1 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

2 – George RUSSELL (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull)


(Performed by Paul Di Resta) 

Q: Valtteri, P1 at the present time and a huge technique by Mercedes as nicely to plot three units of tyres in Q3. Various power of you this weekend with a fresh crew-mate, nevertheless you bought the job?

Valtteri BOTTAS: For distinct, it’s a distinct plight to enjoy a fresh crew-mate nevertheless fundamentally I wanted to focal level on my accept as true with doing, no longer to slay any energy wherever else and I mediate I managed to plot that. I mediate technique-sparkling we’re in a huge place of living as a crew and lawful to leer George locking the front row as nicely. It’s lawful to be on pole, I’m happy with that, nevertheless no longer my most keen qualifying, nevertheless I’m happy it was ample.

Q: That’s the predominant factor. Give an explanation for me about this fresh circuit format and what are your expectations with technique and the plan the bustle is going to pan out?

VB: It’s little bit of an unknown essentially how the racing is going to be. It didn’t feel that straightforward to apply or pass so I’m essentially gratified to be on the pole facet and race from there. However expectantly we can look a stress-free bustle. It feels love a minute little bit of a Mickey Mouse circuit, it’s reasonably bumpy and twisty. Let’s look tomorrow.

Q: George, first Q3 appearance, P2 left out out by two hundredths of a 2nd, three vehicles within half of a tenth. Give an explanation for me how the outdated few days were and is there a technique of reduction now it is likely you’ll per chance per chance well even enjoy bought on the front row, on yarn of that was an epic performance?

George RUSSELL: Thank you, yeah. It’s been incredibly intense, so important to be taught, the auto, the seat – the total lot. It’s goal correct so varied. It felt essentially alien to open up with and it’s goal correct a in reality varied technique of riding to be lawful. You’re trying to unlearn what I learned at Williams and re-be taught to power this automobile snappily. I tried hundreds of issues in FP3 and it didn’t race nicely the least bit. To be lawful I would were happy goal correct to safe via to Q3 after remaining apply. In actuality contented and we bought it all rather important all collectively on the leisure lap. Gutted to fail to ticket pole by 20 milliseconds. However if you occur to had instructed me remaining week I’d be qualifying P2 on the grid subsequent week, I save no longer need believed you.

Q: It’s the predominant time you’ve been beaten by a crew-mate in Formula 1, which is important, nevertheless on yarn of you bought that decision from Toto you’ve bought to be contented where you’ve ended up and the progression you’ve had?

GR: Massively. You admire Valtteri has pushed Lewis a staunch quantity in qualifying over the twelve months and statistically I mediate there’s most keen a tenth between them and we all know how huge Lewis is. True to be in the support of Valtteri, coming in remaining minute, two days of prep, I’m contented. So let’s look what we can plot tomorrow.

Q: And a total fresh abilities tomorrow racing Max, racing Valtteri?

GR: Absolutely. Obviously I’ve bought nobody in front of me, which I’ve no longer experienced for a lengthy, very lengthy time. It’s going to be demanding. It’s going to be essentially demanding. Qualifying is what I accept as true with most happy with, it’s balls out, the total lot you’ve bought, and tomorrow you wish a minute bit more accept as true with watch over, a minute bit more finesse, and I goal correct haven’t had the abilities yet. I’ll give it my all and I’ll look what I’m in a position to plot.

Q: Max, I don’t know if Mercedes goal correct tricked you into something there doing the three units nevertheless you narrowly left out out nevertheless nicely within this bustle and after the day prior to this you regarded reasonably stable.

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, they did their three units or whatever, nevertheless from our facet we had a lawful qualifying. It’s a in reality quick lap, no longer many corners. Elated to be a minute bit nearer in P3. I tried to be as conclude as I’m in a position to at the present time. It is miles a minute bit closer than fashioned nevertheless I mediate the format explains that as nicely. However needless to claim tomorrow we’re additionally as nicely starting on varied tyres so it’d be reasonably keen to leer the plan it’s going to play our for us. Address I’ve stated before we have not got the leisure to lose so it’s higher to enjoy a minute little bit of stress-free tomorrow and look what we can plot.

