FIA Formula 2: Hiya and welcome to the clicking convention with the tip three finishers in this day’s FIA Formula 2 Feature Slide right here in Bahrain. We’re joined by flee winner Felipe Drugovich for MP Motorsport, in second location is Callum Ilott for UNI-Virtuosi, and third is Jehan Daruvala for Carlin. Felipe, congratulations. Your first Feature Slide victory in Formula 2. What are your emotions impartial now?

Felipe Drugovich: I’m top-notch extraordinarily overjoyed. After a flee admire Sochi, we did not ask the rest for this weekend. Coming into right here with P2 in Quali, after which a flee admire right here is top-notch amazing for me. Also, three wins within the Championship in a rookie season is pretty impartial I mediate. I’m in actuality proud of it. I mediate that’s top-notch what I’ve learnt since Spherical 1. Every time top-notch hanging it collectively, making improvements to a chunk bit extra right here and there, and that’s the final consequence.

FIA Formula 2: Abilities is clearly serving to rather as we get later within the year but your tyre administration, in both stints, used to be elegant. Become once there one thing that’s modified coming into this weekend that’s helped you develop that?

Felipe: As I suggested you, obviously, I switch the diminutive issues but it completely’s top-notch issues you on the total be taught at some stage within the season. I mediate or not it’s top-notch hanging the total lot collectively, attempting to maintain watch over it in every stage of the stint. Also, there’s the suppose of the be conscious, the place to push, the place to not push and yeah, I mediate that’s on the total it.

FIA Formula 2: Congratulations, effectively performed this day. Callum, shifting on to you. Starting from pole, I do know that you can relish wished victory, but Felipe regarded admire he top-notch had too grand lunge this day. How used to be the flee from your point of view?

Callum Ilott: I obtained a impartial start up after which into the first corner I braked a chunk bit too slack. I top-notch did not get the impartial line, and Felipe obtained below me. Then he drove an improbable first stint, and I used to be attempting to live with him, but I mediate a mix of attempting to live to shut to him and that killed my tyres. The high tyre autos overtook me. I extra or much less let them past as a result of or not it’s better to not fight at this point. We made up our minds to poke for the sooner field, which I mediate used to be the pinnacle-notch ingredient for me at the time. I had a terribly unfriendly pitstop. The front left wasn’t happening, so I lost pretty rather of time there. I came out of the sphere and the vehicle felt improbable, so I top-notch pushed and pushed to relish a examine out and undercut Felipe. I top-notch about managed it with just a few errors from him. After that his fresher tyres top-notch obtained the easier of me. I held on from there. Jehan used to be struggling with lots, so that can presumably well additionally it pretty simple for me to top-notch sit down again and hang on there. Total, it used to be an improbable flee from the crew and an improbable flee from Felipe as effectively.

FIA Formula 2: You talked about Jehan holding on, but also the real fact that you needed to let the high runners poke. How advanced is that to assemble when one amongst them is your fundamental title rival, and methods are difference at that segment of the flee?

Callum: Piece of me top-notch desires to top-notch send it straight in, but I am unable to assemble that! It be better to top-notch wait and peep what occurs in actuality. After having such an k stint on the medium I used to be pondering that it would be so lots better on the primes, and I used to be impartial. It used to be better to not sacrifice the rest then and peep what I would possibly presumably well additionally assemble on the primes.

FIA Formula 2: Neatly performed this day. Jehan, congratulations. Your first podium in Formula 2. What a performance in those closing laps, holding off Mick (Schumacher). Moral how stressful used to be that battle?

Jehan Daruvala: It obtained in actuality shut at the tip, but really, I in actuality wished the podium as a result of I have not had one but this year. At this stage of the Championship he has lots extra to lose than I relish, so I used to be top-notch being as aggressive as I would possibly presumably well additionally. We left every a form of top-notch about ample room to get around. I knew that if I would possibly presumably well additionally top-notch hang on just a few laps extra he’ll also struggle at the tip. He used to be on his option tyres, and expectantly they would start up fading away.

FIA Formula 2: You confirmed masses of flashes of this form of performance at some stage within the year, but not continuously with the tip consequence to compare it. How cosy are you to spend home a trophy lastly?

Jehan: It feels impartial. I mediate within the last few rounds I can peep I have been making growth. Even Sochi used to be a mountainous step ahead. It feels impartial. Moral to sum up the flee, equally to Callum I struggled lots on the selection tyres in comparison to the high guys around me. As soon as I obtained on to the primes I top-notch did my relish flee and at the tip it top-notch labored out ravishing grand.

FIA Formula 2: Congratulations, effectively performed this day. Felipe top-notch returning to you. You talked about after the Qualifying session the day earlier than this day that it’s doubtless you’ll presumably well additionally impartial relish on the total been hasty over one lap but not continuously been ready to retain that across a Feature Slide. How grand does this consequence relief your private confidence?

Felipe: I mediate it helps lots yeah. Every time we went into a Feature Slide and there used to be one thing. Many times it used to be a pitstop and it did not poke effectively, or with tyre administration and presumably I did not assemble a top-notch job. Also the begins weren’t there. I mediate this time we top-notch obtained the total lot impartial, and that helps me lots with confidence. I mediate or not it’s now about carrying on to the next races, attempting to assemble the identical or even better. It ought to be fun.

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