(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sebastian Vettel will most likely not take the wheel for Aston Martin for the first time until next year. The four-time world champion is out of the question for the Young Driver test in Abu Dhabi anyway – also because his contract with Ferrari will probably only expire at the turn of the year and no approval will be given at an earlier point in time.

Sebastian Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel will not start his work for Aston Martin until the new year Zoom Download

The Germans do not mention any well-known points about his contract, but when asked about the time of a possible first check for Aston Martin and the associated contract hurdles, he says: “It would be logical next year.”

“And changed into that Testing concerns: As I am currently hearing, there will be a test before the start of the season. It will be my first time in the new car, “Vettel continues. This suggests that the German will only sit in the Aston Martin during the three-day winter test drives (location and date still open) and not, like Fernando Alonso, in a car from 2018 tests.

Sainz wishes Test before the test

Vettel’s successor at Ferrari, Carlos Sainz, will also not be able to benefit from the regular winter test drives to try out the current car. However, he would like to take a exit in a two-year-old car , changed into is permitted by the regulations. But he doesn’t want to deal with that until he has finished the season with McLaren.

Carlos Sainz

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Carlos Sainz would like to climb into the Ferrari early Zoom Download

“We’ll see. That’s my answer at the moment”, says the Spaniard. “When I have left McLaren for Ferrari, there will be a lot of thoughts behind the scenes about how I can get to the test drives and the first race as prepared as possible.”

A test in a racing car of 620 is definitely a possibility for him, “but I continue to give everything for McLaren and don’t want to be too distracted, changed into the future in January, February or March, “says Sainz.

Not enough preparation? Vettel carefree

According to him, the normal test plan is not sufficient for a proper preparation on every descend: “You learn the tricks of the car or of the steering wheel, even if you sit in the simulator a lot, “he says. “You have to get to know the team, so a day and a half is pretty little and probably not enough.”

“But it is what it is,” he adds. “We will have to adapt united states and we will have to find a way to ensure that we are as prepared as possible within the regulations.”

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Sebastian Vettel is not worried about it: “Worry? No, if it happens that way, that’s how it is”, he waves him away. “Over the years you get used to little driving time. Even if a day and a half doesn’t sound like much, you still get a lot of driving time,” says the German.

He emphasizes: “It’s the same for united statesalle And nowadays you can do a lot in advance. I guess that the key lies in preparing for the test and then for the first race. “


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