(Motorsport-Whole.com) – For Lewis Hamilton, it was a classic deja vu experience: completely shut down intermediates. But Mercedes driver Hamilton brought these tires safely over the distance at the Turkey Immense Prix , even though he 50 from 58 completed racing laps. The memory of Shanghai 620 helped, he says.

McLaren von Lewis Hamilton, Schanghai 2007

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Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren-Mercedes after its retirement in Shanghai 2007 Zoom Procure

Used to be happened back then? The then McLaren driver Hamilton and his crew waited too long for the tire change, so that Hamilton finally turned into the pit lane on already burst tires – and slipped off the track and into the gravel. He dropped out and lost the world championship by one point to Ferrari man Kimi Räikkönen.

Now Hamilton says: The lesson he 2007 learned in Shanghai , which gave him 2020 in Istanbul. He explains: “Used to be when I get older is that I am more and more often right with my gut feeling. And more and more often I am also right with my first thought when I have to make a choice.”

Hamilton: As a newcomer you don’t want to be too demanding

“I learn from this not to question myself,” says Hamilton. Experience taught him that. But he had just that experience 13 years ago , in his first Formula 1 season, just not had it yet.

“2007 I was a rookie. I had a tremendous amount of expertise, but not the knowledge and experience to lead a crew to tell the crew what is needed, “he says .

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“If I had known then what I know today, then I would have told the crew I would come in. But at the time I didn’t know that I could have said that to the crew. I was just learning what I was allowed to take out and what not. “

Hamilton still has doubts – sometimes

“With all the successes” – Hamilton was already on the podium after his first race and won his sixth Immense Prix for the first time – “there was also doubt now and then. That is not obvious with today’s Lewis.”

However, Hamilton has repeatedly questioned the team strategy, for example at the Brazil Immense Prix 2019 by radio, because he had the impression that Mercedes had not chosen an optimal tire tactic for him.

But he was in Istanbul sure of his cause. When others turned to the pits for the second time to get fresh intermediates there, Hamilton really wanted to continue. That was the key to his victory in the Turkey Immense Prix.

Many parallels to Shanghai 2007

“You saw: I was pretty sure I would get through to the end. At about 18 Laps before the end, I thought I would try to pull it off. But then I got vibrations in the tires. “

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“So I kept looking at my tires and hoping. I tried a run down tire like 2007, but could in my mirrors like 2007 do not recognize anything. I did not see the tread and therefore had no idea whether the tire had run down that far. “

He had himself therefore must rely on the observations of his team . “And that’s why I had to take care of the tires in the fast passages. The key was to keep the temperature high anyway,” explains Hamilton.

“It all depends on the brake balance Accelerating out, on the choice of line. There were still a few damp spots. If you hit them, you’ll fly away. So it was about being shimmering. But the longer I drove like this, the usa became more confident. “

Hamilton actually drove in a league of its own in Istanbul: At the finish, his lead over racing level driver Sergio Perez was 31, 6 seconds.

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