,” says Bottas. “The tires are the only change into once that connects the car with the track. And it doesn’t matter which car is on the tires if they don’t work.”

That was so far Tire management of the group this season’s great strength, but that’s exactly what bit Mercedes today, says Motorsport Director Toto Wolff: “We were actually always quite intestine about the season’s average to keep the temperatures quite low – especially on the rear tires,” says the Austrian . “And that was not an advantage for america today.”

Hamilton: Basically I made no mistakes

Crimson Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko had etched after qualifying that Mercedes was too sure. That’s why they hardly drove laps in the third coaching session. But Wolff denies that: “We didn’t feel safe at americagar,” he waves away. “We knew we had a temperature problem. That came into play today.”

There was little that could be done for the drivers. Because Hamilton was actually satisfied with his performance. “I didn’t turn and basically didn’t make any mistakes, so I’m happy with my performance,” he said. But that doesn’t apply to Bottas: “That wasn’t good enough,” he says of his own efficiency. “I’m glad that I was able to stay on the track for most of the time, but it still wasn’t much fun.”

Wolff meanwhile tries to see the Certain in defeat: “A good rate for america to learn, “he says. “This is the first race that somehow doesn’t go that way. We’ll come out stronger.”

Hamilton’s goal: Up stay on the track

That is to be feared for the competition. Also in the race tomorrow? “It will not be easy, that is clear,” he says, but emphasizes: “I do believe that we can make up a few positions up front. We can certainly do better than today.”

Bottas also believes that Racing Point and Crimson Bull will definitely be beatable in the race. “The race is a different story. Today it was about efficiency over one lap, but we usually have a good car in the race,” said the Finn. “It will be an exciting race for sure. I’m looking forward to it.”

Hamilton, on the other hand, speaks of one goal: “Stay on the track! No idea. Just stay on the track! ” Especially when it rains, it becomes extremely difficult and not fun. “Normally I like that, but the tires don’t work here. You drive with cold tires all the time,” he says annoyed and doesn’t necessarily want to be patient.

“I have to Seize opportunities when they are in front of me. “

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