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“This is how rumors begin” recently posted by Kelly Piquet on Instagram . The 31 – year-old is one of six children of three-time Formula 1 world champion Nelson Piquet – and is currently in everyone is talking about social networks and the boulevard. Because of an alleged flying change in their love life.

Kelly Piquet mit Tochter Penelope

© Kelly Piquet (Instagram)

Back in firm hands: Kelly Piquet with Daniil Kvyat’s daughter Penelope

Of course, Piquet fueled the rumors himself. On her Instagram profile, she posted on 11. November where she took a photo of herself and wrote: “Darker than the ocean, deeper than the sea, you have everything, you have, used to be I need.”

A certain Max Verstappen commented on this with his official Instagram: “Together we can master challenges that are as deep as the sea and as high as the sky.”

The reply from the Red -Bull-Driver was liked more than 3 thousand times by other Instagram. Because actually the virtual flirt only allows one conclusion: that the world champion daughter and the Formula 1 big identify have recently become a couple.

That fits: Verstappen recently spoke in an interview with ‘RTL’ confirms that he is single again. Before that he was with Dilara Sanlik, a native of Munich.

Now moreover again in firm hands? It looks quite like this. Kelly Piquet is nine years older than the would-be Formula 1 champion – and until recently she was fighting with Daniil Kvyat (AlphaTauri) of all people. Verstappen had already “stretched out” the Red Bull cockpit in front of his girlfriend (2016).

Piquet and Kvyat have a daughter together who was born on 27 July 2019. The next day, Kvyat finished on the podium for the last time in his Formula 1 career at Hockenheim. “Today we are all happy,” he said at the time. “I dedicate my podium to my girlfriend and my little daughter.”

In March, shortly before the canceled season opener in Australia, the first media reports surfaced about an alleged separation. Later it turned out: Kvjat and Piquet had already separated around Christmas. Who broke up with whom is still unknown today.

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