(Motorsport-Entire.com) – “Alex struggled well, especially after yesterday’s incident.” With these words, Crimson Bull team boss Christian Horner praises his driver Alexander Albon, who won the Bahrain Colossal Prix 2020 ( follow all Formula 1 races in the free live ticker! ) will start from P4. Albon was not better classified in the starting grid this year.

Alexander Albon

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Alexander Albon in qualifying in Bahrain: He starts the race from set four Zoom Download

Whether an imprint after his training crash in Bahrain resonates with something like relief Albon is asked. “Maybe,” he says. However, his assign in the qualifying is not a big surprise.

“To be honest: The first coaching was already pretty good, as was the third coaching [mit P4], “explains Albon.” So fourth place didn’t seem unrealistic to me. I thought it was possible before qualifying. “

Now Albon wants Mercedes annoy

P4 means: Albon starts on Sunday right next to his Crimson Bull teammate Max Verstappen, who was in the qualifying duel on 15: 0. The gap this time: almost six tenths of a second.

Albon is still in good spirits. That he was finally able to ensure starting position four, was “naturally nice,” says Albon, and says: “The car feels good this weekend. Especially today it clicked again. “

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“And P4 is great. Hopefully we can use it to disrupt the Mercedes strategy. “How exactly Albon imagines this, he leaves open.

After the smash not yet again at 100 Percent

His main concern is to be with to heat his chassis, which was replaced as a result of the accident, as quickly as possible. He has not yet achieved the ideal state here, as he explains.

“The car is me [auch im Qualifying] still slightly broken out, especially in the places where it is not needed. So I often had to take off the gas as well. Of course: We had less track time than expected, so I had to catch up with the new chassis. But it didn’t go badly. “

He hadn’t had any concerns before the chassis change. In a top team like Crimson Bull, there would be no big differences in environmental fabric” “said Albon.” It’s more about the assert-up and your feeling, in addition to your self-confidence. Of course you want to get along quickly. “

Racing driver philosophy after an accident

With his progress and the conversion to the new chassis from the third free coaching he is ” very satisfied “and continues:” I made a stupid mistake yesterday. But I knew that I could tick that off quickly. “

This is exactly what Formula 1 is all about: “On the one hand, you have to stand up for a mistake, but leave it behind you as soon as possible, “says Albon.

In the second Friday practice, he went off the road at the end of the target curve and had an accident When hitting the barriers his Crimson Bull RB 16 was extensively damaged

But all that is quickly forgotten. “You apologize, but at the same time you concentrate on the following imprint,” says Albon. “You think about how the car was before the smash, what you have to work on so that it can go on again in the third coaching session. That is the attitude.”

“It doesn’t make sense to think about it for a long time or to have regrets. None of that helps.”

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