TEAM REPRESENTATIVES – Guenther STEINER (Haas), Toto WOLFF (Mercedes), Mario ISOLA (Pirelli)



Q: Toto, can we beginning with you please. How is the Champion, Lewis Hamilton, used to be he even watching FP1, attain you imagine?

Toto WOLFF: I don’t know – presumably now not, he has better things to realize than watching an FP1 session. He’s recuperating. I judge these first few days are continually severe whereas you buy Corona. I judge he’s OK. He used to be indicators but they’re rather soft.


Q: So, bringing it on to FP1 this evening, George Russell, if we could presumably perchance discuss him. Correct sum-up his growth, P1.

TW: FP1 used to be a staunch session for him. I imply, we now must aloof all americans down since it used to be a first session on a new and brief circuit. He delivered a extraordinarily solid job in what we anticipated from him on a single lap. The long runs were complicated with our vehicles anyway, complicated to genuinely assign a benchmark because Valtteri broke his automobile very early on within the session, wasn’t genuinely in a position to discontinue it effectively. So I would voice I am cheerful with what George has done. It’s about what we anticipated him to.


Q: Guenther, astronomical to Romain Grosjean relief within the paddock. Identical ask to you: attain you imagine he watched FP1?

Guenther STEINER:  No, I don’t judge so because he used to be within the gym, I texted with him at some stage within the session. I don’t know if he seen it, he’s in gym, looking out for to put together. That’s what he’s doing within the moment, so I judge he wasn’t.


Q: How does he favor to be within the auto in Abu Dhabi next week?

GS: I judge he goes hour by hour. He desires to be in, he doesn’t favor to be in. I let him judge and come up with how grand does he favor it. He’s coaching now, hoping to rep in a position to be within the auto.


Q: And the man replacing him, Pietro Fittipaldi, P19, staunch about a phrases summing up his first session.

GS: The duty used to be to exit there. He wasn’t in an F1 automobile since a yr now, staunch familiarise your self with it again, with the auto, now not even the discover, and staunch are trying to rep the real out. Sadly on his 2d jam of tyres, on the Relaxed ones, he locked up and flat-spotted a tyre and it wasn’t useable any longer, so we had to discontinue the session brief for him, which is now not thought – but he used to be thrown within the deep quit and or now not you will doubtless be in a position to have to dwell with that.


Q: Mario, coming to you, first up, how are you? You’ve had Covid for the reason that Turkish Huge Prix.

Mario ISOLA: I’m now OK – so that you just presumably can come closer. I’m feeling neatly, I’m OK. It lasted for a few weeks, as is the frequent, fortunately I had no indicators, staunch lost model and sense of scent and I had a few days with fever, but now I’m fully recovered. I had four negative tests, so that they’ll protect shut to me.


Q: You tried the prototype tyres right here final week. What conclusions did you plot?

MI:  I judge that all americans is conscious of the drivers made now not very certain feedback. I imagine the biggest mistake used to be now not to give them the gorgeous data on which used to be the aim of the take a look at. Obviously, we’re looking out for to gorgeous-tune the novel construction in whine to contend with the additional hundreds of the vehicles within the extinguish. We made up our minds together to work in two directions: one used to be on the technical facet to reduce the downforce for next yr; on the opposite facet to fortify the novel construction in whine to hold more resistance to integrity. That is what we did. Imagine that we tested easiest 30 minutes in Portimão. We chanced on a specification that gave us feedback fixed with the novel tyre but with an resistance to integrity that’s a step better, so we made up our minds to homologate it. I judge that we now hold now clarified which is the aim of the take a look at, which is the programme for next yr, we are in a position to take a look at them again within the C4 compound in Abu Dhabi with a various ability, in a various manner.




Q: (Edd Straw – The Slip) Count on of for Toto please, what’s the probability of Lewis being ready for Abu Dhabi, and additionally, given the indicators he’s showing and the timelines concerned, what are the practicalities of having the flexibility to rep him there? In general, when’s basically the most contemporary he can take a look at negative and composed compose it to Abu Dhabi and participate?

