(Motorsport-Entire.com) – It is a very crucial question on every Formula 1 racing weekend 620 ( follow all Formula 1 races in the free live ticker! ). Namely: How will the weather be on site?


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Sachir from the air: In Bahrain there is seldom precipitation Zoom Get

That is why our editors have an overview of the forecasts days before the Extensive Prix and update this preview article with new data, especially during the weekend. This results in the most precise forecast possible for the respective Formula 1 race.

The next Extensive Prix will take place in Sachir in Bahrain on 29. November 2020. According to initial forecasts, temperatures there will be around 25 to 29 Degrees Celsius reached. It will probably not rain.

Formula 1 2020: The weather situation at the other Grands Prix

The following is a general overview Weather information for the other Formula 1 venues in the motorsport season 2020 ready, based on the usual average values ​​of the respective racing region.

GP Bahrain (29. 11.): The usual weather in Sachir in November

In November the temperatures in Sachir reach on average 20 to 27 degrees Celsius. Even at night the temperatures hardly fall below 20 degrees. Rain is possible, but very rare in November.

GP Sachir (06. 12.): Usual weather in Zakhir in December

The temperatures in Sachir in December reach just under average 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. There are two to three rainy days per month.

GP UAE (13. 12.): The usual weather in Abu Dhabi in December

Even in December the United Arab Emirates got an average of intestine 25 grade Celsius. Rain is not very likely, with just one or two rainy days per month.

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