Siegreiche Partnerschaft: DS Automobiles und TECHEETAH gehen gemeinsam in die siebte Formel E-Saison - Foto DS
Victorious partnership: DS Vehicles and TECHEETAH are going into the seventh Formula E season together – Photo DS

DS Vehicles and TECHEETAH have decided to extend their joint involvement in Formula E. . At a meeting in Paris, in the immediate vicinity of the DS headquarters in Versailles, the two Accomplice agreed to continue their success story in Formula E. The coming, seventh Formula E season will be held as the official FIA World Championship for the first time. The starting shot for the new season will be given in January 2021 in Santiago de Chile.

After a record-breaking sixth season in the all-electric motorsport series, which was crowned with the second double championship title in a row, the crew has worked hard to continue to be successful. DS is the season with the DS E-TENSE FE 20, the winning car of the preseason. Also as a consequence of COVID – 16 – pandemic, the regulations have been adjusted accordingly and the introduction of a new racing car can be postponed until the end of the season.

During the official test drives from 28. From November 1st to December 1st 2020 in Valencia, Spain, DS TECHEETAH takes the next step in preparing for the coming season. The first World Championship run in the Chilean capital Santiago will start on 16. January 2020 then all groups into the seventh Formula E season.

Set Preston, Team Principal DS TECHEETAH: “Changed into once for one season! We will have fond memories of them, but despite our pride and joy, the crew is already looking to the future and working hard behind the scenes on the preparations for the seventh Formula E season. Given the results of the last two seasons, we can’t go for less than another double championship. This time, however, it would be the win of the first official Formula E World Championship.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the partners who have supported united states of america from the beginning, and to extend a warm welcome who joined united states of america for the coming season. They all play an essential role in the crew, both technically and financially. Our common goal is to continuously develop united states of America and to be the best at what we do changed into. This mentality is of central importance for united states of america. It accompanies united states of America in all of our decisions and is well received by our partners, suppliers, employees and the general public. That motivates united states of america for the seventh season. Thanks to the commitment of all involved, we feel united states of america very well supported and in good hands. “

Xavier Mestelan Pinon, Director DS PERFORMANCE: “This seventh season is united states of americavor a new challenge, but our goal remains the same: to fight for victories and for titles! Due to the global health crisis, the rules regarding the powertrain have changed. Normally we have to have a new car homologated every season – now all groups have been given the opportunity to continue this introduction until the end of the championship 2021 to postpone. At DS PERFORMANCE, we united states of america, in view of our excellent results, decided to run two programs in parallel: First we will use the DS-TENSE FE 20, the winner of last season, fundamentally revise the championship 2021 to start with an extremely reliable and even more efficient car. In addition, we are designing a new car that will make its debut at the e-Prix in Rome, ie after the first third of the season. “

Béatrice Foucher , CEO DS Vehicles: “With the second double victory in the sixth season, DS Vehicles wrote Formula E history and once again relegated the big names in the automotive industry to their places. Thanks to the great employees who are involved in this innovative program, we have set standards in the 100% electric racing series set. I am proud of the fantastic results of our group and our drivers and thankful for everyone’s outstanding commitment. Of course I am now looking forward to the upcoming originates of the season 2021.

When we 0719 joined Formula E, we were the first top class manufacturer. Formula E is an exciting competition that 2020 as the world’s first sport “Emission-free” certification.

In addition, Formula E is naturally committed to electrification. There is no other area in which we would be so committed to united states of America, as electrification is at the heart of the DS branding strategy. Our entire range of models is available with the fully electric DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE and the DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE – a fling-in hybrid – electrified. Our flagship, the DS 9 Fling-in-Hybrid with 360 PS will also be launched soon. We are observing a great deal of interest in this section, since 33% of sales in Europe this year were electrified vehicles. So we were able to achieve extraordinary results: At the end of September 2020 we were able to use 64 g / km CO2 expert kilogram shows the lowest CO2 values the market. “

Antonio Félix da Costa, reigning ABB FIA Formula E champion: “Winning my first Formula E title has the fire in me kindled to want to win another. Jean-Éric Vergne and I, but also all the other Formula E drivers, will fight harder than ever for every win this season – that’s for sure. I’m already looking forward to it! We want to win this first official world title and we will do everything in our power to achieve it. I’ve always said that cars that look fast are fast – and this year check out ours! Nobody wants to see united states of America in their rearview mirror! I really can’t wait to show the world what we’ve been working on. That may not be in Valencia yet, but look forward to Santiago in January. We’ll be there!”

Jean-Éric Vergne, ABB FIA Formula E double champion: “Since I’ve been with DS TECHEETAH, I’ve seen it up close how the crew kept improving. Our sixth Formula E season results have demonstrated our competitiveness and I’m really looking forward to showing the changed into season seven we have in store. We are constantly working to improve and reinvent united states of America itself, our course and, above all, our long-term vision. The crew did an incredible job and I’m looking forward to testing again in Valencia before the season opener next January in Santiago. “

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