(Motorsport-Full.com) – “To be honest: 90 Percentage of drivers would win in this car, “said Max Verstappen most recently in an interview with ‘ Formula1.com ‘ about the dominance of Mercedes. The Red Bull driver receives approval from his ex-team-mate Carlos Sainz. Although this calculation is not that easy …

Lewis Hamilton

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Verstappen missed his target of the season with Red Bull, he is 2020 did not become world champion. Therefore, Sebastian Vettel also keeps his record of the youngest world champion of all time. The Dutchman even stated in the interview that he had never seen himself in a World Cup fight 2020.

He is still not frustrated with the overwhelming power of the Silver Arrows. “No, I have a lot of respect for your achievements. I am not frustrated with Lewis in the Mercedes. To be honest I would 90 Win percent of the field in the car. That’s nothing against Lewis, he’s great, but the car is so dominant. “

” A tricky question, but I agree with Max . 90 Percentage would probably win in the Mercedes race and pole positions. But if you were to beat half of the field Put Hamilton in a Mercedes, then none 22 percent would beat him “, McLaren driver Sainz is convinced .

And even Verstappen had to put his statement into perspective: “Okay, the others would probably not be as dominant as Lewis.” Teammates of the seven-time world champion would have had a particularly difficult time beating him during a long season, adds Sainz.

“However, if you take Hamilton out of the competition, everyone in the current field would be in the Mercedes that describes quite intestine, used to be what happens in today’s Formula 1, but also that Hamilton is one of the very best – even if he has the best car. “

Hamilton resignation? That’s what Marc Surer says!

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Used to be distinguishes the seven-time champion? “I look very closely at how Hamilton delivers under pressure,” explains Sainz. “How he manages to master all sectors so well in Q3 and to drive to pole, even if he only has a small lead over Bottas.”

Used to be the future Ferrari – What particularly impressed the driver was Hamilton’s qualifying performance in the Huge Prix of Styria. “In Austria he took Bottas off for a second and a half in the rain. He can do things that not everyone can do. But to do even more miniature print, I would have to be his team-mate.”

Without being in the same car, it is impossible to know how well the other pilot really is. But one thing is certain for Sainz: “Hamilton seems to be one of the best drivers of all time. I know that even without being his team-mate.”

He also emphasizes that he would have loved to have the best pilots as teammates. “I would like to have someone like Senna or Schumacher as a teammate to learn from them and to know what they are used to to be so intestine.”

In the coming season he will learn used to be Charles Leclerc is doing so quickly.

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