FIA Scheme 2: Hello and welcome to the press conference with the head three qualifiers for this weekend’s FIA Scheme 2 Feature Bustle here in Bahrain. We are joined by pole-sitter Callum Ilott for UNI-Virtuosi, in 2d plight is Felipe Drugovich for MP Motorsport, and third is Dan Ticktum for DAMS. Callum, pole plight and presumably more importantly, four aspects for you within the Championship fight. You were almost 0.4s sure of the entire field. Try to be elated with that lap?

Callum Ilott: Yeah. It made the comfort of the session a cramped bit more relaxed, from a plight level of look. Obviously, I mediate loads of of us had disorders looking out to relief. I mediate both the wind or the note prerequisites modified loads. For me to drag out a lap cherish that, after no longer having a commended note, became as soon as undoubtedly shapely. Massive attributable to the group for striking the whole lot collectively, making it work for me and giving me a automotive that I’m able to region some shapely lap times in.

FIA Scheme 2: As soon as we inquire of at the Championship image, Mick (Schumacher) is a prolonged manner relief within the midfield. Yuki is appropriate at the aid of the grid after complications this day. Would maybe it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe presumably presumably even contain predicted this day going any larger from your level of look?

Callum: No, it be beautiful shapely.

FIA Scheme 2: What are your nerves cherish appropriate now? Are you relaxed, are you relieved with the manner this day’s gone, or contain you ever a cramped of apprehensive vitality forward of the weekend?

Callum: To be true I design no longer contain any nerves. It would no longer undoubtedly… I’ve peaceable received another weekend after this even I design a shapely job. It would no longer alternate that from that side. From that side, it be gone well this day. The note became as soon as no longer so shapely, so after that I became as soon as bit cherish, “this is able to maybe maybe be a cramped more durable.” After surroundings that first lap I became as soon as more cherish, “I undoubtedly contain some expertise over again!”

FIA Scheme 2: Congratulations this day. Felipe, it be the third time it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe presumably presumably even contain got suited on the front row for the Feature Bustle this season. How pleased are you with that session?

Felipe Drugovich: I’m undoubtedly pleased. I mediate after Sochi we were a cramped bit panicked about the waddle. To be shapely, we design no longer know what went on there, nonetheless we didn’t contain any waddle. Coming to here, I mediate we did the identical job as repeatedly and we’re up there. I’m undoubtedly pleased with that. The group worked stressful cherish repeatedly. Typically we contain got the waddle for Qualifying, now we contain got to work on it for the races and strive and contain shapely waddle whereas limiting the tyre degradation.

FIA Scheme 2: Obviously Free Be conscious became as soon as a cramped scrappy this day with interruptions and the weather, nonetheless how design you feel the speed waddle is? Is a basic podium in a Feature Bustle on the cards for you day after as of late?

Felipe: Hopefully! I will’t predict anything. I could staunch strive and design the identical job as repeatedly, strive and optimise the whole lot we contain got, the entire files that we contain gathered from Qualifying and Free Be conscious, and we’ll jog from there.

FIA Scheme 2: Upright safe fortune, thank you. Dan, transferring on to you. Or no longer it’s the 2d time it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe presumably presumably even contain got suited within the head three this one year, and there became as soon as 0.027 seconds between your self and sixth plight. Did it became as soon as that conclude? Used to be it intense within the market this day?

Dan Ticktum: No, I didn’t know. You contain made me loads happier undoubtedly! Sochi became as soon as beautiful disastrous from a one-lap waddle level of look. The speed waddle became as soon as shapely, nonetheless in Qualifying we were 17th. It became as soon as staunch disastrous, and I mediate we contain struggled with Qualifying all one year undoubtedly. To be here is shapely. On the pre-season check we were beautiful helpful. I hadn’t pushed a automotive for a truly prolonged time and we were repeatedly across the head 10, so I knew we were going to be okay here, nonetheless the one-lap waddle at the check peaceable wasn’t commended. We now contain indubitably made some commended enhancements from a bunch standpoint. Be conscious stroke a chord in my memory of my immediate time in Massive Scheme to be true. It became as soon as staunch absolute carnage. No person became as soon as getting out of the manner for your push laps, all people became as soon as causing pink flags, of us spinning… I did one lap I mediate in 45 minutes. The automotive felt very balanced, so I knew we were going to be decent, nonetheless then you indubitably alternate compound for Qualifying and that infrequently has proved to be a bigger alternate than infrequently we would ask. I own it became as soon as a extremely unfamiliar Qualifying session. Typically, the whole lot will get quicker as your progress and also you jog on to the 2d region of tyres and also you jog quicker. It became as soon as your entire opposite here. It became as soon as cherish he (Ilott) nailed a lap and started shedding oil all the scheme thru the plight or one thing! I design no longer know… I did a beautiful shapely job. I design no longer mediate I’m able to contain challenged Callum, nonetheless if I would nailed it I mediate presumably I’m able to contain received 2d. I’m pleased with the build I am.

FIA Scheme 2: Effectively performed this day. By manner of speed performances, within the Speed Bustle it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe presumably presumably even contain got had podiums and wins nonetheless you design no longer contain a podium within the Feature Bustle yet. Is that a purpose for these final two rounds? Make you region any targets for these?

Dan: Yeah, I mediate all my aspects this season contain come from reverse grid races besides ones I have been disqualified in. I would be pleased to get a gain in a Feature Bustle to be true. That would be shapely manner of doing it, I understand it be no longer the final round, nonetheless within the final couple of rounds. I mediate the group deserve it. We now contain worked very stressful over this season. Or no longer it’s been a extremely tricky one for all of us. I’m staunch going to design my safe. I could take care of it how I take care of every and each speed. If I became as soon as scuffling with for the Championship, I would take care of it the identical manner. Or no longer it’s staunch looking out to lift the appropriate quantity of threat and create as high up because it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe presumably presumably beautiful important! Straightforward as that.

FIA Scheme 2: Thanks very important. Callum, staunch returning to you. As all people’s talked about, we had a cramped of a scrappy Free Be conscious session this weekend. How important finding out were you doing in that Qualifying session, and the very most sensible scheme many unknowns does it imply there are going into the speed?

Callum: I did reasonably minimal finding out. I hadn’t pushed anything within the 2 months, no longer even a simulator, because I could maybe well no longer get to Italy to employ the simulator for the reason that entire flights were cancelled. It became as soon as shapely to get the three and a half of laps that I did in note, and the 2 note begins… For sure price it. On the other hand it helped, because obviously I received pole. It became as soon as a shapely three and a half of laps.

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