1 – Sergio PÉREZ (Racing Level)

2 – Esteban OCON (Renault)

3 – Lance STROLL (Racing Level)


(Performed by David Coulthard) 

Q: Sergio Pérez, welcome to the center step of the rostrum, welcome to your first victory. Select us thru your emotions gorgeous now, the principal Mexican to attain so since 1970.

Sergio PÉREZ: I’m a little bit speechless. I’m hoping I’m no longer dreaming, because I’ve dreamed for thus a long time of being in this moment. Ten years it took me. Implausible, I indicate… I don’t know what to tell. After the principal lap the gallop used to be all over again gone, comparable as closing weekend. Nonetheless it completely used to be all about no longer giving up, getting better and going for it, correct making the most fascinating we possibly might. This season, the luck hasn’t been with us this one year nonetheless we lastly got it and I mediate we acquired this present day on benefit. Yeah, the Mercs had some points nonetheless within the quit my go used to be solid ample to mumble George who did an fabulous gallop this present day.

Q: That first incident on the principal lap in Turn 4 with Charles Leclerc. Trace the feelings gorgeous there, because after that the comeback used to be spectacular.

SP: Yeah, I did a optimistic mistake right thru the protection car, I locked up my entrance left tyre badly, so right thru my first stint I had loads vibrations right thru the stint, nonetheless as quickly as I recovered onto the 2nd stint… I informed my team, you know, this car feels esteem a limousine, so easy with out the vibrations, we had wide go. I mediate we read the gallop barely smartly right thru the weekend. We came here pondering it may possibly well possibly be a two-live nonetheless straight after my long gallop on Friday we knew what we had to attain this present day.

Q: Now, for other folks which would be tuning into Formula 1 for the principal time, amazingly you don’t have confidence a pressure for next one year, as we recount. How much does this toughen your unravel that you simply deserve your build in Formula 1?

SP: Ah, it correct makes me a little bit extra level-headed with myself to be correct. What happens is no longer loads in my arms for the time being. Nonetheless I know and I feel to support going, nonetheless if I’m no longer on the grid next one year I’ll be benefit in ’22.

Q: Enormous Prix winner sounds barely correct doesn’t it?

SP: Amazing… fabulous

Q: Lance, smartly your 2nd podium this one year. An impossible result for the Racing Level team. How attain you feel initially, your team-mate getting the victory, discuss us thru your gallop?

Lance STROLL: Yeah, fabulous gallop for the team. A share of me is a chunk of bit disappointed as I mediate I’m in a position to have confidence acquired the gallop. I went a chunk of bit deep on my pit exit after my pit live and Esteban managed to in discovering by me after which I correct didn’t have confidence the go. I locked up, Sergio went by, nonetheless I correct didn’t in point of fact have confidence the go to overtake Esteban so I got held up there a chunk of bit. Nonetheless all in very jubilant for the team, it’s an impossible result and first and third is exactly what we wished for the championship.

Q: You mentioned a mistake into Turn 4, there used to be an below-rotation, you went a chunk of bit broad. What used to be it that used to be notably no longer easy in that corner on that lap?

LS: It used to be correct being within the fight with Esteban and Sergio. I was late on the DRS out of three and Sergio got a correct gallop on me after which I was defending and I correct miscalculated and braked a chunk of bit late and locked up. A form of issues. Nonetheless I’m wide jubilant for Sergio. He’s got just a few races left for the team and he’s been up there this form of very long time expecting the get and it came this weekend so in point of fact jubilant for him.

Q: Esteban, your first podium in Formula 1!

Esteban OCON: I in point of fact don’t have confidence any words. I cried on the line, that’s how much emotion is going thru my mind in point of fact now. It’s been a sharp season on our facet. It hasn’t paid off the full time nonetheless we by no near stopped pushing. We saved working laborious, we saved staying motivated. That used to be critical. For the time being the build less and no more of us are believing in you, it’s critical to mediate in your self and this present day we made it happen and I’m very chuffed with it. It’s laborious work nonetheless it has paid off.

Q: You discuss about whether or no longer of us are believing in you. The momentum perceived to had been with Daniel, he got that podium earlier within the season, so how critical is this for you, to have confidence proven your team before having a barely to hand team-mate becoming a member of you next one year in Fernando Alonso?

EO: Certain. I indicate Daniel is an fabulous benchmark. He has done an fabulous season in his 2nd season with Renault. He has stepped up. Total, I feel esteem my development has been solid as smartly. I’m closing the gap to him and to have confidence that podium is the cherry, the fruit on the cake.


Q: Sergio, what an impossible gallop – and after the frustration of closing weekend as smartly. You’ve had a jiffy for this to sink in now, correct convey how you feel?

