(Motorsport-Total.com) – Already in free coaching on Friday the drivers in Turkey were looking for grip on the newly paved track in Istanbul. The difficult weather conditions on Saturday in qualifying and on Sunday in the race didn’t make it easier for the drivers to keep the car on the track. Formula 1 boss Ross Brawn defends the slippery road surface.

Lance Stroll, Sergio Perez, Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon, Lewis Hamilton

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Ross Brawn enjoyed the challenge in Turkey Zoom Obtain

“The promoter and the country have did a fantastic job preparing the track for a sensational Huge Prix “, so Brawn in his column on” Formula1.com “. “I understand that the drivers were not happy with the grip level, but that was the consequence of the late decision to close the calendar because of COVID – 19. “

Brawn doesn’t think the conditions are unfair as all riders had to deal with the same difficulties. He says, “Sometimes riders need to remember that it’s a competition where the point is to cross the finish line first. Some riders just did their job and put up with it, others found it a distraction.”

The Formula 1 puller considers the demanding asphalt to be “not a bad thing”, since the focus is on the maximum “abilities of the driver”. “I don’t think the grip level is a measure of the level of competition.” Brawn believes that the race was magnificent and that challenging the riders is actually good.

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Brawn reduces the scenario to the attitude of the drivers: “Turkey did not offer the most grippy surface, but the drivers who got involved and saw this as an opportunity did had success! “

Experience is the key to success

According to the Formula 1 boss, the experienced drivers had the best cards under these conditions. After all, Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel were the only three pilots on the podium who 2011 were already at the Initiate up at the Huge Prix of Turkey – Kimi Räikkönen was not there at the time, because he was in 2011 has participated in rallies and NASCAR races.

Drivers like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, however, had their problems. “We saw how the old guard showed their experience and showed the early life that they still have a lot to learn,” said Brawn. “It was great to see Sebastian’s performance this weekend.”

Ross Brawn

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Ross Brawn considers experience in races like Turkey to be the key to Success Zoom Obtain

The Formula 1 boss praises Vettel in the season 2020 is in the shadow of his young team-mate Leclerc. He also praised the performance of Perez, who is still without a job due to Vettel’s move to Aston Martin in the coming year. “It would be a tragedy if he doesn’t drive in Formula 1 next year,” says Brown.

Learned a valuable lesson

The tires played an important role in Istanbul and were there too according to Brawn, experience is the key to success. He says it was a matter of anticipating how the tires would develop and seeing if they were ten or 20 Hold laps. The experienced drivers, according to Brawn, would have done better than the talents who had not experienced such a race before.

Brawn also believes that Young drivers like Verstappen and Leclerc have learned a valuable lesson and will perform better in such conditions in the next race. “If we were to repeat the race in Turkey tomorrow, they would certainly choose a different approach,” Brawn is certain.


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