TW: We hold viewed tests that were negative within ten days, so I judge that’s perfectly likely, in my thought but it’d be a extraordinarily certain trend. Alternatively, or now not you will doubtless be in a position to have to peer at the scenario anyway because there could be many athletes hold tested certain for a protracted time after any indicators and after they’ve been in any manner infectious – but right here’s something the FIA desires to peer into anyway.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Mario, you were referencing the 2021 tyres earlier on. Talking to Andreas Seidl this morning, he acknowledged the final teams had equipped you with projections relating to the form of downforce and energy ranges and a number of others., for next yr that they ask. Enjoy you had all of this recordsdata, is it adequate and what kind of enlarge in energies are you in actuality looking ahead to?

MI: I don’t hold a quantity now since the time limit to waste the upgraded simulation is the tenth of December, so we’re gathering now the info. Some teams are happy that they are going to recuperate the downforce quite fleet. Per chance before all the things of the season. That’s why it used to be made up our minds to work in two parallel directions. I’m now not looking ahead to to hold hundreds that are various from this yr, presumably, at the quit of the season, if we now hold a fashioned season. As it is miles planned now, we can hold an additional load but we is now not going to quantify it now.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) Toto, right here’s a ask for you. Assemble you gaze this, as many folk within Formulation 1 attain, as a showdown take a look at between Valtteri and George for the 2022 seat?

TW: No, now not in any respect. I’ve heard this hearsay and clearly you presumably can’t call it a shoot-out when it’s about one or two races. That doesn’t give you any indispensable recordsdata whatsoever. If George does neatly it’s a demonstration that in the end he’s going to be in a staunch automobile and optimistically saunter for victories and World Championships – but that’s distant. He is conscious of that. He staunch desires to realize a solid job, now not compose any mistakes, and proceed what he has done. There could be now not any shootout. We hold total belief in Valtteri and loyalty as we’ve continually had – and that is our space.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Count on of for Guenther. It used to be announced by Ferrari staunch before the discover session that Simone Resta will switch from Ferrari to Haas. Can you level to what space he’ll hold at Haas. Assemble or now not you will doubtless be in a position to have to restructure the technical crew – and additionally, is this switch connected to Mick Schumacher?

GS: The space we’re composed defining. For certain, this could occasionally presumably well additionally be a extraordinarily senior space, obviously. Simone used to be at Ferrari for a protracted time in a extraordinarily senior space now, so he wouldn’t come and not using a need that one, it’d be no level arriving there and not using a senior space. The connection to Mick is now not scream. Obviously we work very shut along with Ferrari, so when it used to be discussed we would hold liked to pork up our technical crew after we went quite bit backwards the final yr with the pandemic. So, he used to be a staunch different – but it has nothing to realize staunch now with Mick riding for us.


Q: Guenther. How grand of a prefer is it for your crew? Simone’s arrival?

GS: As I acknowledged, we’re restructuring ourselves on the technical facet because we now hold fallen quite bit late so for certain it’s a mammoth enhance that we rep relief on our toes again to rep to the performance we had in 2018. You need staunch folk and Simone used to be at Ferrari a protracted time and that had a brief stint at Alfa Romeo. He used to be accessible and we took him.


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Toto, you acknowledged at the final saunter that you just and Lewis were taking toddler steps with regard to his new contract and talks in that regard. Does the real fact he’s now environment apart for ten days, how grand does that retain things up by manner of you guys sitting down and hashing things out over a new deal for next yr?

TW: Well, the timeline is being pushed relief until he recovers. Everyone is conscious of that we now must rep it done, gorgeous neatly conscious, each of us however the priority now could presumably perchance be him getting relief on his toes and being relief negative. After which we will meet, or Zoom, in whine to avoid losing pen to paper.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Slip) Count on of for Toto. George obviously has to adapt to Mercedes processes and additionally specifics of the auto – but how attain you ask him to articulate his authority in areas that he can? What hold you ever viewed from him already by manner of asking for particular data, or asking if things could presumably perchance additionally be done in a different way – that kind of thing?