SP: I’m a little bit jumpy, to be correct. I don’t fetch the words. I’m a little bit within the limbo gorgeous now. As a driver you dream for this time, to be in this region, for thus a long time. I worked my whole lifestyles for a moment esteem this. To lastly be triumphant in it… It’s complicated to digest. I mediate it’s going to rob just a few days, nonetheless it’s correct something impossible, notably getting in discovering pleasure from closing weekend the build it used to be a extraordinarily disappointing day for us the build we will deserve to had been on the rostrum. In reality the closing four races we will deserve to had been on the rostrum. Nonetheless we didn’t quit, notably after lap one, we got knocked out all over again, you know. I don’t know what came about. I was already doing the corner and I got hit badly gradual. I conception the gallop used to be yet all over again, nonetheless we managed to come benefit.

Q: How used to be the automobile after that incident on lap one?

SP: I wager it wishes to be correct, because we had wide go! The auto performed in point of fact smartly. The strategy: I mediate after Friday we knew already what we had been doing. We understood in point of fact gorgeous the observe after the principal couple of runs. We knew this Bahrain is terribly varied – the structure, the near your work the tyres – so we knew that we had been going for the one live and that made a solid distinction this present day.

Q: You had been fifth on the grid this present day, what had been your expectations going into the gallop?

SP: Podium. I was going for the rostrum. Nonetheless on that you simply in point of fact depend on what happens to the Mercedes and the Purple Bulls. Nonetheless yeah, I was in point of fact hoping for a podium, I was toddle to in discovering one. I got a correct initiate, a correct open and conception I had a correct lap one. I was as much as 2nd or something esteem that.

Q: Esteban, coming to you, your first podium in Formula 1. Now, you’ve had an fabulous plug to in discovering thus some distance. Can you correct convey what it with regards to you and your loved ones?

EO: They wishes to be unbelievably jubilant, I’m hoping. I didn’t have confidence the probability, obviously, to name them yet nonetheless as quickly as we’re done with all the pieces, I’ll be spending a correct time with them. What a plug. What a elaborate plug to reach here – moderately just a few sacrifices from my early days. Tense to in discovering into F1 and I done, obviously, closing one year. Tense to in discovering benefit in as smartly. Novel team, solid team-mate towards me and we had been seeing the event this one year. It used to be coming nonetheless it by no near in point of fact paid off till this present day.  Nowadays we made it happen. Very chuffed. I mediate this is what used to be waiting around nonetheless we didn’t in discovering the luck we wanted each time. This form of fab gallop – and congratulations to Checo and additionally to Lance, my mate, we had a correct fight together thru Turn Four. It used to be correct fun, I in point of fact enjoyed that gallop. Your complete emotions that came when I crossed that line. Implausible. I by no near cried for something nonetheless I repeat you, this present day, the tears, they came, and they came for a correct motive. So I’m in point of fact jubilant.

Q: It came because it’s your first podium in Formula 1. When used to be your closing podium in motorsport?

EO: Too long within the past! My closing podium will deserve to had been Abu Dhabi GP3 benefit in 2015. So the new Formula 3, obviously. Since then, I was expecting further moments esteem this. Nowadays, it’s gorgeous here. What a moment, thank you very much.

Q: And Esteban, comparable quiz to you about your expectations coming into the gallop from P11 on the grid.

EO: Yeah, we had correct expectations about this present day. Clearly we knew what we’re going to attain with the strategy, coming from outdoors the head ten, free different of tyres and that used to be very fascinating for a gallop esteem this. The graphs had been displaying that we had been going to be coming within the head five, that it used to be going to be a extraordinarily solid comeback and the fellows on extra stops had been going to be struggling a little bit. Nonetheless yeah, we by no near conception, obviously, that we had been going to come this conclude to the get even. It’s been an wide gallop.

Q: Lance, coming to you. Colossal to behold you benefit on the rostrum. You’ve had a rough time since your most up-to-date podium in Monza. Factual how candy does it feel to be benefit within the head three?

LS: Very candy. This form of wide result for the team this present day. We didn’t have confidence the most fascinating day the day previous. In Q2 we picked up some wretchedness on the ground, so we misplaced moderately just a few efficiency in Q3 and that build us on backfoot for this present day nonetheless we, yeah, we had wide go on that first stint and managed to head very long within the gallop. Sadly Esteban got the DRS, he pitted a lap earlier and used to be gorgeous gradual me popping out of Turn Two, so he picked up the DRS and got alongside me and managed to in discovering by into Turn Four – nonetheless it used to be some correct wheel to wheel action, so had some fun there. Then afterwards it correct locked-up into Turn Four, which allowed Sergio by, nonetheless y’know, he had better go on a extra energizing build of tyres and managed to in discovering by Esteban, whereas I was struggling a chunk of bit, so all-in-the full supreme thing this present day is the incontrovertible truth that both cars are on the rostrum. Nice points for the team, so it in point of fact is a massive result for the team this present day.

