(Motorsport-Complete.com) – “The last lap in Q3 was pretty good. I couldn’t find much more,” says Valtteri Bottas. “That was the feeling when I crossed the line.” A look at the timesheet, however, revealed: team-mate Lewis Hamilton was able to drive around three tenths of a second faster in qualifying in Bahrain ( Formula 1 620 are residing in the ticker ).

Valtteri Bottas

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Valtteri Bottas managed to come second in Bahrain Zoom Derive

“I was quite surprised when I saw the distance”, the Finn has to admit, but immediately has a possible explanation ready: “I think we have a different draw-up than Lewis. ” According to him, this is not at all unusual: “Sometimes it is quickly the same, sometimes it is different.”

For Bottas this is not only an explanation, but also a hope for the race. “We’ll see if it will make a difference for tomorrow,” he says and has to admit that he hasn’t been able to keep up with the seven-time world champion this weekend.

“He generally had a very good weekend. I felt like I definitely have the slouch, but I couldn’t bring it together, “he says. “It felt like I brought it together in the end, but it wasn’t enough.”

Of course the whole Formula 1 world is wondering how to stop Lewis Hamilton right now can – also Bottas. “I’ve tried my best. You only win if you try everything,” he says, exercising optimism: “From second on the grid there are all possibilities, but you need a perfect race. I’ll try and not give up.”

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff fears that his protégé could have worse cards than Max Verstappen on the Initiate up tomorrow, who will start behind him on the better side.

“But I think our biggest venture is that we overheated more in the long runs than the Purple Bull. And they have a second hard tire,” Wolff continued. “So purely in terms of strategy, they certainly have an advantage, and also from the draw-up of the car.” But that should actually be Bottas’ great probability towards Hamilton …

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