Q: You may maybe per chance per chance even be on that tidy facet of the grid and you’ve got got got bought the advantageous thing relating to the tyres, potentially three or four metres in the foundation. George is clearly no longer phenomenal to racing at the front and it be crucial to determine on goal correct thing about that haven’t you, in affirm for you to determine on the battle to Valtteri?

MV: Yeah, wherever imaginable needless to claim. We’ll catch out tomorrow. I’m taking a search forward to it. Your total lap times are so conclude to every other it’s all going to depend additionally on the open nevertheless even then with so many laps, administration, it’s no longer going to be easy.


Q: Valtteri, many congratulations on what is the 16th pole of your profession and your fourth of 2020. That was a in reality intense session to gaze and lap times were very conclude nevertheless in a roundabout plan you came via. You may want to feel very contented?

VB: Yeah, the day prior to this was reasonably a demanding day for me personally. However at the present time was plenty higher. The car felt more total and more driveable and I could maybe per chance per chance essentially manufacture lap by lap in apply three and then with a lawful feeling in the qualifying. True a minute bit disappointed in myself at the terminate with the lap, that I didn’t toughen at the terminate. However I was essentially the most keen automobile without a tow. The lap was no longer that huge so I couldn’t toughen on the leisure bustle. I’m essentially happy to be on pole. Within the terminate that’s the plan it is miles. On a discover love this it is likely you’ll per chance per chance well per chance’t essentially possess a distinction, so the gaps are essentially small because it is likely you’ll per chance per chance well per chance look. I essentially must suppose George did a in reality lawful job. He was essentially build as a lot because it and it is likely you’ll per chance per chance well also look the growth in qualifying. In actuality happy for us as a crew that we is also one-two on the grid and it’s one other real fulfillment for us.

Q: There was hundreds of discuss before the session about traffic administration. In actuality how demanding was it?

VB: For me in customary it was reasonably OK. I mediate in Q2 there was one bustle that was a minute bit compromised on yarn of we were on the medium tyres and we had to plot sooner out laps than the choice so it was a minute bit messy. However rather than that no longer too unhealthy. Obviously this weekend it was my name to determine on whether or no longer I’m going first or 2nd. I was first and I was aloof watching for to enjoy one automobile sooner than me in Q3, nevertheless I didn’t nevertheless I’m gratified aloof you know that I could maybe per chance per chance safe a lawful ample lap.

Q: George, you left out out on P1 by goal correct two one hundredths of a 2nd. How contented are you alongside with your first qualifying session in Mercedes?

GR: Yeah, amazing. I advise, you know, the day prior to this was a lawful day. Purchased into the auto, working essentially nicely with the crew and then goal correct building on it lap after lap. And then into P3 it was a in reality, essentially woeful session – goal correct pushing too exhausting, trying this, trying that, and it goal correct didn’t reach collectively, so to be lawful after P3 I would were contented goal correct entering into Q3 nearly, nevertheless no, essentially happy. I mediate Valtteri has been on it all weekend, even if the lap times the day prior to this didn’t reasonably display camouflage it, the moral tempo was consistently there. It’s been essentially demanding for me to soar in remaining minute, be taught a fresh automobile, working with fresh engineers, working out the diagram-up, be taught how to achieve this automobile race snappily, on yarn of it’s an fully varied ball recreation essentially. I am essentially contented. In many ways being so conclude makes it a minute bit frustrating nevertheless if you occur to instructed me four days ago that I could maybe per chance per chance well be qualifying P2 this weekend, I would enjoy thought you’d were having my pants down.

Q: How tidy was your remaining lap of Q3?

GR: It was alright. I’ve been essentially struggling at Turn 1 all weekend. Oddly remaining week, that was my strongest corners and we were essentially stable there. This weekend I’ve been essentially broken-down in contrast to Valtteri, he’s been taking plenty of lap outing of me. That was my broken-down level. I don’t know what it was I goal correct couldn’t safe on the throttle. After that every single time from Turn 4 onwards it felt huge. The car was fully on rails and it was a staunch joy to power. True that Turn 1 and 2 were essentially letting me down. I’m distinct I’m going to leer on the files and Valtteri is going to be important sooner than me via there again and it’s going to frustrate me nevertheless nevertheless, love I stated, first qualifying with Mercedes, 20 milliseconds in the support of pole, bought to be rather contented.