Q: And Lance, the foundations for this result had been that impossible first stint on the Gentle tyre. How complicated used to be it to correct support going?

LS: It wasn’t so complicated. We had wide go, the tyre wasn’t degging an excessive amount of nonetheless searching benefit at the gallop I mediate the Medium used to be the severely better tyre to be on. Sergio, unluckily got hit after lap one, build the Mediums and he had very correct go. I mediate it used to be potentially a greater tyre to be on. Even supposing the Gentle did feel correct, there used to be severely better go on that Medium. And even Esteban, I mediate, used to be closing in on me towards the quit on that Medium. Nonetheless yeah, from the build we began, I mediate we did a wide strategy this present day. It used to be a extraordinarily fun gallop. The Safety Automobile at the quit spiced issues up, so we had been all wheel-to-wheel, racing for the rostrum. Sergio pulled away nonetheless between the the leisure of us, I was slowly catching Esteban, no longer moderately ample to in discovering on his DRS nonetheless then I had Sainz gradual me that used to be hunting me down. He had some correct go so it used to be very anxious there within the closing few laps nonetheless wide to support the rostrum.


Q: (Jerome Pugmire – AP) Question for Esteban. You had to sit out for one one year, Formula 1, thru nothing to attain with your fabricate or your outcomes. Sergio is now in a region the build he might additionally have confidence to sit out for a one year. Factual acquired a gallop. Very complicated build he finds himself in. What advice might you give? How did you tackle that unfairness? Psychologically, how did you tackle it, no longer let it in discovering to you an excessive amount of?

EO: Yeah, it’s obviously a extraordinarily sharp region to be in. I know smartly, know how it feels esteem. I’m entirely happy that Sergio is obviously getting the result, you know? To hiss each person that he deserves to be in Formula 1. He’s among the head guys available within the market and he can’t be left outdoors. There’s no… it may possibly well possibly no longer be well-liked. Nonetheless once quickly the game is esteem that, sadly, and you don’t quit up within the most fascinating eventualities. On my facet obviously it’s been a sharp one year nonetheless I was in correct arms. I had moderately just a few of us believing in me and supporting me, which has helped me to come benefit after a one year out – and yeah, here we’re. Tense to in discovering going nonetheless after a little bit of working, you in discovering there.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Sergio, congratulations on the get. What used to be the team telling you after the Safety Automobile with regards to the quit of the gallop, and the draw in which used to be it when Russell used to be coming as much as you on those new tyres. Enact you mediate you have confidence got held him off to the quit although he hadn’t stopped?

SP: Thanks. I mediate obviously after what came about in Imola when we did the defective different, pitting below the Safety Automobile, we had been particular what we desired to attain here. We had been obviously staying out and we had been barely assured I was going so that you simply can restart those tyres and to head to the quit with correct go. I mediate with George it used to be going be conclude nonetheless I mediate I was going so that you simply can mumble him benefit, because we had correct go. He used to be about two to just a few-tenths, once quickly four-tenths, once quickly I was matching him. I mediate the closest he got used to be 2.8s. The tips that we had as a team used to be that you simply wished a distinction of eight-tenths of a lap so that you simply can overtake. It used to be going to be conclude nonetheless I mediate given the age of my tyres, given the go I had towards the quit, the go I had in hand, I was going so that you simply can mumble him benefit to the quit.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Sergio, you’ve been smartly-known right thru your occupation for conserving tyres alive in complicated conditions in races. How sharp used to be it this present day as you recovered from the benefit of the discipline, since you additionally had to gallop moderately just a few cars at the an identical time?

SP: That first stint used to be barely laborious. We went onto a brand new build of mediums nonetheless I did a optimistic mistake right thru the protection car. I locked up, warming up the brakes, I locked up badly the entrance left tyre and since that first lap of the gallop, I had so execrable vibrations nonetheless it used to be laborious to support the steering wheel tight [in my hands]. There had been times when I informed the team that we might additionally collected field I was losing lap time nonetheless collected the go used to be solid at that point nonetheless what I mediate what in point of fact made our gallop used to be so that you simply can head a little bit longer than these two guys and originate up a little bit of a tyre delta after which we came benefit solid and we managed to overtake them and I mediate we had correct tyre lifestyles till the quit, so smartly done to the team, because we understood like a flash ample this Bahrain because it’s very varied to the closing one which we raced on, by near of tyre usage, tyre energies, so we done on that, to the team, and fine recovery from closing weekend.

