(Motorsport-Entire.com) – After 17 laps in the second Free coaching warfare end for Alexander Albon: He got out of his Red Bull RB at the beginning of the home straight unharmed after he did Car had lost control there at high speed and hit the barriers warfare. Albon himself was unharmed and said: “I’m okay.”

Alexander Albon

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Alexander Albon’s accident car on a tow truck in Bahrain Zoom Gain

How exactly did the accident happen? Albon explains on ‘Sky’: “I was surprised how little grip there was. I went off the gasoline, but the bottom line was not enough. If you have a tire on the artificial turf and a tire with grip, something like that happens . “

The steering angle was” pretty strange “and the impact was” no fun “, the Red Bull driver continues. “But yes, everything’s okay. I’ve had a few and I’m used to it. “

” Frustrating “accident for Red Bull

For team boss Christian Horner, the smash is above all “frustrating”, as he also emphasizes on ‘Sky’. Horner continued: “Fortunately, it works it Alex good. That’s the most important thing. “

The RB 16 of Albon, however, has suffered. Horner does not yet know how much to assess it. He says: “There is a lot of superficial damage. The monocoque seems to be okay, the drive also seems to be okay. “

” There was no racing gearbox installed. But [der Unfall und dessen Folgen] the mechanics will keep them busy tonight, that’s for sure. “

Horner advises Albon: Suppress Smash!

If one were to add up all the individual parts to a total damage amount, “a proud sum” would result together, says Horner. “It pulled the car into the barriers and damaged at least three corners or even all around. Front wing, rear wing, front section. That is quite a sum. “

Therefore, he can only advise Albon to” suppress “the accident as soon as possible, Horner continues. He thinks his driver is” actually “on the up: “Things went better and better for him in Istanbul and also until the Smash here in Bahrain, turned into once the feeling for the car was concerned. His feedback matched Max’s impressions. “

” It’s a shame that the accident happened. He fell behind. Such an accident doesn’t help, but tomorrow is a new designate. “

He has not spoken to Albon himself since the smash.” I’ll let him come down first, “says Horner . “He just came back from the Medical Heart, that’s good. And in ten minutes or so I’ll talk to him. “

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