TW:  I don’t judge he has to articulate his authority. There could be now not any authority required within the crew. Everyone is conscious of what we attain and he has, for certain, a staunch blueprint of where he wants the auto to be – but being drafted in final minute, take care of it has came about for him, we now must receive compromises. Compromises manner he desires to favor in a automobile that isn’t his in processes that he wasn’t taking into account. And we, on the opposite facet, hold an extraordinarily various personality and character than Lewis. So, it’s an titillating exercise, additionally for us, how adaptable we’re, and additionally for him to being thrown within the cool water.


Toto, on the matter of being adaptable, Lewis is going to be overlooked obviously, but is there a buzz relating to the space having a new driver this weekend?

TW: First of all, there could be now not any buzz, because Lewis is ill with Corona and we’d rather him now not be ill but right here with the crew. Obviously, we fee George highly and giving him the sort of possibility is, in a ability, titillating – but with hindsight I’d rather hold all the things fashioned, as it used to be, because George anyway in the end is going to compose it into a staunch automobile.


Q: (Laurence Edmondson – ESPN) One more ask for Toto on the driver change. I know you acknowledged it’s now not a showdown between the two of them, and all that more or less stuff – but if Valtteri is overwhelmed by George, mentally, that’s going to be quite complicated to capture, I would hold blueprint. So, how are you reassuring him and is it staunch a case of ‘complicated success, you’re a racing driver, you’ve got to saunter up in opposition to whoever’s save up next to you’?

TW: Valtteri has by no manner been any one which wants reassuring. He is conscious of where he stands, he is conscious of his space within the crew, how we’re supportive of 1 another and we now must remain realistic. George is a highly-rated younger driver, one in all basically the most highly rated, so it’s anticipated for him to be fleet. He is conscious of the crew and right here’s a fifty-2d circuit where or now not you will doubtless be in a position to have to be within the gorgeous space at the gorgeous time with the gorgeous engine modes. In that respect, right here’s staunch going to be alright. We all anticipated George to be gorgeous there, and we gaze how the weekend ends.


Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Count on of for Toto. Lewis used to be in Dubai before travelling to Bahrain and that’s where it appears he diminished in dimension the virus. Save you realize he used to be going to be there? Did he hold permission to be there? And as a crew indispensable, how frustrating is it to now not hold your star driver accessible for one, presumably two races?

TW: Lewis doesn’t will have to hold any permission. He rides something else he wants, he jumps out of each aeroplane he wants because he is conscious of supreme what’s staunch for him and he’s a grown-up man and it used to be by no manner an disaster. I judge contracting Covid-19 is something that we’re all now not very certain where you rep it. When you ask Mario where he got it, he’s presumably now not going to know where. It’s staunch dejected. He used to be holding himself plenty after which you saunter to Dubai, wear your veil the final time and come relief with Corona. These items occur.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) Toto, I wanted to discover up my ask from earlier. You’ve obviously save George in for a reason and one would eradicate that’s so that you just presumably can assess how staunch he’s – and attributable to this fact that he’s a Mercedes younger driver presumably the foundation for that data will be whether you wished to avoid losing him on your automobile within the extinguish. So, whereas I salvage the level that it’s now not staunch now a showdown, absolutely this could occasionally presumably hold some impact on whatever impact on whatever decision you compose about driver line-americafor 2022?

TW:  Andrew, it’s one other jam of recordsdata sides. This weekend and most most doubtless next weekend that could be giving us more data in our general thought of George’s performances but we know that we saunter next yr with Lewis and Valtteri and where we’re in 2022 is all going to rely how our hold season in 2022 is going to saunter, and now not by George’s performance on an oval in Bahrain and on a season finale in Abu Dhabi.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Toto, relating to the info sides from George and a number of others and that Lewis doesn’t hold a contract yet, could presumably perchance these have of recordsdata sides be feeble to impact the market tag of Lewis?

TW: No, Dieter. We’ve discussed having George within the auto. Everyone is conscious of what we now hold with Lewis and he is conscious of what he has with the crew. This kind of scenario would by no manner be utilised as some more or less bargaining energy, neither by him, nor by us – it could presumably perchance attain each directions. I respect very grand who he’s, how he drives, his data, and whatever happens this week or next has no impact on our talks.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Slip) Toto, staunch going relief to George: he has continually had a extraordinarily mature head on his shoulders, the final manner by his junior profession, what is it about his mentality that you just imagine manner he’s prepared to leap in and accomplish a staunch job in what is kind of excessive stress scenario with plenty to take in in a brief quantity of time?

