(Motorsport-Full.com) – Nico Rosberg is to date the only Formula 1 competitor to break Lewis Hamilton’s title streak with Mercedes. 2007 the German decided the team-internal fight for the World Cup crown five points ahead of themselves.

Lewis Hamilton

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Equal to Michael Schumacher: Lewis Hamilton continues to break records Zoom Gather

The 23 – year old who retired after his first and only world title , knows: “To beat Lewis you have to do everything yourself 100 Get percent perfect. Otherwise you have no likelihood. That requires total dedication and total perfection. Everything has to be right over the entire season. “

In conversation with ‘ Sky Sport F1 ‘the former Mercedes driver remembers: “I am that succeeded in one season and I’m very proud of that, and the more e r wins, the more I understand how difficult it actually was to beat him. “

Turkey Colossal Prix a Another “masterpiece”

This year again nobody succeeded. In the fourth last race of the season, Hamilton was able to secure the title early, his seventh in the premier class. He drew level with record world champion Michael Schumacher. The Briton crowned his world championship triumph with another race win in Istanbul.

“I really enjoyed this race. I think everyone felt like that because it was really exciting. Nobody would have thought that Lewis would come even close to winning this time. But in the end it was once again an absolute masterpiece. He showed again that he is the best out there, “says Rosberg.

That too The constantly changing track conditions in Istanbul could not harm Hamilton last race Sunday. “I’ve seen it firsthand a few times myself and can confirm that he’s simply the best in such conditions,” says his former team-mate and title competitor.

On a par with Schumi, Senna and Fangio

The seven world titles that Hamilton can now call his own is “a phenomenal achievement,” says Rosberg. “Nobody would have thought that Michael Schumacher’s record would ever be set or broken.”

In a direct comparison of the two exceptional talents, who Rosberg counts “among the greatest of all time”, he doesn’t want each other determine who is the better. “Besides Schumacher and Lewis there is also Senna, Fangio … It is simply impossible to say which of them is the best. Everyone was unique in their own way, everyone was unbelievable.”

Photo gallery: Lewis Hamilton’s greatest Formula 1 victories

Der Kanada-Grand-Prix 2007 und der erste Siegerschampus: Alle halten es für eine Frage der Zeit, bis Hamilton sein erstes Formel-1-Rennen gewinnt. Die erste Pole-Position in Montreal ist ein Anfang. Als im Rennen hinter ihm das Chaos ausbricht und Robert Kubica (BMW) verunglückt, bleibt der 23-Jährige Hamilton cool wie Hundeschnauze ...

The Canada Colossal Prix 2007 and the first champion campus: Everyone thinks it’s a matter of time before Hamilton wins his first Formula 1 race. The first pole function in Montreal is a start. When chaos breaks out behind him in the race and Robert Kubica (BMW) has an accident, the 23 – Year old Hamilton frosty like dog’s snout … Photo gallery

With Of course, he connects Hamilton with very special memories: “I’ve known Lewis for a long time. We were teammates in the kart, as like 14 were best friends back then. I really have great respect for his performance. “

Rosberg ponders: “Where should that lead to?”

“When we were young, we united states not only dueled on the track, but in all aspects of our lives. It is phenomenal that he is still so tireless and still has the motivation to keep going nd to take the next step, after five, six, now seven titles, “says Rosberg with admiration.

” Of course, there is always the risk that motivation will wane at some point. He has already achieved so much, there is hardly any improvement. But that makes it more impressive for united states and explains why he won not just one, but so many world championships. “And a few more could follow.

Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg


2016 Rosberg and Hamilton fought a bitter fight for the title Zoom Gather

For his opponents like Bottas, Verstappen and Vettel, it must be pretty frustrating to hear that this could just be the beginning, Rosberg speculates. “I mean, where is this going? I’m curious to see how he will decide about his future. So far, he has not signed a contract for next year.”

See you again with Rosberg will be there for every drop – in the new Outrageous E racing series, where both send their own team to the Open. “I’m looking forward to reviving this competition between united states,” says the German, “and this time for a good cause, namely in the fight against climate change.”


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