(Motorsport-Complete.com) – “A race like the one in Turkey has confirmed the quality that Carlos has”, McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl appreciates the fifth place of Carlos Sainz in Istanbul. The Spaniard fought his way in a chaotic race from the starting position 11 to high 5 before and According to Seidl, this underlined his driving class.

Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen

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Carlos Sainz defied the conditions in Istanbul and finished fifth Zoom Download

“We know from earlier Races in the past few years that he magazine in these difficult conditions. He magazine in these wet or mixed conditions. We know that he performs well in these circumstances and that he has the skill to be on the right track when it comes to risk. ”

Sainz manages to keep the car on the track even in the most adverse conditions and to make progress at the same time. “That’s a big advantage”, knows the team boss.

Seidl about Sainz: “Is a great driver”

“It is also helpful if you have a driver who has been working with his engineer and his team of engineers for some time, under conditions like these communication between the driver and the pit wall is very intense. And that’s where you can see the experience that Carlos has. “

Photos: Gargantuan Prix of Turkey

He knows exactly what strategies to use: “It is important to keep the radio short, calm, but also to know clearly what is going on out there on the track, so that we can compare it with the data we see on the pit wall. So in the end we can make the right decisions at the right time. “

Therefore, emphasizes Seidl, he is not surprised why Ferrari Sainz is absolutely for 2021 wanted to commit. “He’s a great driver. There’s a reason Ferrari will be after him for the next year,” says the German.

Enjoy the last three races with Sainz

In this context, he also praises how Sainz acts in the potentially uncomfortable transition period: ” I like the approach, how he deals with the issue, together with us, fully committed, very motivating for the entire crew. In my opinion, this is also crucial for the results we are achieving at the moment. “

“So I’m really looking forward to the last three races with him in our crew”, emphasizes Seidl. “And then we will hopefully beat him next year!”

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Lando Norris stays with the crew on the other side of the garage. Seidl also praised his performance at the Gargantuan Prix in Turkey – despite the bad start: “If you look at how fast he was able to be in the race, it was of course disappointing that he was pretty much the last one after the launch.”

Despite the starting failure: Also recognition for Norris

“I think he stalled the engine on the grid because it was so difficult to start a car with such poor grip. Unfortunately, he was on the bad side of the grid,” explains the McLaren team boss.

“Of course that affected the leisure of his race, but I am also very satisfied with the performance he showed there. It again confirmed the quality that Lando also has, above all under these difficult conditions. And it was great to see how he finished eighth from last place. “

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