According to RaceFans.net, in more than half of all Formula 1 races in the 2021 season, the role of safety car will be performed by Aston Martin.

RaceFans states that Aston Martin will be in charge of supplying safety and medical cars in the 12 of 23 scheduled races next season, while Mercedes with its AMG brand will still be involved in the remaining races.

Aston Martin will have the exclusive right to choose the races in which it wants to participate in its cars, and the choice will be conditioned in particular by the interest of the markets in which the British manufacturer will want to strengthen its presence.

According to current forecasts, Aston Martin will provide its DB series models, which, like Mercedes’ AMG GTR series, used 4-liter V8 engines.

The Daimler Group recently increased its stake in Aston Martin to 20 percent, making it one of the legendary brand’s most important owners.

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