TW: I judge he’s someone that’s often relaxed. He comes all the procedure in which by on the radio as very chatty and buzzing but riding the auto, within the debriefings, he’s awfully focused and aloof. Obviously the saunter represent he has – favorable GP3, favorable F2, each within the rookie years – and the maturity he has proven from a extraordinarily early age stands out. I be conscious him coming to my space of job when he used to be 15, 16 years mature in a dim saunter neatly with and a dim tie with Powerpoint presentation of why Mercedes must fortify him. So, very mature for his age but presumably take care of minded from his personality to leap within the auto within the sort of excessive-stress scenario. Burt again, let’s protect each toes on the ground. It’s FP1. These vehicles haven’t been taken out in enrage and we haven’t raced yet.


Q: Guenther, you announced earlier this week that Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin will doubtless be racing for you next season. What has impressed you about each of them to this point?

GS: Their saunter outcomes. One is main F2 and one is third within the F2 championship and outcomes continually talk. I didn’t spend a number of time with them yet as with COVID we is now not going to hold interplay on a non-public stage obviously so we spent a whereas on the cell phone and I must rep to know them. However for me outcomes talk. They are each gorgeous mature guys for their age, obviously we continually must saunter relief to their age, so I judge they hold a staunch future. And that is the reason what we’re looking out for to realize: we’re looking out for to compose a step backwards to compose two steps forward for the following seasons.


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Toto, about a weeks within the past Lewis acknowledged that George had the functionality to be a future world champion. What used to be Lewis’ response whereas you occur to told him that you just were planning to avoid losing George within the auto and capture his space this weekend?

TW: Lewis knew who the candidates were and who we were talking. I judge these very special drivers they gaze and know who’s going to come relief up and who in the end will be up there for victories and championships. I judge is priority is now to rep wholesome. I’m now not certain he’s going to discover in detail what is taking place heading within the correct direction. When you are in mattress and now not feeling astronomical, racing becomes a 2d priority.


Q: (Laurence Edmondson – ESPN) Toto, we’ve viewed in Formulation E that BMW and Audi are each pulling out. What does it voice about that series as a protracted-term prospect?

TW: Well, it’s absolutely quite bit of a shake-up if two top class OEMs leave the series. However I judge it’s staunch they hold done it with a pudgy season to saunter. However they are going to hold their reasons, which we must respect. At the quit, each motor racing series desires to come relief on funding and if that calculation doesn’t give you the results you want it’s perfectly legit to judge to tug out. On the opposite facet, we protect late it. We hold continually been a producer that has stayed accurate to racing series. We had been 30 years in DTM. We had been in Formulation 1 for a protracted time as and engine seller and as a crew since 10 years. I judge it’s crucial to seize that or now not you will doubtless be in a position to have to battle by the downs to come relief to the ups. I judge the certain of the scenario is that Formulation E will growth on the learnings: why are these two guys leaving, is there something else we are in a position to realize? I judge the price cap desires to come relief rather sooner than later, equivalent to Formulation 1. These little entities must favorable and easiest within the event that they’re favorable they are going to generate interest from shareholders, from folk procuring in, and it becomes a franchise tag, take care of Formulation 1 is going to be. I gaze the future luminous by manner of the jam-up of Formulation E, but for certain the series desires to raise on all our expectations on branding, advertising and marketing and publicity. And if these expectations are being met, for us, it is miles inspiring to dwell within the series.


Q: Guenther, any solutions on Formulation E?

GS: I’m now not as professional as Toto on Formulation E because he has got a crew there. My notion is that it’s take care of all the things else there used to be a hype within the foundation, it’s new, all americans goes in after which it staunch adjusts itself. Some folk leave, because they voice ‘right here’s now not for us and it’s quite bit trialling’. Having a peer the procedure in which it is miles, it is miles a shame two mammoth OEMs are leaving, but I judge it is miles there to protect. It reassesses itself and this could occasionally presumably proceed. The save it finally ends up, we don’t know.


Q: Mario?