Q: (Edd Straw – The Jog) Concerning your future, there’s one obvious very correct risk for next one year and you’re additionally mentioned as solutions for 2022, so how much attain you mediate this present day’s get has progressed your possibilities for a correct seat, either next one year or the one year after, and in phrases of those 2022 solutions, what form of degree of team can you behold as a risk? Is there a route the build you may behold for that one year into a potentially gallop-a hit team or is it something a chunk of bit decrease down that or no longer it’s some distance highly principal objective gain?

SP: I’ve constantly stated about ’22 there used to be a gallop, taking a one year out at this stage of my occupation that I’m. I by no near know what’s going to happen, if I’ll have confidence the will to come benefit for doing that, execrable one year I hang conclude to live nonetheless after this present day, after the closing couple of races, I’m form of toddle to be here, either if it’s next one year or the one year after. I already have confidence some correct solutions for ’22 so my most fine choice is obviously to support occurring next one year nonetheless if I in point of fact have confidence to live, then it’s no longer a danger, I’m in a position to come benefit in ’22. The regulations are going to alternate loads that in a near, I don’t mediate it’s going to hurt that much the using facet, to in discovering as much as speed. I’m at peace with myself, you know. I mediate Esteban mentioned that drivers esteem him missing out on seats, so it’s correct the near Formula 1 is, it’s going to even be in point of fact sharp and no longer the most fascinating drivers are in Formula 1 sadly. So we support pushing and we support turning in and I mediate that’s the most fascinating with regards to attain it.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Sergio, you’re handiest the 2nd driver from your nation to get a Enormous Prix. How much attain you in discovering out about the principal, Pedro Rodriguez and might you repeat us something about what you’ve heard about him please?

SP: Thanks. Yeah, obviously I know a little bit about Pedro. By no near been in a region to share trip with any Formula 1 drivers by near of a hit or being on the rostrum and so on because Pedro used to be going on a long time within the past. I heard that he had wide expertise. Clearly that used to be some other era nonetheless all I’ve heard about the expertise that he had used to be very special. Sadly he died at a extraordinarily young age nonetheless it’s correct, it’s correct to have confidence correct recollections. We are leaving correct marks within the game for Mexicans. It’s tough to in discovering into Formula 1 and be triumphant in this sport so it’s critical to head away a mark and confidently within the near term we are in a position to have confidence some other solid Mexican on the grid.

Q: Checo, how attain you mediate your get may be acquired benefit home in Mexico?

SP: Ah, it’s going to be fabulous. At the present of the one year, in a popular one year, I mediate we’re around Mexico, Austin, that region you know, so I mediate it’s going to be… notably because it’s a correct time within the Mexican time [zone]. On the whole the races are esteem six within the morning, seven within the morning. This one, it’s on a Sunday, 11 ‘o clock and I’m toddle by now they’re going to be having some correct tequilas in half of of the nation!

Q: (Julien Billiotte – AutoHebdo) Esteban, you stated after the gallop that it’s been a no longer easy one year to your return to the grid and that self perception around you have confidence got been falling down a little bit. Can you salvage greater on that and is there a feeling of revenge tonight at your first F1 podium?

EO: Thanks, Julien, it’s been awesome to lastly in discovering that result. As you stated, it’s no longer been a easy one year nonetheless you know we’ve considered that development coming and it didn’t constantly turn our near within the quit and that’s what’s traumatic in a near. So lastly we comprehend it came. We constantly believed in ourselves, that’s the largest [thing]. If you happen to’re no longer performing at the most fascinating in this sport it’s something very complicated as you’re getting critics, are getting moderately just a few varied issues around nonetheless the of us around you, who are critical, they constantly reinforce you and that has helped me loads and the team has helped me to support believing in myself and support pushing and this present day we did so, so very chuffed with that.

Q: (Jerome Pugmire – AP) Sergio, you mentioned the reaction benefit home. A chum of mine, who lives in Puebla despatched me a message announcing that all people’s Checo tonight. How proud are you to bring that extra or less feeling of pleasure to the Mexican of us? What does it indicate to you?

SP: It near loads, loads to me, notably this one year. It’s been very complicated for the full world to be able to have confidence this extra or less happiness at the properties for deal of Mexicans near loads to me, for my household, it near… correct this form of wide day, historic day in our sport. I’m correct very chuffed, you know. You’ve considered the amount of reinforce that I in discovering in my nation. Can you think about what it’s esteem for the time being?


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