FIA System 2: Hello and welcome to the press convention with the tip three finishers in at this time’s FIA System 2 Speed Chase right here at Sakhir. We’re joined by mosey winner Jehan Daruvala for Carlin, in 2nd enviornment is Yuki Tsunoda, also for Carlin, and third is Dan Ticktum for DAMS. Jehan, your first victory in FIA System 2. Most attention-grabbing how does it unquestionably feel to cap off the season love that?

Jehan Daruvala: It feels very correct to attain the season on a excessive. It has been, on the entire, a now not easy year for me. Things had been getting better and better, and to attain the season with a capture is largely the most attention-grabbing end result I could perchance unquestionably establish a matter to for.

FIA System 2: You had to work exhausting for it. How now not easy used to be that combat with Dan, looking to desire the lead? It used to be a correct ten laps there that you regarded love you had been looking to line it up.

Jehan: In fact, I ask nothing much less. You are combating for the capture; you are going to give it all the pieces. It used to be exhausting, however it used to be handsome at the stop of the day. I took my time. I struggled. He had me lined on every transfer, so I moral determined then that I ought to amassed wait, be particular that we pull a pickle from the vehicles at the abet of, after which desire my potentialities later on. I mediate he tried letting me amble sooner than the DRS zone, however I timed that pretty effectively. After that, he perceived to combat a little bit of bigger than we did, so I could perchance pull away and capture the mosey.

FIA System 2: Effectively accomplished, congratulations at this time. Yuki, from eighth to 2nd, and with the quickest lap. A Carlin one-two. Is that the valid potential to forestall the season?

Yuki Tsunoda: Yeah, I mediate so. Neatly, if I had been P1 it would be more most attention-grabbing, however I mediate it be a correct attain, particularly for Carlin – P1, P2. I did now not ask this end result, particularly in the Speed Chase. I’m unquestionably overjoyed to forestall with this end result, at the final spherical, in the final mosey.

FIA System 2: If we moral see at the mosey, there used to be a level I mediate with Dan, running as a lot as the final corner with one lap to transfer where you both slowed down. What came about there?

Yuki: I mediate he tried to cessation abet at the abet of to make exercise of the DRS.

Dan Ticktum: That is what I attempted to construct.

Yuki: Yeah. He went in entrance on memoir of I felt my tyres had been in a closer condition than him, so I moral tried to tempo up better, however he passed me into Flip 1. Then in the closing corner I fortuitously passed him, so it be correct.

FIA System 2: Neatly accomplished at this time, it used to be a immense mosey to peek. Dan, you performed your piece in that thrilling mosey, however you had to acquire your elbows out and desire a possess a look at and defend. I imagine, initiating from pole and finishing third, you are now not too overjoyed at this time though?

Dan Ticktum: No. To be fair. I’m now not very overjoyed. I unquestionably decide to bellow it moral reminds me of many an argument I had with my father once I was in karting and I was great younger, where we’d refuse, on the entire, to transfer with a top personnel and pay on the different hand great cash it used to be for a amble-kart – broad cash, I’d now not scream numbers. So, we went to a personnel that we thought would income me more mentally in the raze. And there used to be just a few seasons where I moral had no vitality. I could perchance managed to qualify alright, however then I could perchance moral have to defend for the entire mosey. I desire into consideration arguing, “dad, I want to be on this personnel, I want to be on this personnel.” ? He talked about, “no, right here is persona constructing to your future and correct to your racecraft.” I mediate it is, to be fair! I construct now not mediate many folks would had been in a space to defend for that long to be fair, without tooting my possess horn or something else. I in fact enjoyed it, defending. I moral had no tempo! , let’s be brutally fair, I moral struggled with traction after Lap 4. I struggled to capture the rear of the vehicle. Exit of Flip 2, the minute kink, and exit of Flip 8 with a bump, I moral received now not traction so there used to be nothing I could perchance construct. Then, as shortly as the rears birth to acquire a little bit of scorching then you rear lock a little bit of. You then establish the brake bias forward. You then birth to lock the fronts. You then acquire a flat enviornment. You then are entirely screwed. I did all the pieces I could perchance. It’s stressful that I locked up in the closing corner, however I moral had no grip. I had nothing left. I had a broad flat stop. I had no rears. My rear tyre temp used to be potentially 20 degrees hotter than his, so he’s moral in a space to cruise either across the exterior or undercut, it used to be moral also going to happen sadly. I performed it artful with DRS on the lap sooner than, on memoir of I knew it used to be going to be the closing lap so I believed perchance if I received earlier than him at Flip 1 over again, which I did by attach of risking all the pieces, braking it felt love at the 50 metre board. But there you amble. I attempted my absolute simplest. It has been a unquestionably now not easy year with DAMS. I’m overjoyed to acquire them a podium, however obviously it be now not where they must be, and now not where they ought to amassed be, to illustrate. Anyway, there you amble.

FIA System 2: Neatly accomplished at this time, it used to be amassed immense to peek. Jehan, moral returning to you. You’ve gotten got had a unquestionably stable stop to the season. How great does this capture toughen your plans for next year?

Jehan: I repeatedly believed in myself, it used to be moral just a few the explanation why things did unquestionably amble effectively before all the pieces of the season. They received better and better, and yeah, to attain on a excessive love I talked about potential rather quite a bit to me. I hope, I mediate I could be abet right here next year in the FIA F2 Championship. Confidently, this capture presents me some self belief to be a contender for the title next year.

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