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I sight rather a few comments criticizing the work of the fire crew at Romain Grosjean‘s wreck today. I in point of fact as a hearth fighter would purchase to articulate what occurred and with any luck elevate some awareness, why it can presumably perchance perchance be all no longer as straightforward as it’ll also appear to the peek of the viewer.

First of all: Rember formative years, fire is sizzling. It’s miles in general sizzling even as you wear bunker tools, tackle these guys did. But more on that later.

Many of the critics we sight is that the first fire fighter to approach used to be no longer in a design to originate effective abet because he „used to be no longer finish adequate“ or used to be spraying in opposition to the route of the wind. Let me tell extra:

  1. He’s no longer equiped with the shining extinguisher. He’s the enlighten of a foam extinguisher which is usaully meant to be veteran to extinguish smaller fires where you’ll need to steer particular of detrimental other parts of the vehicles. It does a smartly fantastic job if the fire is enclosed, tackle under the hood of an F1 automobile. The nozzle is meant to spray in a grand wider attitude to originate the supreme lead to those conditions. But it completely is equally much less effective when veteran on an launch fire, since you‘re no longer in a design to assault from a distance.

  2. Fire is sizzling. And he approached the fire at once, and not using a shielding tackle the 2nd fire fighter from the opposite side of the armco. He had no likelihood to salvage any closer. Which also meant, his extinguisher used to be veteran ineffective due to the the spray sample of the nozzle. Since the nozzle is providing a gine spray of water with foaming agent, the combination is steamed prior to even reaching the fire. No one else even came finish to him on this side of the barrier, although there were other marshalls at this put up.

  3. Talking of the wind route: I indubitably possess never seen anyone carying tools to specify the wind route prior to extinguishing a automobile fire, in particular when a particular person is entrapped. As presently as you hit it, you know you‘re simply or unsuitable. I also issue the wind did no longer appear like very sturdy, relating to the route of the flames and the smoke sooner or later. If he had a powder extinguisher, his work would possess finished smartly.

Let‘s focus on relating to the 2nd fire fighter that approached from the opposite side of the armco and arrived on time with the medical automobile and at final providing the effective fire fighting that used to be required. Some critisized him because it gave the impact that the Doctor needed to abet him to salvage it willing.

  1. Getting an extinguisher willing takes a few seconds. It’s seemingly you’ll presumably perchance perchance want to use away a security seal, which differs from kind to kind.

  2. It’s miles never helpfull if of us stick their fingers within the work you‘re doing because it slows issues down. Let the of us elevate out their job, they in general know what to retain out.

I am hoping that cleared some issues up, because I chanced on the criticism rather harsh and incessantly unfair. I issue the did a smartly fantastic job relating to the conditions. But I issue we need to focus on about how the marshall posts are equipped.

Anyway, I‘m grateful that Romain did escape in a handy e-book a rough time and he‘s smiling again.

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