(Motorsport-Full.com) – Daniel Ricciardo has to bake smaller rolls with Renault than with Crimson Bull, but the Australian says that 2020 was mentally easier for him than his last year with the bulls. “That was the most difficult so far emotionally,” he admits. Because 2018 he experienced a real roller coaster ride.

Daniel Ricciardo

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Daniel Ricciardo didn’t have much to laugh about at Crimson Bull at the end Zoom Accumulate

“At the start of the season saw it Looks like I might be able to fight for the World Cup, in the middle of the year I realized that I wanted to move on, and towards the end of the year there was failure after failure, “he says. “There were so many emotions that it was the most difficult year for me to date.”

Ricciardo went to Renault, but although he couldn’t be satisfied with Renault in terms of sport in the first year, he was 2019 but liked by the French. “It was fun trying to build something with a new crew,” he says. “This year it was even more fun because this structure led to some good results.”

Ricciardo is currently with 96 points in sixth place overall, only four are missing in fourth place. “The fun factor is really high at the moment,” he says. “I love racing, and that was probably reinforced by the lockdown and the lack of competition,” said the Renault driver. “That it was taken away made my desire stronger.”

2020 has therefore been the most satisfactory year for him since 2016. At that time he was third behind the two Mercedes drivers in the World Championship for Crimson Bull.

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