1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull)


(Performed by David Coulthard) 

Q: Max, a in actuality acquainted qualifying scheme for you. It did survey at one level equivalent to you had been in actuality placing Valtteri below stress for that front row. Did you allow something out on the trip music?

Max VERSTAPPEN: No, I don’t reflect so. My lap changed into relatively moral, lawful lacking a diminutive of rear grip in the decrease tempo corners to my liking. Overall I reflect it changed into moderately a tight qualifying and let’s survey how we can bound the next day in the trip on narrative of it is extremely onerous on tyres, so I am hoping we made the lawful compromise on that.

Q: You reveal you made the compromise so what can we interrogate the next day? From what you’ve considered thru free observe how onerous are you able to push the Mercedes?

MV: It’s repeatedly a diminutive sophisticated to assert. I undoubtedly attain reflect they picked up their tempo at the present time so the next day it will probably presumably be onerous to beat however now we absorb assorted tyres readily in the market so let’s survey whether or no longer that works to our advantage or no longer. I lawful hope it will probably presumably be a thrilling trip; that’s the greatest ingredient.

Q: Your teammate Alex traces up beside you, as a relish of rear gunner. Does that give you additional strengthen for of us that are going into what’s a tricky first nook right here.

MV: Yeah, smartly let’s survey what happens. I’ll lawful are trying to level of curiosity on myself and take a look at out to prevent shut to the Mercedes autos and I’ll survey if any individual can observe us.

Q: Valtteri, smartly list of the season in actuality. It is probably you’ll presumably presumably also be shut however lawful a diminutive of bit lacking in the outright performance to Lewis. You’ve got the different to survey the are residing details all thru qualifying, where had been you greater than Lewis on the lap and where did he absorb the legs on you at the present time?

Valtteri BOTTAS: I don’t in actuality know in point of fact. It felt moral and that’s the enviornment, when it feels moral and that you just is also extracting all the pieces out of the auto however the lap time is no longer there. That’s essentially the most confusing phase. Yeah, I’m able to’t in actuality reveal essential for the time being. There had been no errors and the closing lap I thought changed into in actuality moral. It’s lawful like dinky issues right here and there. There’s no one nice nook, so I want to hunt out out, however no longer no longer as a lot as it’s one more front row lock-out for us.

Q: That offers you an ethical different as it is a tricky trip all the procedure down to that first nook. It sounds to me that instinctively that changed into a comely lap and likewise you reveal the time is lawful no longer there. Build you suspect that you just will need an underlying distress in phrases of the performance of the auto or attain you suspect it’s lawful a form of issues, at the present time the auto doesn’t give you the feedback?

VB: I don’t reflect there’s any underlying distress in actuality with the performance of the auto. I reflect it’s there and the long runs had been moral so I’m having a watch forward to the next day.

Q: Lewis, your 98th pole. By the ruin of the season you also can just absorb executed a century. That will probably be a staunch amount to spherical out what has been a championship-winning year. It doesn’t survey like the celebration of winning that seventh title slowed you down any!

Lewis HAMILTON: That’s on narrative of I didn’t in actuality absorb time too essential. I in actuality didn’t absorb time to be honest. I changed into practicing and making sure I changed into ready for this; conserving my recommendations and my survey on the ball. Here is the continuation of what we’re ready to realize together as a crew. I proceed to be amazed by my guys that work so onerous weekend-in, weekend-out. Now they’re away from their households for three weeks. In spite of the seasons throw at us it’s repeatedly a extremely tricky year and I savor them. To be out right here in Bahrain and place laps like that together… I came at the present time and I changed into like ‘let’s lawful absorb relaxing and expertise’. That’s the greatest ingredient: to expertise what you is also doing. I reflect with the stress a diminutive of bit off, it’s a diminutive of a originate to bound and pressure like I lawful did.

Q: I’ve heard you sooner than that you just’ve never pushed the correct lap. That you aspire to it however there’s repeatedly somewhere you also can just absorb improved. So what changed into this Bahrain pole like?

LH: What changed into the lap like?

Q: If there changed into extra time to be received, can even you? And why didn’t you?