MI: I inform Guenther. We’re now not genuinely taking into account Formulation E, but electrical series are the future. We’re additionally taking a peer at new alternatives in electrical series. It is section of the game. We hold viewed additionally in GT in a protracted time many adjustments with OEMs coming and going away. It’s section of a fashioned existence cycle of a series.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) Toto, Stoffel Vandoorne is your reserve driver and it’s now been four races this yr that he could presumably hold taken section in but didn’t. Can you explains what your blueprint process used to be in going for George in preference to Stoffel and the procedure in which he’s feeling relating to the scenario?

TW:  What were the four races?


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) Well, two for Racing Level, one other for Racing Level and now this one.

TW: OK. Stoffel is our reserve driver and has done the utter work, simulator and travelling to the grands prix, and has the aptitude of riding these vehicles very neatly. No doubt about that. Telling him that George used to be within the auto used to be absolutely now not something that I took straightforward and I didn’t ask him to be fascinated by it. He took it professionally and expressing his, let’s voice, reactions that were fully professional and he’d otherwise be within the auto than now not and that’s understandable. He’s a astronomical man. He’s one in all our two works drivers in Formulation E. He’s been genuinely staunch final yr, significantly in the direction of the season quit, and we rely on him in Formulation E.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Guenther, I’d plot shut to present you the different please of telling us the manner you intend Pietro did and what your plans are for him for the future please?

GS: The first session is complicated to judge because he hasn’t been within the auto for a yr now and on the first jam of tyres he did gorgeous neatly and on the 2d jam he flat-spotted early into it and that save an give as a lot as his session. It used to be now not amazing but it’s complicated these vehicles within the event you’ve gotten now not been in for a yr. However he genuinely prepared neatly for it over the final week since we told him he’s going to saunter rather then Romain. He prepared himself and we staunch must let the weekend come to us and check out to compose growth with him. In regards to the procedure in which forward for him: I don’t know genuinely yet what he’s going to realize next yr, whether he’s going relief to saunter in every other series, We haven’t genuinely talked about that one. However Pietro was a friend to the crew within the two years he’s with us. He travelled around take care of Toto acknowledged Stoffel did. Your entire yr with this man sitting there, what I will be capable to ingesting coffee and drinking pasta after which when the different comes up they’re genuinely cheerful. I don’t know if he desires to realize that for one other yr or if he desires to saunter racing again.

TEAM REPRESENTATIVES – Franz TOST (AlphaTauri), Christian HORNER (Crimson Bull), Otmar SZAFNAUER (Racing Level)




Q: Will we beginning by getting as discover from each of you about that first discover and what the drivers had been announcing about this new discover in Bahrain?

Franz TOST: Our drivers to this point were quite cheerful with the discover. We tried various configurations on the auto. We seemed reasonably competitive and did a future as neatly with the option tyres, and staunch to be additionally prepared for the saunter, to rep a characterize of what’s going on within the saunter simulation and to this point I must voice all the things labored quite neatly.

Christian HORNER: No particular indispensable issues rather then it’s extremely brief, it’s bumpy and traffic is going to be an absolute nightmare. From a driver’s level of thought I will be capable to gaze that the discover is exasperating in some respects but from a spectator level of thought it’s going to waste an exhilarating qualifying and saunter since the gaps between… when the final 20 vehicles are on the circuit there could be a large quantity of traffic and I judge the probability of jeopardy is increased considerably with this form of structure. I will be capable to’t be conscious ever having a sub-one-minute lap before.

Otmar SZAFNAUER: Identical with us. I echo what Franz and Christian acknowledged. This would presumably perchance be tight available in qualifying, especially in Q1. We staunch did quite labor on one lap tempo and did some saunter sims on the comfy tyres as neatly, some long runs. We hold quite bit to learn, come relief in FP2, quite bit more tonight and we’ll gaze how we saunter on Saturday


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) A ask to Christian. When we now hold peer at the dynamic between Max and Alex Albon. Closing week Max perceived to be a bit severe of Alex. What’s the connection between them?

CH: Pretty staunch. They’ve identified one another since they were children. They’re now not grand greater than that now. Since they had been 12-13 they had been racing in opposition to one another. Alex obtained the Karting World Championship one yr, obviously Max obtained it in subsequent yeas and there’s a wholesome respect between the two of them. They were out karting with the leisure of the mechanics, even myself on Monday evening. Max can often call things as he sees it. However there could be now not any disaster or no ambiance in any respect between the drivers.


