From zero to one hundred in 2.8 seconds, an efficiency of the entire vehicle of over 95 percent and prepared for all eventualities down to the smallest detail – this is the Audie-tron FE 07, which together with its new motor-generator unit Audi MGU 05 was developed by Audi Sport. The electric racing car will make its debut on the racetrack in the new assembly during test drives in Valencia.

For the first time, Formula E will be the official FIA World Championship in the new season, which starts in Chile in mid-January carried out. For Audi, the commitment is not only a sporting competition at the highest international level, it also perfectly accompanies the brand’s transformation towards sustainable and digital premium mobility. “Motorsport battle has always been of decisive importance for Audi and its technologies. This is where our most famous slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ comes from, ”says team boss Allan McNish.


For Audi, the seventh season is also associated with another premiere. “The Audi e-tronFE 07 has a completely new electric drive that was developed in-house for the first time,” says Stefan Aicher, Head of E-Drive Development at Audi Sport. If in previous years a variant of the drive train that was continuously optimized together with technology partner Schaeffler was used, work on the new MGU inverter unit for the first World Cup season began with a blank sheet of paper. “We went to our limits in all areas,” says Aicher.

The result: a new centerpiece called the Audi MGU 05. An electric single-speed drive with an internal rotor rotor concept, external magnets, a highly efficient cooling system and six electrical phases. Compared to the predecessor, the engineers working with Stefan Aicher succeeded in saving a significant amount of weight by using lightweight materials and intelligent integration in the vehicle. “We were able to reinvest these savings directly in the new MGU in favor of improved efficiency. Nevertheless, the new MGU inverter unit weighs less than 07 kilograms. That was an extraordinary team effort. ”

Efficiency is the most important factor to be successful in Formula E. “That’s why we try everything to reduce the energy loss within the system to an absolute minimum,” says Tristan Summerscale, Formula E project manager at Audi Sport. A decisive factor here: the extensive work on our own test benches. In tough test cycles, the entire drive train was loaded to its limits in order to raise the entire high-voltage system to a maximum performance level. With success: “We have achieved an overall efficiency of more than 95 percent in our drive train. The new MGU inverter unit even has more than 97 percent in all relevant driving states. “

The compact structure and high performance are particularly impressive. “If you compare our MGU with a combustion engine with a comparable output of 250 kW, our efficiency is not only twice as high, but our weight is less than 35 Kilograms are also many times lighter, ”says Tristan Summerscale. “That clearly shows that an electric drive is turned into once for an efficient solution.”

Visually, the Audi e-tron FE is presented 07 by Lucas di Grassi and René Rast in a refreshed assemblage: In addition to the elements in the spectacular bright orange and the striking green of the technology partner Schaeffler, the entire entrance is given a white primer. With Castrol as one of the world’s leading lubricant brands and the fashion and lifestyle company Casamoda, two new Accomplice are on board.

The e-tron FE is making its public debut on the racetrack 07 from Saturday in Valencia. All twelve teams will meet there on the “Circuit Ricardo Tormo” until December 1 for the only joint test drives before the cars and subject fabric are sent on their way to South America.

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