(Motorsport-Total.com) – Many Formula 1 followers may not have heard of Yath Gangakumaran, although he is an influential particular person for the future of the sport. As Head of Strategy and Enterprise Development, he sets the long-term direction of Formula 1 in his role and works with Trudge Carey – and from January with the new Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali.

Yath Gangakumaran

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Yath Gangakumaran, as head of strategy, has the future of Formula 1 in mind Zoom Gather

This includes Everything from supporting commercial and sporting decisions, such as race formats and venues, to managing broader Formula 1 projects with long-term influence – such as how to grow in China and how to position a combustion engine sport when climate change becomes a major issue.

At the heart of the strategy is the long-term relationship between Formula 1 and the combustion engine. “We are intensifying the hybrid,” says Gangakumaran.

While governments like the UK are stopping the sale of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles 2030, Formula 1 has decided to stick with internal combustion engines. Instead, they want to break new ground with gasoline in order to find a more practical solution for 99 To demonstrate percent of current car owners worldwide who do not own an electric car.

“We believe that there are different ways to achieve an automotive industry with less CO2. We want to be part of it be associated with one who not only has an immensely positive impact on the automotive industry, but will also support our goals as a sport that aims to entertain followers around the world. “

Better new fuel than electric

“Yes, everyone is talking about electric and hydrogen. And we looked at usadas for our next generation engine, which will come in five years. But they don’t have the performance characteristics that we need as the top of motorsport to allow our cars to go at the speeds we want and the distance too what we need. “

Formula 1 engines are already the most efficient hybrids in the world, but Formula 1 wants to work with oil giants to develop fuels that 100 percent are sustainable. “These can either be synthetic or second-generation biofuels,” he says.

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“We believe that, as a global platform with hundreds of millions of viewers, we can show that it is possible to have a very efficient internal combustion engine with sustainable fuels.”

“Why we think this will go down in the automotive industry: If you look at the over a billion cars on this planet, then you have 99 percent of them have an internal combustion engine. And most cars are usually at least 15 Years on the road, some even for decades. They won’t go away anytime soon. “

Of sustainability and diversity

The key to this strategy is that the sustainable fuels developed in Formula 1 also end up in road cars, where they are used by every driver. “This will not only have a positive impact on our CO2 emissions but also on the broader automotive industry, “says Gangakumaran.

Since Crude E is currently making headlines and Formula E has taken the place of electric prototypes, Formula 1 has to get moving quickly Together with the topic of sustainability, diversity and inclusion are currently being increasingly emphasized, which is hugely supported by the commitment of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

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“Lewis is a fantastic ambassador to us,” says Gangakumaran. “We are completely in line with what we both want to achieve for diversity and inclusion – but also for sustainability, which is another topic that he is very passionate about.”

“Since then With George Floyd’s death this year we have seen greater impetus from the public and from followers towards governments and organizations to do more. We will work on our way because we don’t just think it’s the right thing to do but also because it is a good exercise if you want to be more successful commercially and in dealing with followers. “

Fan approval in corona times

Since Liberty Media took over Formula 1, work has been done to reduce the age structure of the followers. With success: 62 percent of the new Formula 1 followers in the past three years are younger than 35.

“We saw something interesting this year about our commercial innovations like the virtual races when we couldn’t race: we’ve been since the lockdown in March the number 1 sport when it comes to increasing and engaging followers in social media. “

” This shows the work we have done – not only in the past few years During this particularly difficult time the sport was exposed to, one could begin to reap the rewards in terms of fan engagement, “he says.

Everyone in one boat

But perhaps the greatest success of the current Formula 1 executives, including Gangakumaran, is the agreement with all teams and the FIA ​​on a budget limit and others Measures in the new Concorde Agreement.

There have been numerous attempts in the past, but all of them failed due to the self-interests of the top teams. It took a global pandemic and a huge slump in revenues to sharpen the senses. Now the strategic thinkers of Formula 1 can plan the way into a future with a more competitive sport.

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“Of course it helps that we have finally approved some of these big issues that we wanted to get through in the past few years. Now we can We focus more on long-term growth. I believe that there will continue to be ‘constructive talks’ and disagreements on big issues that we want to push forward in the Formula 1 soap opera, “he says.

” But I’m cautiously optimistic, there are so many opportunities for growth in Formula 1. And I really think we’re only on the surface e scratched. “


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