Q: Christian, were you shocked by Max’s feedback?

CH: I judge Max staunch calls info. I judge that’s the manner he sees it. He acknowledged it used to be obviously a indispensable gap but he used to be additionally caught late Sergio who used to be doing a astronomical job and it’s very complicated to discover carefully late a automobile before you. I judge Alex, he used to be there to capitalise on Sergio’s grief. It used to be our first double podium since Japan 2017, in say that used to be astronomical to peer from a crew level of and it used to be a solid weekend from Alex.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Slip) Otmar, Renault is going to take a look at Fernando Alonso in what is ostensibly imply to be a Younger Driver’s Take a look at after Abu Dhabi. If the foundations had allowed it would you’ve gotten pursued getting Sebastian Vettel within the auto in Abu Dhabi or would that now not had been that you just presumably can imagine?

OS: I’ve got to seize the foundations. I was shocked to peer Fernando being allowed to take a look at so we now will have to hold that dialogue with the FIA. I judge the foundations are gorgeous obvious – it’s a Younger Driver Take a look at and a two-time World Champion nearly in his 40s or in his 40s to me isn’t a younger driver. I’ve got to seize what the foundations are first and main after which gaze what we attain thereafter.


Q: Otmar, if the foundations enable it, will you save Sebastian Vettel within the auto?

OS: If we are in a position to and the foundations enable it and… there’s a bunch of ifs and we’d must imagine it.


Q: Christian, your solutions on this, please, and within the event you attain quit up bringing in a new driver for next yr, would you peer to urge him in Abu Dhabi as neatly?

CH: It’s an titillating… it’s in the end of attempting out. Is in the end genuinely going to alter the enviornment. We’re allowed to urge two vehicles there. We had no disaster with Fernando riding the Renault as we would in actuality if Carlos wished to power a Ferrari or Sebastian a Racing Level. Is in the end going to alter the enviornment? However as a younger driver take a look at, I’m now not certain how Fernando… I’m feeling younger already! The very fact that he’s classified as a younger driver, presumably we could presumably perchance rep Nigel… he by no manner retired, we could presumably perchance rep Nigel Mansell to come relief and accomplish the younger driver take a look at!


Q: And Franz, your solutions as neatly please.

FT: We went along with younger drivers. This used to be already planned in a ability and there’s no other driver we save in solutions.


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Christian, relating to the engine freeze. Enjoy there been any trends within the previous couple of days by manner of where things are standing for that? And given the opposition from Mercedes and Renault for the time being by manner of their convergence mechanism that you just and Mattia Binotto suggested, how attain you gaze this scenario resolving itself?

CH: Obviously there’s been some wholesome dialogue. Peek, you presumably can perceive the glory the many positions of many of the producers. Toto, who enjoys an engine advantage for the time being… for certain. Naturally he’d favor to freeze the engine for the following 35 years if he could presumably perchance. However is that wholesome, within the extinguish, for the game, to lock in an advantage, significantly for a length of three years, before we rep to the brand new engine, if that engine is brought forward into 2025. As far Renault is concerned, one would hold blueprint that it would compose absolute sense for them to fortify a freeze but I judge there’s got to be additional dialogue and optimistically a radiant resolution will doubtless be reached within the following couple of weeks.


Q: Otmar, it used to be a fancy saunter for your crew right here final weekend and at the sort of crucial time within the yr as neatly. How hold you ever guys picked yourselves up over the previous couple of days? What hold you ever been as a lot as? What’s the mood within the camp as we come into this weekend?

OS: Well first and main, we had to seize the failure and the nature that we fix the foundation jam off supreme we are in a position to going into this weekend and next. After which secondly there’s a number of harm that used to be done on each vehicles and we wanted to be particular that we had astronomical parts to total this season, take care of we now must. These are the two mammoth responsibilities from final Sunday to now and I judge we’re in staunch form for the following two races.


Q: Franz, Kvyat’s future has been the realm of grand speculation for weeks. How complicated has that been for him and hold you ever been impressed by his resilience?

