(Motorsport-Total.com) – With a rocket launch, Sebastian Vettel laid the foundation for his first podium in the Formula 1 season 2020 . In Turkey, in wet conditions, he raced from eleven on the grid to third on the first lap. How the Heppenheimer succeeded, we want to work again in the Factor.

Sebastian Vettel, Alexander Albon, Kevin Magnussen

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Sebastian Vettel fights his way forward in difficult conditions Zoom Acquire

“That was a good start, yes. I just expected that it would be very, very slippery off the line,” said Vettel after the race. With a good reaction time he was able to roll away carefully for the first few meters and already overtake the two Alfa Romeo drivers.

Valtteri Bottas in the Mercedes in front of him gave him the way past both of them Purple Bull pilots who got off to a disastrous start. On the outside lane, the Ferrari driver pushed past Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon before braking into the first corner.

“I was able to catch up a few places and was not one, who already put everything on one card in turn 1. ” The two Renault drivers touched immediately in front of him. Daniel Ricciardo was put into the sandwich by Lewis Hamilton hyperlink and his teammate Esteban Ocon on the right – with a negative outcome for the Frenchman, whom the Australian turned with his right front wheel.

Bottas also turned behind him . Vettel stayed out of this skirmish, he was the big profiteer. Because already after turn 1 he scampered in fourth place behind the eventual race winner. “Everyone in this group was carried to the outside, so I was able to slip past the inner lane and make up a lot of ground.”

In curve passage 9 and 10 Vettel finally passed Hamilton, who had strayed from the track and rearranged himself behind the Ferrari. After that he had a clear run, as the two Racing Point drivers were able to pull out a lead of ten seconds after two laps.

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“It was good to have a free run. I was able to benefit from that at the beginning of the race.” Nevertheless, he held up the field a little behind him on the rain tires. In retrospect he also has to admit: “If you looked at Sergio and Lance at the beginning, then they flew compared to us.”

After just six laps scamper Vettel 15 Seconds behind the leader, ten behind his teammate. “So we still have to learn a lot on rain tires. After all, we were able to collect good data that will help us in the future.”

In general, he felt much more comfortable on Sunday compared to qualifying. The scamper was probably that there was less water on the track and therefore the tires didn’t cool down as quickly. “The times were significantly faster. With 1: 58 er, 1: 56 er times and are at the end 1: 50 times, we were slower in qualifying. “

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