Q: Max, coming to you, you’re starting P3 tomorrow, nevertheless it be crucial to enjoy thought pole was on as nicely – goal correct half of a tenth in the support of Valtteri.

MV: Pole was on. After that first bustle I was two-tenths in the support of so I knew it was going to be complicated nevertheless you largely try to be as conclude because it is likely you’ll per chance per chance well per chance. At the terminate, to be within a tenth wasn’t unhealthy – nevertheless needless to claim Valtteri didn’t enjoy a tow and didn’t toughen on his remaining lap. To be P3 is lawful for us I mediate on a discover love this. I’m phenomenal to sitting in this chair. It may maybe well per chance per chance per chance well even enjoy my prints! I mediate at the terminate of this season, I’m going to determine on this seat home. It’s very happy.

Q: Now Max, what relating to the bustle tomorrow? Develop you’re feeling it is likely you’ll per chance per chance well per chance essentially opt the battle to those guys? You looked contented after apply alongside with your lengthy bustle tempo.

MV: Let’s look. I’m starting on a distinct tyre already, so that’s going to be keen and from there onwards, remaining week our lengthy runs, they regarded reasonably lawful – nevertheless nevertheless in the bustle we goal correct came a minute bit quick, so that was, yeah, a minute little bit of a shame nevertheless let’s look if it’s going to be any higher this week on, needless to claim, the outer format. With any luck it is miles nevertheless we’ll catch out tomorrow.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Seek files from for Max, remaining week you complained about no longer taking the probability when you do no longer desire the leisure to lose. I advise on paper starting on the Medium is the fastest technique – so is this the probability you wished to determine on? Beginning on the Soft to enjoy a huge gamble?

MV: It’s a distinct context. I had to determine on the Soft on yarn of my Medium lap wasn’t lawful ample. It was a minute bit too tight for us, so we’ll look tomorrow. It’s no longer consistently being aggressive nevertheless y’know, typically… I mediate remaining week aloof from my facet I mediate we may maybe per chance per chance even enjoy accomplished a a lot bigger job and a minute little bit of a distinct technique – nevertheless I mediate we all be taught so that was again a 2nd where you be taught from and we’ll look what now we must plot tomorrow.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Seek files from to the two Mercedes drivers please. It’s rather irregular to leer the Mercedes vehicles having three runs in Q3. Also can you goal correct mark what that was all about? Going out on phenomenal tyres in the foundation, and what the realizing was there.

VB: It’s the shortest lap of the twelve months and I mediate essentially the most keen discover that lets in to enjoy three runs, timing-sparkling, otherwise in a typical discover, which is longer, you goal correct don’t enjoy ample time to plot three runs. That’s the simply reply. We in reality wished to plot three runs with fresh tyres nevertheless we had to make spend of the Soft in Q1 – even if I disagreed a minute bit on that nevertheless we aloof did, the realizing was to plot three fresh tyres

GR: Nothing more to add, similar boat.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Jog) Seek files from for George, two allotment ask. Initially, how would you tell your mindset means going into this weekend, and given the total varied lessons and modification and tweaks here and there in the auto and to your riding, how happy were you by the level you went out for that remaining bustle in Q3?

GR: Very relaxed, to be lawful. When I was looking forward to affirmation if I’d bought this power, it was incredibly anxious nevertheless as soon as I bought the affirmation I goal correct noticed it as a huge opportunity so I was rather chilled. Every person at Mercedes, Toto and James, they goal correct stated, ‘exit and abilities it’. There’s zero expectation from you. If Lewis were to soar in a Williams, let’s tell, it’d be complicated, so we’re no longer watching for the leisure from you, and if you occur to qualify first two rows, top five, top six, swish. You may maybe per chance per chance well aloof safe a podium from there. Very relaxed, very relaxed – nevertheless obviously I consistently want to plot nicely, I consistently want to be happy with my accept as true with performance and then comfort-sparkling it’s aloof no longer absolute best. I’m very bruised and sore and it’s going to be reasonably a fatiguing bustle tomorrow if you occur to’re no longer happy in the auto. I had ice on my shoulders remaining night time to decrease some swelling and what enjoy you ever and knees… toes!

MV: You’ve bought your lady friend to enable you out?

GR: She’s no longer here this weekend!

MV: Oh – that’s a shame!