FT: Dany is skilled, he is conscious of the game and the foundations in Formulation 1. He’s a fleet driver and he showed a staunch performance within the final races and additionally as of late, in FP1. I am hoping that additionally on Sunday he’ll be quite competitive and additionally the saunter in Abu Dhabi after which we will gaze.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsportmagazin.com) Otmar, coming relief to the failure you had on Sergio’s automobile final weekend, are you able to give us a high level thought the manner you’re going by the engine parts for the leisure of the season? Assemble or now not you will doubtless be in a position to have to sacrifice quite energy to come relief by the season and not using a penalty?

OS: No, it used to be an MGU-K failure and we had a outdated MGU-K that we could presumably perchance employ for the following two races, so no hit on performance.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Franz, Daniil Kvyat told us the day past that he used to be rather apprehensive when he seen what came about in his mirror and a number of others. We seen you talking to him at some stage within the crimson flag length. Correct talking from a crew indispensable standpoint, how attain you treat or contend with a driver after a scenario take care of that?

FT: First of all, I acknowledged to him it used to be fully now not his fault, that he couldn’t attain something else, that he must capture this on the facet and be focused on the 2d beginning of the saunter. And he’s skilled adequate and he did it in a extraordinarily staunch manner.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Slip) Franz or Christian, whoever is more acceptable to answer to it. Yuki Tsunoda seemed in staunch have final weekend and seemed it again right here but you by no manner know what can occur in Formulation Two where there are incidence of unreliability so there could be of enterprise that he’ll breeze to sixth within the championship and the real that I will be capable to compose out, that could leave him a bit of in need of the perimeters required for a trim licence. Assemble you’ve gotten a blueprint B or a contingency blueprint to be certain that he can rep the trim licence sides? Are there assurances from the FIA that he’ll rep a licence regardless? How attain you contend with that scenario?

FT: We hold a blueprint B, for certain. There’s fully little doubt that in Melbourne Alpha Tauri can hold two vehicles on the starting grid with two each competitive drivers.

CH: I don’t whether you presumably can gaze, Scott, but I’m so distracted by his moustache and it’s now, what, the fourth of December so we’re handed Movember. However peer at it, it’s wonderful! What used to be your ask? As we went into this conference, I judge he used to be on pole space so he’s doing a staunch job, so it’s more of an disaster for Franz, I judge, so he’s obviously glued to seeing how that performs.


Q: Christian, if Alex Albon hasn’t done adequate to account for his space at Crimson Bull Racing next yr, is there a route relief to Alpha Tauri for him? As there used to be with Pierre, for direction.

CH: I don’t imagine he styles section of Franz’s plans for next yr, so it’s very grand a Crimson Bull seat or a yr on the bench. The focus is on giving him that different, he’s got two races, he did a staunch job final weekend, being on the rostrum, his 2d podium in Formulation 1. He’s had a staunch first discover, a staunch beginning as a lot as the weekend right here and two more weekends to level to that he’s fully the gorgeous man to be in that automobile alongside Max next yr, and we’re giving him the final fortify that we presumably can to manufacture that aim.


Q: Correct to discover up on that, Christian, if he’s now not on your automobile, attain you imagine it’s the real resolution for him to be on the bench, in preference to in Alpha Tauri?

CH: It’s now not something that we’re taking into account for the time being so I inform when we rep to the quit of the yr, then we’ll imagine all of these solutions.  He’s on a protracted urge settlement, as all Crimson Bull drivers are when they be a part of the crew. Our level of interest for the time being is on the saunter seat and giving him the different to level to that he’s making indispensable, building on that podium from final weekend and this early discover have.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Christian, staunch to discover up on that, Alex used to be half a 2d, on common, slower than Max Verstappen in qualifying over the first half of the season and he’s composed half a 2d…. adequate to account for a Crimson Bull seat the following yr. Why is it that this yr also can very neatly be various?

