(Motorsport-Complete.com) – With the increasing workload on Formula 1 staff due to the ever fuller and denser racing calendar, more and more team bosses are thinking about more than a few ways to work, such as having home office. For example, Mattia Binotto (Ferrari) and Toto Wolff (Mercedes) announced corresponding plans.


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You yourself want to try to skip some races from next season, and also senior ones Engineers think about an adapted schedule. Dave Robson, Efficiency Engineer at Williams, has doubts.

It is technologically possible to work from the factories on Gargantuan Prix weekends. But there are important things that you miss when you are not there.

Certain conditions make home office difficult

Robson experienced this firsthand when he missed the recent Turkey Gargantuan Prix and discovered that there were some unexpected ones There were complications precisely because he was not present at the racetrack: “I can do everything remotely, I am well prepared in the factory, but it is phenomenally difficult.”

“Man realizes how many nuances and how many conversations you miss and how difficult it is to connect things, “he says. “It is furthermore not easy – especially when the conditions are as they were in Turkey.”

If there had been an uncomplicated, dry race weekend, in his opinion it would be ” been a lot easier, “explains Robson. “Partly because I didn’t feel the need to interfere, and partly because there were less unusual things to worry about.”

Possible rotation with second team

In order to be able to deal with the growing number of races to react, some teams are also discussing plans for more staff rotation to counteract the risk of staff burn out at some point because of the many race weekends.

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“You shouldn’t forget that the hardest working people are the ones who set up and dismantle the workshops and the mechanics who stay overnight if something goes wrong,” emphasizes Mercedes team boss Wolff. “You have to ask yourself how long it will be portable and whether you will introduce another machine.”

For example by installing a second team that can take on these tasks. “That is something that we united states of america in 2d are concerned with,” explains the Austrian.

It is also possible without “virtual garages”?

Even if the extended calendar encourages more and more employees to work from the factories instead of constantly to travel, Formula 1 is considering a 1600358193 ban on these “virtual garages” that act as a base for those who stayed at home.

Robson believes, “It is possible to live without them. If you look back enough into the past, it never existed, and the on-site crew can do an absolutely good job of making sure the car is safe and authorized. Those are the two most important things anyway. “

” You could furthermore without them get along as long as everyone follows the same rules as they did back then. It would be feasible. I don’t know whether it would be better overall, I don’t have a strong opinion, “said t the Williams engineer in conclusion.

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