(Motorsport-Total.com) – “He simply showed again how outstanding he is,” says Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff after Lewis Hamilton’s victory in Turkey and the associated seventh win in Formula 1 -World Champion title. The way there was more rocky this time than in most of the previous races.

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“Against all expectations” , the Austrian is amazed at ‘Sky’. Because Hamilton actually did not have a good starting position with starting position six in the rain in Istanbul. When he was behind Sebastian Vettel for a long time in the first half of the race, very few believed that the Briton would be successful. But in the second half of the race on a drying track, he dominated the competition at will.

“Unbelievable”, said Wolff. “He stayed on the road in the race with a car that was very difficult to drive, waited for his likelihood, and in the end drove away lonely.”

One of the keys to success was battle also that Hamilton 50 had done rounds on used intermediates. “You could see that everyone who had new intermediates and pushed straight away got graining after a few laps. And the tire didn’t recover from that either,” said Wolff, referring to Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen.

“What made the difference: Lewis kept it on the road during the difficult half at the beginning, when our car wasn’t competitive. He waited and then struck. We had an advantage over it counted, “said Wolff. “He understood the tire and knew how to drive it so that it would hold.”

But that the tires would last to the end, one was not entirely sure even at Mercedes – and also not whether there might be a shower in the last lap. “That’s why we said: ‘We’ll be ready at the pits if you think we should do it.’ And then he said: ‘No, I think I can finish this.’ “

And that is what Hamilton did and thus secured his seventh world title in a fitting manner. This means that the Mercedes driver is now also statistically the greatest, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the flagpole, as Wolff announces.

“Of course he is right in the middle of his work. I think there is coming changed into as soon as on it. If we continue to build a good car, it can win more races and hopefully also drive for championships, “said the motorsport director.

But that also requires a new contract that doesn’t exist yet. “It’s time we did it slowly,” Wolff smiles. The time frame for this: by the end of the year.

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