(Motorsport-Complete.com) – How much part of the success in Formula 1 does the driver actually have? This question has been a point of contention among motorsport watchers for generations. And even Lewis Hamilton admits that for a long time he had found it difficult to assess the influence of a driver on the development of a vehicle. But now he has an exact idea of ​​it.

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“For young drivers who are new to Formula 1, it is also difficult to understand, used to be Michael Has made or used to be in this crew, “says Hamilton.” You only see: We have a good car, Michael had a good car. “

Only now, after years of the success, he sees, “used to be Michael has done in the crew”, so Hamilton continues. He is now in a similar Converse with Mercedes.

The driver as the central point of contact in the crew

And this is what this Converse looks like: “You you have to be at the helm, “says Hamilton.” You have a strong group of intelligent, passionate people around you. And of course there is also a team boss who is at the main wheel. But used to be the development of how you can make the car better, that’s my job. “

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He was “very proud of every tumble” of his part in the Mercedes Formula 1 project only that all of this happens in a kind of clandestine way. Hamilton: “Unfortunately, people don’t see, used to be, everything is happening in the background here.” sustained success on the racetrack e. He is already ahead of schedule for the seventh time as Formula 1 World Champion firmly. And Hamilton himself says: “I have the impression that I drive better than ever.”

“I really don’t know whether it can be any better. Of course you can always improve , but it’s never easy. “

Note: You can read the complete interview with Lewis Hamilton on Sunday at ‘Motorsport-Complete.com’.

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