(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Racing Point, McLaren, Renault or Ferrari? The fight for third place in the constructors’ championship of Formula 1 2020 comes to a head three races before the end of the season. Although the race in Turkey straightened out High 3 a bit, another competitor, Ferrari, has now come very close.

Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly, Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc

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The winner in Turkey, Racing Point was the main battle. Sergio Perez’s second place gave the team a little cushion – but only a very small one. Five points is now the lead over McLaren, who also scored well thanks to Carlos Sainz ‘fifth place.

The big loser was Renault on Sunday in Istanbul. While the competition from Racing Point (20 points), McLaren (15) and Ferrari (27) was able to get a good number of points, the tenth place of Daniel Ricciardo was only enough for one point. Hurry up to the coveted third place before the race, the deficit is now already Points.

Ricciardo: “Are now the underdog”

“Now we are of course the underdog”, knows Ricciardo. The Australian admits that the Turkey race hurts, but with three races to go he still sees a likelihood: “It’s still feasible. If there were one or two more races I would be a little more pessimistic, but we can still do it create.”

Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon

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There is hardly any likelihood for him in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi Such chaos as in Turkey, “but who knows. The first corner in Turkey is tight, and maybe Sergio and Stroll want to run into each other,” he laughs.

Teammate Esteban Ocon sees the alleged one Heat is an advantage for his racing team, because Renault has always been good there. “We can take good care of our tires and we always look good on these tough tracks.” The Frenchman has no doubt that Renault will again attack fully in the last three races.

McLaren: Not the third or fourth fastest Auto

The mood at McLaren is very different. With 15 Points you could take a good result in Turkey and leave Renault a bit behind. “It was great for us to get this result,” says team boss Andreas Seidl, “because that way we are fighting with the designers.”

At the same time, the German is realistic and sees McLaren up to date not as the third or fourth fastest car. “It is now important to focus usa on us ourselves and see that we can still get some performance out of the car,” said Seidl. “And it is important to keep the reliability high.”

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So far, great work has been done in this regard, emphasizes the Team boss. “On the team side, we haven’t had a single retirement in qualifying or the race this year.” An accident ended Carlos Sainz’s race twice, and the engine caused problems for every driver once – but that’s up to partner Renault.

“For usa, this is a great step forward compared to the previous years and shows that the crew has invested a lot of work, “said Seidl. He is certain: “Together with our two good drivers we can keep the fight going.”

Ferrari very closely in view

The view has to be directed backwards, because suddenly Ferrari is back in the middle of the action. For a long time it looked as if the Italians would even have to argue with AlphaTauri about not slipping to seventh place, but with third and fourth place in Istanbul, Scuderia is back in business. 24 Points are on Racing Point catchable.

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But Seidl is still calm : “I’m not worried or worried, I’m just being realistic,” he says. “I know turn into as soon as a crew like Ferrari can do with all the resources. It’s no surprise that they come back during the season,” he says. “We have never underestimated the power that Ferrari has. They have two great drivers and a great crew. That is our reality.”

Seidl at least hopes that McLaren will fight in until the last race Abu Dhabi can keep it open. “We will give everything as a crew. I can see how hard everyone in the crew is working hard and how great the spirit is in the garage and at home. And that gives me confidence that we can keep the fight going.”


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