GR: Sadly it was my trainer, which is… he had to liberate the muscular tissues. However when the auto is so snappily, you ignore the total nervousness.

Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) George, before your remaining lap in Q3 you left reasonably a gap to Valtteri. Develop you accept as true with it is likely you’ll per chance per chance well also were closer and that may maybe per chance per chance well potentially enjoy given you a minute bit more of a tow? And Valtteri, you stated that your remaining lap wasn’t real. Can you mark precisely where errors were or where you lost time?

GR: Sure, no doubt. I potentially did leave too important to be lawful. I was in reality taking a search into my mirrors, I thought Max was going to dive down the interior of me into the leisure nook to examine out to sneak sooner than me – so that’s for tomorrow is it? – I was I mediate 40ms down into Turn One. I mediate the wind may want to enjoy changed, so obviously it can per chance per chance enjoy affected Valtteri as nicely. So arguably if I was per chance two seconds closer I could maybe per chance per chance even enjoy bought free lap time. Ifs and buts, carrots and nuts eh?

VB: I mediate the predominant factor was that there was no vehicles sooner than me, so no tow the least bit. I could maybe per chance per chance look and feel that I was no longer so snappily on the straights, corners were reasonably OK. I would tell I didn’t reasonably nail Turns Seven-Eight and seemingly Turn 10 exit. To be lawful, it’s a demanding circuit to safe the total lot moral with the twisty sections and the total lot. Address I stated before, goal correct happy it was ample for pole.

Q: (Edd Straw – The Jog) Seek files from for George please, you talked about your struggles in Turn 1. Can you race into that in a minute bit more factor? What’s the plight? It appears to be like to be in the case of getting the auto rotated nicely. If reminiscence serves, remaining week you were in a diagram to be reasonably sure on entry in the Williams. So is there some possess of distinction in the means the Mercedes responds that you just’re struggling to adapt to? The place’s the predominant to unlocking that performance if you occur to per chance can safe on top of it?

GR: The predominant factor, I was goal correct struggling with hundreds of understeer at the apex, which supposed when I picked up the vitality I was goal correct getting a snap of oversteer. The riding vogue I was doing in the Williams remaining week, where I was stable remaining week in the Williams, was no longer working, and it was very varied to Valtteri, very varied to what Lewis was doing. I mediate the Mercedes goal correct has so plan more grip and so plan more front terminate on the entry section that would also enable me to employ a minute bit more bustle nevertheless it completely was complicated. It’s goal correct a in reality varied means to power the auto. I’ve been so impressed with the engineers I’m working with, how they’ve tried to display camouflage me be taught how to toughen. The fashioned of that crew is basically amazing. They’ve essentially helped me to toughen on the small issues. Peaceful no longer there yet, obviously, it’s a abnormal discover, most keen a day in the auto nevertheless yeah, happy.

Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) George, it is likely you’ll per chance per chance well also stand on the podium tomorrow as a Formula 1 winner. Bask in you had time to mediate or dream about how that would also feel, essentially? And you talked about earlier in the week that you just hoped you’d be in a diagram to discuss to Lewis; enjoy you ever spoken to him the least bit?

GR: Yeah, Lewis dropped me a message on Thursday or Friday night time, can’t consider now. True wishing me nicely and stated leer after his automobile which… to this level so lawful. No, to be lawful. Obviously it’d be phenomenal to face on the podium nevertheless in a roundabout plan, as a racer, you goal correct want to elevate essentially the most keen performance imaginable and in all honesty, one of the most performances that we completed in the Williams for a P14 in qualifying was… the buzz and the fun to employ out that was amazing so tomorrow I’m going to leave contented or disappointed, reckoning on how I felt I did. Whether or no longer that’s a purchase, whether or no longer that’s a P3, whether or no longer that’s a P5 or whatever, there’s no expectations, going into with an open thoughts and hope for essentially the most keen.

Q: George, over one lap, where’s essentially the most keen distinction between the Williams and the Mercedes?