LH: I’m on the standard edge naturally. You know the device in which it is on a lap. It’s about making an are trying to hunt out that marvelous balance. You obtain to want to raise moderately loads on the procedure in and defend the exit. You obtain to want to absorb your cake and relish it. It’s about lawful chipping away in any admire of it thru the lap. I reflect the lap began off in actuality smartly. There changed into potentially a diminutive of little bit of time in Flip 1. Only a diminutive of underperformed I would reveal a diminutive of bit in direction of the apex however after that it changed into moral. Six changed into a diminutive of sluggish; I potentially could even absorb long gone a diminutive of greater there. I will even snort you thru the lap and I’m able to expose you there is repeatedly a diminutive of bit right here and there however the next lap I exit perhaps I’ll enhance there and lose in other places. In any other case it changed into a in actuality trim lap. I generally stayed about two and a half of tenths up for the length of it, so I changed into in actuality joyful with it.


Q: Lewis, a tall lap to taker the 98th pole of your career and your 10th of 2020. You stumbled on half of a second to your closing lap of Q3. How joyful had been you with the device in which all of it came together?

LH: Yeah, smartly it has been an ethical weekend to this level in phrases of the steps now we absorb taken and realizing the auto. It changed into moderately an advanced day the old day, with observe and the usage of assorted tyres; it changed into quiet confusing. However at the present time has been an ethical day. We did some in actuality moral work in a single day and the decisions we took after P3 into qualifying had been relatively place on. I changed into in actuality joyful with the auto from the salvage-bound in Q1. The total laps had been moral and then I got to Q3 and Q3 trip one changed into OK, however there changed into various room for development. Fortunately I managed to realize that on the closing night, so in actuality joyful with that and in actuality grateful to the fellows who I reflect this weekend appear a diminutive of bit extra relaxed, naturally, as the stress is off. I reflect we’re all taking part in it loads extra. It’s undoubtedly extra staunch for of us that don’t absorb the stress as essential and likewise you also can lawful attain what you attain to the very top of your skill with none further added stress.

Q: After the slippery conditions of Turkey closing day out, how essential relaxing changed into it to push on a music like this?

LH: Oh man, it’s been night and day. To transfer from there to right here where it’s a extremely aggressive music surface on our tyres, naturally. It’s no longer even too hot right here. In times sooner than now we absorb strategy right here and it’s been 50˚C or 60˚C, music temp I mean. The music is no longer even at 30˚C. However it surely’s high-tempo corners and there’s a amount of surface temperature that we make with these tyres. That’s why you survey us going out and doing these laps, lend a hand to what we stale to realize earlier on in the season. The automobile feels so essential greater when the tyres are working naturally, so I essential most well-liked driving this weekend.

Q: Valtteri, you pulled yourself onto the front row in the loss of life moments of the session. Just snort us thru the lap at the ruin of Q3?

VB: The tip of Q3 lap changed into in point of fact in actuality moral. It felt like there changed into no longer essential extra to in actuality acquire, that changed into the feeling after I crossed the line, so I changed into joyful with that. However obviously it wasn’t ample for pole and I changed into moderately taken aback after I saw the gap. I reflect we ended up with moderately assorted location-ups, with Lewis, and we’ll survey if that makes any incompatibility the next day. He’s had a extremely moral weekend total, every session and your complete time I’ve had the feeling that I undoubtedly absorb the tempo however I haven’t moderately place all of it together. I got it together at the ruin however obviously it wasn’t ample.

Q: Is it outlandish for Lewis and likewise you to absorb assorted location-ups?

VB: No, below no circumstances. There absorb been times when it has been practically the same and times when it has been assorted. That’s the device in which it goes.

Q: Max lawful one tenth of a second off Valtteri in P2. How moral changed into your closing lap in Q3?

MV: Yeah, it changed into alright to be honest. Just following a diminutive the music development and stuff and yeah, no longer essential to assert in actuality, it changed into alright.

Q: Are you joyful in conjunction with your car’s performance relative to the Mercedes to this level this weekend?

MV: you mostly want extra. However it surely’s extra well-known to lawful stop realistic and work on the diminutive issues, lawful? And there is obviously quiet some work to realize. Overall, I reflect the weekend generally changed into relatively sure, lawful lacking a diminutive of bit too essential in qualifying I reflect. I don’t know why that changed into exactly. We want to hunt out out. However first we’ll survey what we are able to realize the next day. It’s moderately aggressive on tyres right here so optimistically it will probably presumably be moderately an entertaining trip.

Q: Build you suspect you is also in the running for victory the next day?