CH: Well I judge you’ve got to peer at how Max has advanced over the previous couple of years. When you peer at his common, Alex’s common is composed closer than that of, as an example, Pierre’s used to be final yr to Max. Everyone is conscious of we’ve had some issues with the auto that hold made existence significantly complicated which I judge we’ve labored anxious to tackle and had been addressing, so we’re assured that that scenario will optimistically fortify for him and for any driver. Max is a gargantuan whine to saunter up in opposition to, he’s arguably presumably basically the most in-have driver presently in Formulation 1 and I judge it’d be complicated for any driver to saunter up in opposition to Max presently.


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Christian, we’ve got a scenario at Mercedes this weekend with George Russell entering into the auto for Lewis Hamilton. I judge there are some parallels with when Max stepped as a lot as Crimson Bull relief in 2016, obviously coming from what used to be effectively a junior crew, by the academy as a lot as the works outfit. What are your recollections from that very first weekend that Max used to be with Crimson Bull? Was it quite natural from the discover saunter, how he labored with the crew after which obviously favorable on debut?

CH: Well he astounded us from the moment he got within the auto because there used to be no shakedown or something else take care of that, equivalent to George. The first time he got within the auto used to be in Barcelona. I be conscious Q1 and Q2 he in actuality had the upper hand on Daniel after which staunch now not having any skills with the auto because the circuit used to be evolving, Daniel harm more front hover into the auto and extracted a astronomical lap and so that they capable third and fourth. We then ran various ideas within the saunter, giving Daniel what we blueprint used to be the most neatly-liked approach on what used to be a two discontinue and Max went out and made a one discontinue work as did Kimi on that day and obtained the saunter and it used to be unimaginable that someone of his skills and age – or now not you will doubtless be in a position to have to be conscious at the time – the maturity and protect watch over that he showed, so it used to be a fairytale debut and naturally George is acquainted, I inform, with many of the controls. He’s been a take a look at driver there before, he is conscious of most folk and it’s the real automobile presently in Formulation 1. It’s obtained basically the most races this yr, it’s an huge different for him and one which I’m certain that he’s taking a peer to compose astronomical employ of. It benchmarks him in opposition to Valtteri. I’m certain Toto’s taking a peer to make employ of it to presumably negotiate Lewis’s contract in some manner, form or have. So this could occasionally presumably well additionally be charming to peer the procedure in which it performs out but it’s astronomical to peer one other child getting that probability and different.


Q: Otmar, Lance acknowledged after qualifying final weekend that there were about a issues and that you just were going to discuss it after the session. What conclusions did you come to as to what his issues were at some stage in that session and the procedure in which attain you imagine it’s going to play out tomorrow right here in what Christian has already described as being a extraordinarily intense session?

OS: Yeah, this could occasionally presumably positively be an intense session tomorrow. I judge discover space will doubtless be at a top class. We’ve got to be out at the gorgeous time and within the gorgeous space tomorrow. The easiest issues were quite a miscommunication as to what number of laps Lance had left after the crimson flag and that’s without danger mounted.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Count on of to each of the Crimson Bull company crew principals: why is it that Honda must be prepared to quit the IP and the engines that they labored so anxious and spent so grand money on and now not hold any return, or would there be some return for them? What’s the game blueprint there?

CH: Well, Dieter, I’m certain you presumably can keep in mind that we’re now not going to share in a public forum the puny print of any dialogue or negotiation with Honda but nonetheless to articulate that the connection between the companies is awfully obedient, is still extraordinarily solid and there’s certain dialogue. I judge Honda are being as precious as they presumably could presumably perchance additionally be to peer that we now hold a competitive energy unit accessible to us in 2022, must we selected to saunter that route. Focus within the meanwhile is awfully grand on 2021 for Honda to leave the game on a excessive and big effort is going into the 2021 campaign in Japan.

FT: Nothing to add.


Q: Correct almost about Honda this weekend, Franz, how crucial is horsepower around this particular structure?

FT: Horsepower on the final is mandatory in Formulation 1 as in another motor sport class and everyone is conscious of that Honda improved at some stage within the iciness months plenty on the performance facet but additionally on the reliability facet and I judge that the energy unit presently is now not so distant from Mercedes and virtually the same stage as Renault and better than Ferrari. And it depends additionally on the downforce stage the vehicles are running attributable to this fact I judge that vehicles with the Honda energy unit hold a staunch probability right here to realize success and at final to prefer the saunter.



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