Foto: Pirelli
Photo: Pirelli

At the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend (27. – 29. November) and the final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (11. – 13. December) all drivers can use the Pirelli Formula 1 tires of the specification 2021 test carried out by the FIA ​​after the test in the second session of free practice in Portuguese Portimao were homologated last month.

According to the vote that included the article 24. 1 of the sports regulations modified, Pirelli will receive two sets of C3 tires per car for the Bahrain Grand Prix of the year 2021. Both sets can be used in either the first or second session of free practice at the discretion of the teams. For a minimum run of six timed laps each. In addition, at least one of these two sets must be used for six timed laps in the second session, even if it was already driven in the first session. The tire pressures for the test are for the front tires 21 psi (i.e. 1.5 psi less than the current specification of 2020) and for the rear tires 20, 5 psi (0.5 psi less than the current specification of 2020).


In Abu Dhabi one Set of tires in compound C4 for 2021 delivered in the second session of free practice may only be used for a minimum stint of eight timed laps.

These tires for the season 2021 every driver receives on both race weekends in addition to the standard contingent. It contains two sets of P Zero White (hard), three sets of P Zero Yellow (medium) and eight sets of P Zero Red (soft) per car.


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