MV: Here is repeatedly sophisticated to assert for the time being. First we’ll absorb an ethical sleep and then uncover the next day.

Q: How essential music evolution changed into there all thru the session?

MV: I reflect in the starting place in Q1 it changed into in actuality agreeable, on narrative of you ought to pressure off the rubber of the old categories. I don’t know what changed into driving sooner than, the Porsches I reflect. I changed into regarded as among the first autos on direction, which changed into perhaps no longer the very top different however the lap changed into moral ample. From Q2 to Q3 the steps had been smaller however the evolution changed into there.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Are waiting for for both Mercedes drivers. You potentially did a amount of testing the old day with the 2021 Pirelli tyre. Build you suspect you is also a diminutive on the lend a hand foot in phrases of trip simulations for this weekend?

VB: I would reveal that we compromised performance for this weekend to investigate cross-take a look at to compare the tyres which could be the tyres for subsequent year. Obviously as a crew now we absorb received the Constructors’. Lewis has received the Driver’s so it’s greater to level of curiosity on the long trip. So, for sure a diminutive of bit compromised as you’re making an are trying assorted tyres. As a driver it’s extra sophisticated to hunt out the rhythm and, for sure, we lacked a diminutive of long runs with the auto on tyres. I have confidence about we quiet absorb a sturdy car however, as repeatedly, there is ask marks. I reflect Crimson Bull is relatively moral on the trip tempo.

Lewis, extra ask marks on narrative of running the prototype tyre the old day?

LH: Pretty like what Valtteri mentioned. Naturally, it’s a dinky compromise however I reflect finally it changed into the lawful decision for us in phrases of the findings and the learnings that we made up our minds to investigate cross-take a look at to create. I’m relatively joyful with where I absorb my car, I reflect. It’s no longer the first time we’ve raced right here so we’ll absorb lawful develop attain with what now we absorb. The Crimson Bull’s and Max absorb been extremely immediate this weekend, as we’ve considered thru observe. I reflect perhaps in the trip they’re potentially sooner than us, so we can survey that the next day. With a diminutive of luck it’s shut between us.

MV: On the least you truly liked driving the prototype tyres, lawful?

LH: [laughs] How did you want it?

MV: I thought I changed into having difficulties – and then I changed into in the lend a hand of you, and then I saw you driving and thought ‘mmmm… I reflect I’m moral’.

LH: Yeah… drifting.

MV: Perchance they ought to develop it a waft championship subsequent year…

Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Are waiting for for Lewis please. It is probably you’ll presumably presumably also salvage to a century of poles sooner than the ruin of the year, so with the title in the internet, how essential of a motivating ingredient is that and the device in which proud would you be of reaching three figures? It’s a feat that no other driver has got any place shut to to doing sooner than.

LH: I in actuality haven’t even thought that some distance, and honestly I reflect it’s been this kind of fundamental year so something from now is lawful an added bonus. I reflect it’s shut between the three of us and we’ve got a couple of tricky races sooner than us, I reflect, also. It’s no longer something I’m inquisitive about. I’ll salvage there lastly however it’s no longer well-known it’s in the next two – however I’ll be pushing as onerous as I’m able to, that’s for sure.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Dash) Are waiting for for Lewis, and perhaps Valtteri if he’s got something to add. Mercedes mentioned it’s stopped increasing the 2020 car a whereas ago – so is it dazzling to quiet absorb an wait on of several tenths over the Crimson Bull? And accomplish you interrogate the knock-on make to be fundamental as that obviously has an impact on preparations for 2021 and then you also can commit extra work subsequent year to 2022 etcetera, etcetera.

LH: I reflect… the ingredient is, we’re repeatedly studying about our car, even if we’re no longer bringing upgrades. They are quiet increasing, naturally, it is quiet essentially the the same car subsequent year so we’re repeatedly making an are trying to realize the characteristics of our car extra and the demands and issues that we want to transfer the auto forwards, so there’s a amount of labor that goes on in the background. Droop, now we haven’t introduced updates on narrative of there are shifts and adjustments for subsequent year and if undoubtedly is unbelievable that now we absorb been ready to proceed to enhance. While we’ve no longer introduced updates now we absorb persevered to enhance thru the season, in particular after we’ve stopped increasing the auto on narrative of we’re realizing the tyres extra and realizing your complete equipment an increasing number of and refining how we employ it an increasing number of, so I reflect it’s been a extremely consuming job – however that’s the device in which it generally goes. I reflect we’re in an ethical scheme in phrases of making an are trying to put together for subsequent year however I haven’t’ been to the wind tunnel or something, I haven’t been lend a hand to the manufacturing facility normally in any admire this year, so I haven’t any thought where the next equipment is – however I absorb naturally stout faith in the squad lend a hand at the manufacturing facility. However you’ve considered the Crimson Bulls also persevering with to enhance. I reflect they’ve a in actuality, very moral car and perhaps with some extra development of their engine I reflect they could even nearer subsequent year.