GR: It’s complicated to suppose on yarn of obviously this discover is a minute bit Mickey Mouse. The infield allotment may maybe well be very demanding nevertheless the auto is finessed to every single factor and the total lot from brakes, downforce, vitality handles to bumps, I could maybe per chance per chance no longer accept as true with how lawful the auto was over the bumps into turn seven. It’s goal correct sooner. Right here is the stage that each person in Formula One is practicing, what the fellows at Mercedes in Brackley are doing for the time being, goal correct amazing.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Traces) To all three: George, per what you’ve goal correct stated, what the fellows in Brackley are doing is amazing etc, thought to be one of many questions on the total fans’ and readers’ minds for the time being is does Mercedes essentially desire a staunch bucks megastar love Lewis to lock out the front row of the grid, and per chance even purchase the bustle with a one-two? How plot you suggest we reply that one?

MV: Unnecessary to claim you plot, on yarn of he’ll possess the variation in essentially the most mandatory moments. That’s why he’s a seven time World Champion.

VB: I’m no longer a crew supervisor, nevertheless if I was I would goal correct try to catch essentially the most keen driver pairing for your crew, that’s the plan it is miles. So yeah. However I’m no longer a crew supervisor, I’m a driver so I don’t essentially mediate about those issues.

GR: Yeah, as Max stated, guys love Lewis, they possess the variation when the skill’s on, in the predominant moments and that’s what Lewis has accomplished so nicely over all of the years. Yeah, he’s a megastar and naturally, if you occur to’re Toto or whoever, you wish him to your bustle crew.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) George, what’s been the one most spectacular factor for you about this weekend?

GR: The food’s been essentially advantageous, to be lawful. That’s been… it’s lawful, to be lawful! It’s lawful at Williams. Now you possess me feel unhealthy! The food at Williams is lawful.

MV: Or simply correct in customary…

GR: Yeah, the food is good. There may maybe be no longer one single factor. All of it. That’s why Mercedes are so dominant. It’s no longer goal correct one factor that makes them so huge, it’s the total lot and the means the total crew works, the means they tackle points and… yeah…

VB: The espresso’s no longer huge. It’s Nespresso.

GR: The espresso’s no longer huge. Yeah, it’s Nespresso.

VB: Wants to be higher.

MV: You admire your espresso.

VB: Getting there. However I’m pushing the total… the priority is continually the espresso.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Jog) George, one your means this weekend, the preparation and the wretchedness, the changes in the support of the scenes has been meticulous to your allotment and obviously Mercedes as nicely. How important enjoy you ever pushed that in the case of friendly trying to achieve distinct the total lot is possess of tuned to your liking as imaginable? And the plan staunch has it been, possess of working with any individual love Bono who’s bought so important abilities?

GR: It’s been a property system, to be lawful. No longer goal correct Bono nevertheless the four or five engineers round, the mechanics, up late at night time, editing the seat, editing clutch paddles, learning the total procedures. It’s been a simply, simply effort. I mediate we’re all rather knackered and tired, goal correct from the dearth of sleep essentially, remaining night time, leaving the discover at three, four a.m. Within the morning, I mediate the fellows were there except potentially sunrise per chance. They want to purchase and I asked the fellows, how plot they feel, they’ve obviously been so steady with Lewis and so they’ve been allotment of his crew for so lengthy and (they stated) ‘hear, we goal correct want to purchase’ and that goal correct reveals the mentality of that crew.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) George, I was goal correct wondering, in the case of your preparation for the total lot that’s happened to this level this weekend, how important of that has been unlearning stuff that you just were doing in the Williams remaining weekend? And is the reverse moral, that there were stuff you were doing remaining weekend that enjoy helped you to this level in the Mercedes?

GR: Yeah, I advise arguably I potentially would were higher of if I goal correct came in with an open thoughts and no longer raced this circuit or no longer lower than half of of this circuit remaining week, on yarn of I spent all remaining week braking at this level, turning at this level at turn one and doing this, doing that and this automobile is advantageous entirely varied. Then the total procedures, learning fresh procedures, learning fresh buttons. FP1 was a huge quantity, pressing unpleasant buttons here and there and even in qualifying, I pressed unbiased at one level as a replace of something else. It’s complicated when you’re in this kind of routine. For me, down at Williams, you don’t even mediate about these objects; it goal correct naturally happens. Looking to switch as important as is bodily imaginable, goal correct to achieve issues more straightforward for me. It’s been hundreds of labor and it aloof takes a minute little bit of time. It takes a pair of races goal correct to admire all of that so Toto, a pair of more races please and I’ll be there!


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