(Motorsport-Total.com) – The death of Diego Maradona has left the entire sports world in mourning. The Argentine soccer star died on Wednesday at the age of only 60 years after an eventful life. The footballer was revered for his skill. However, he could not withstand many temptations that fame brought with it. How do other sports stars, such as Max Verstappen, succeed?

Max Verstappen

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Max Verstappen knows how to withstand temptation Zoom Derive

Like Maradona, the Dutch were already considered in his youth as a talent of the century. Success emerged early on in both careers. The Argentine crowned himself world champion with the national team and his “Hand of God” 1986. But scandals also accompanied him in his active career.

How do young athletes manage to escape the dark side of success? “I think what is very important is the right people around you. You can’t let that get to you.” Verstappen, who is still waiting for his first world championship title, also emphasizes that the situations cannot be compared.

“These are different generations, different sports,” he interjects. Another thing about the Crimson Bull high-flyer: He no longer lives in his home country, where he is revered. “I don’t live in the country where I have my largest fan base.”

Niki Lauda, Diego Maradona

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1995 Maradona attended the Monaco GP (here with Niki Lauda) Zoom Derive

He also underlines the support of his manager and his family, especially his father Jos. These people are very close to him, that takes a lot of pressure off his shoulders. “I also love what I do.”

All of this is the foundation for a regular life without losing focus on the essentials. “I live a very simple life, to be honest,” says Verstappen. “It’s really important to have the right people around you to support you.”

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