Valtteri, something you’d obtain to add?

VB: No, I reflect Lewis mentioned relatively essential all the pieces, nothing to add.

Max, are you taken aback by the gap to Mercedes?

MV: No, no longer in actuality. I mean we’re pushing onerous, obviously, to shut it however we know there are some weaknesses in the auto that we are able to’t fix this year so now we want to lend a hand till subsequent year. Obviously, I would absorb appreciated to be nearer however we’re lawful studying about this car. Obviously we know now we want to develop some adjustments for subsequent year and we can are trying to place all of it together for subsequent year and optimistically then we would be nearer.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Are waiting for to the 2 Mercedes drivers please, and following up on what Lewis mentioned at first up concerning the moral work you guys, or the crew, did in a single day. The crew also mentioned that you just didn’t attain essential or any location-up work on the autos on narrative of you had been focussed on realizing those 2021 tyres, so how essential did that trade what you had to realize for of us that lastly got out on direction in FP3 at the present time, and had been you quiet discovering coping with enhancements as qualifying went on?

LH: It felt like a take a look at day, a tyre take a look at reveal, the times that I generally am no longer a fan of. I abominate take a look at days…

MV: I love them!

LH: Oh God! Fortunately it did no longer closing too long, happily, however for of us that’re hopping between assorted tyres and likewise you’re feeling assorted issues, it makes it very sophisticated to know where the balance is. As you bound on from one to the next you put out of your mind what the balance is on the greatest tyre, which is the tyre that you just’re racing on, so it will probably presumably also be very, very confusing and, on occasion, disturbing. You’ve lawful got to comprise in recommendations what the just is. I quiet reflect that we got a tight amount of details at the ruin of the old day, and I didn’t feel too compromised in phrases of getting the placement-up for at the present time. Whenever you location the placement-up for qualifying obviously it is what it is – however I reflect we looked relatively moral with the path that we took, I reflect. By technique of where we’re the next day, we haven’t had any staunch long runs on the Medium or the Exhausting tyre, so it will probably presumably be consuming to survey how that goes the next day.


VB: Yeah, you undoubtedly lose some time for the placement-up work however it’s nothing fresh in actuality, this season. We’ve had races where it’s been racing on Friday or trip weekend with lawful one observe however having a watch lend a hand this weekend, if I’d absorb had one extra session I’d absorb potentially tried something assorted based on the final consequence at the present time in qualifying – however the rule is for of us that qualify, you also can’t trade the auto from now on, that’s what it is, however I lawful in actuality hope it’s moral for the trip comely.

Q: (Ben Hunt – The Sun) A ask from reminiscence right here however I reflect that changed into Lewis’s tenth pole of the season, now procuring for his 11th obtain of the year. I lawful puzzled is there’s something that Valtteri and Max reflect that they might be able to attain lawful to terminate him in his tracks on narrative of we know he’s trip away with the title however he retains winning even now that the stress of that has long gone? Is there something that they might be able to attain to terminate him?

VB: Is there something to terminate Lewis? Obviously there, we’re making an are trying. I’ve tried my simplest and even if he’s got the title this year, radiant him from the old years and the device in which he’s as a racing driver and the device in which most racing drivers are – you’re right here to acquire, you are making an are trying all the pieces you also can – and I’m right here to acquire as smartly. I do know that starting from second on the grid, there’s your complete alternatives however you wish a marvelous trip. For sure, we’ll push onerous and take a look at out to no longer stop. I’m relatively sure that’s what Max is thinking as smartly.

MV: Nicely, I reflect, as Lewis is showing, he’s undoubtedly regarded as among the very top drivers ever in System 1 however for the time being I don’t absorb the the same, like, equal probabilities, let’s reveal it like that. That doesn’t raise away something from Lewis however yeah, I’m lawful pushing as onerous as I’m able to with the fabric I absorb and customarily it’s nearer, normally it’s a diminutive further away. Some races it looks to be like relatively aggressive. On the present time changed into less aggressive.

Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Lewis, all thru qualifying we can even survey on the driving force performance page that the first mini sectors of your pole lap in point of fact weren’t quicker than the one sooner than, entirely in direction of the ruin of the first sector you in point of fact began to push. Used to be that a awake decision to place tyres or did you lawful mess up in the first nook?

LH: Hunh. Attention to component, that’s tall component.

MV: It sure is like +0.005s or something

LH: Nicely, I bet I’m able to’t in actuality answer that too smartly on narrative of it’s giving freely trade secrets. I’m able to expose you that I didn’t develop any errors. Spy, we attain these in actuality sluggish out laps and each time we’re making an are trying to absorb the tyres in the optimum window for the start up and each time we exit, they might be able to fluctuate between one and five degrees so most of generally the final consequence of that discrepancy is tyre temp and in addition they generally salvage smartly to a diploma in the lap and then they start going over temp and then you start up struggling with the tyre a diminutive of bit extra and so as that’s about a of the acknowledge.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Just concerning the 2021 tyres – that is for all three of you – many of the drivers appear to absorb been relatively heart-broken with them. Is there any going to be any stress or has there already been any stress utilized to Pirelli or the teams to stay with the fresh tyres subsequent year?

LH: Near on Max, give it what you’ve got man. Near on. We would like you.  

MV: You obtain to absorb me to repeat what I mentioned the old day? I reflect it’s well-known that we snort about this stuff, ? Yeah, I reflect that’s the greatest… we lawful want to chat to Pirelli and I am hoping in addition they listen a diminutive to the drivers. We anyway are reducing the downforce with the flooring, lawful, so I reflect naturally the stress on the tyres will probably be a diminutive less. I mean with the stress we trip in the tyres anyway it’s nearly like a balloon, so I don’t reflect you also can bound essential increased so I don’t reflect we want… smartly, if they could be sooner than yeah, huge, unbelievable, however I don’t reflect they’re and naturally the autos need to no longer fully location up for these tyres however honestly, the adaptation we had the old day in observe is no longer location-up, equivalent to you also can alter about a issues however if the tyre is no longer turning, it’s no longer working, then you also can turn the auto upside, it’s no longer going to be the the same tempo. Yeah. I am hoping we are able to’t employ them however let’s survey. Used to be that answer?

LH: I already mentioned too essential the old day about it. The realm is for me is that I – I mentioned it the old day – I survey your complete guys from Pirelli and I in actuality absorb so essential admire for the fellows right here. I reflect I’ve got an ethical relationship with practically all of them. It’s sophisticated for us drivers to assert… we are trying to be constructive, we are trying to be supportive in the lend a hand and nothing adjustments. After which even as soon as we’re asserting something no longer too sure in the media nothing adjustments so… I attain miss the tyre warfare that stale to happen in System 1. I reflect with that it’s huge. Whilst you don’t absorb any competition you’ve got no one to snide yourself on. Just take into consideration us as a crew or for Max and his crew and none of us had been right here, they wouldn’t produce as they attain now on narrative of they’re chasing and competing in opposition to other of us. System 1 desires to realize something assorted finally and that’s something we want to realize.

VB: There’s no longer essential extra to add. Obviously our realizing with the fresh tyres, the fundamental incompatibility changed into in phrases of reliability, in exclaim that they got loads heavier like lawful on narrative of there’s extra cloth to investigate cross-take a look at and prevent any punctures or failures that we had which is a in actuality well-known ingredient, however then on the different hand, the performance changed into no longer moderately there, as expected, so moderately loads slower and never that nice feeling to pressure. I wasn’t a agreeable fan of those tyres, for my share, however obviously… I don’t know who decides in the ruin what tyres we’re going to be the usage of subsequent year however we’ll survey.

LH: Can I lawful reveal that the tyre that we attain absorb lawful now it’s been a extremely moral tyre, it in actuality has. It’s been the very top tyre that Pirelli has given us aside from that hyper or ultra or whatever it changed into, the hypersoft, which changed into an ethical compound for one lap, it changed into relatively suited. I’m for my share joyful to proceed with the tyre that now we absorb. Obviously we would want extra grip transferring forwards however that’s undoubtedly no longer what we’ve been given to this level.


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